Tuesday 6 July 2021

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Munsiyari road trip of Uttarakhand


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Munsiyari is one of the most attractive tourist place of Uttarakhand state and it is located in Pithoragarh Janpad of Uttarakhand . It is located in high altitude – around 2300 metre . It make a natural border between Tibbet and Nepal .


Nanda devi Temple of Munsiary – 

The Nanda devi temple is one of the main attraction of the Munsiyari . The environment of the temple so attractive in nature . the Nanda Devi mountain named after the goddess of Nanda Devi .

The Munsiyari is surrounded by the Himalaya Mountain ranges and the houses near the foot hill give a gigantic appearance to this place . The flora and fauna of this region gives better appearance to this area .

The snow heaps on the surface of the mountain provide a silver coloration to this are – as if a huhe diamond is glittering in the forest . Tha attractive land Sacape of Munsyari attracted huge mass of tourists  toward itself .

Importance of Munsiyari –

In from of Munsiyari – 5 important peak of Himalaya present which is known as Pancha Choti Mountain or 5 important peak of Himalaya – which are dedicated panchu Pandava – those who were important character of Mahabharat the Hindu Mythology .

 In the left side Nanda Devi mountain is present and in the right side Danga Dhar mountain is present , which gives beautiful attraction to the Munsiyari area .


The world famous hill station Nenital is 270 Km away from the Munsiuyari .

Due to the high altitude – landslide is a common problem of this area and some roads are crossed by the water spring . The road of this regions are so bad and dangerous .    


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travel Guide to CHOPTA hill station of Uttarakhand - in 2021



Hills stations of Uttarakhand

If you are interested to visit Chopta of Uttarakhand then – At fast you have to reached at Haridwar . The Haridwar is 240 Km away from the CHOPTA . You can hair direct bus or sharing jeep for CHOPTA from Haridwar .

How to reach Chopta 

you have to cross ‘’Rudra Prayag and Ukhimath . These two place are also one the most popular tourist place .


Lodging facility in Chopta –

The hotels and lodges in Chopta are very cheap . You can get double bed room in expense of Rs 600 rupee for one night .

 All the electric supply of these hotels are fulfilled by solar panel . According to this area is completely solarized and completely depending on the green energy .

Tunganath trek of Chopta – 

Chopta to Tunganath Trek – the tunganath trek provide a smmoth way to the Chandrasila Peak and it is 2 km long trek . 

The total trek length of Tunganath and Chandrasila trek is around 5 Km long  trek . You have pay 150 Rupee entry fee for Tungnath Trek .


Caution for trekking in Chopta 

 when you are going for trekking – then take a bottle of water with you and eat lightly and take some snacks with you . These area are high altitude area – so temperature all low in this region – so you have wear sweater properly . The road of the trek are not so good – so you have to walk carefully .

The entire area is covered by the snow and the whole area gives a attractive look . The road to Tunganath is very smooth , but it is difficult to climb . 

 The Tunganth temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva . There is facility of food in the Tunganath temple . The Tungnath temple is one of the oldest temple in India. Most of the time the temple is covered by snow .


The Chandrasila Peak –of Chopta Hill station 

It is the very difficult road for trekking . It is 3 km away from the Tungnath temple – The surrounding area is covered by snows . You can cover this 3 km distance in 2 hour .

 The road to Chandrsila peak is so much slippery in nature , so you have walk carefully . The Chandrasila peak is located at the 4000 metre altitude . It is around half of Mount Everest peak .

Animal of this area 

– some birds are found in this area . Just Like Himalayan Monal bird – which is the state Bird of Uttarakahnd .