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top 10 tourist place in Angul district of odisha


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The Angul district is one of the most developed and the city of industrialization . it is a developed district of Odisha .

 This district have a larger numbers of tourists places and biosphere reserves , temple and picnic spots . There are some important tourists place of Angul district are given bellow . 

Rengali Dam of Angul district 

Rengali dam is a dam located in Odisha, India. It is constructed across the Brahmani River in Rengali village, located 70 km from Angul in Angul district.

 – The rengali dam is one of the most efficient irrigation project for Angul district . it is constructed across the Brahamani river and it is located near the Rengali village , which is 83 KM away from the Angul district and it is located in Angul district

The main use of this dam is flood control and it is the second largest reservoir of Odisha . The length of the main dike is 1km . This dam is also used for hydro – power generation and it has the capacity of electric production is 250MW .

 it is the most visited tourists place in Angul district of Odisha 

The height of the Rengali dam is 231 feet . and the length is around 1 km . this was completed in 1985 . for the construction of this dam 10,000 people were displaced . 

This dam is spread oved 25,250 sq feet and the main purpose of this dam is to store flood water , irrigation and hydro-electricity . There are five unit for electricity production and each unit has 50 Mw capacity . 

The water storage capacity of this dam is 3500 million cubic meters . This dam provide irrigation facility to 5000 sq kilometer .

Deuljhari Siddheswar temple of Angul district 

English: Deulajhari, the unique scenic spot as well as religious place of Angul district is located at only 4 km distance from Athmallik town. This attractive place is ...

The Deuljhari Sidheswar temple is located in Athmallik sub-division of Angul district . This 90 Km away from the main town of Anugul . The sidheswar temple is present in Deuljhari and this temple is dedicated to lord Shiava.

 It is most important Shiva temple of central Odisha. Another major attraction of this area is the hot spring . There are many swimming pool in this area . 

 Though it is the area of hot spring – so water of some pools is hot . The average temperature of this water 100 degree celcious . 

Another major attraction of this temple is the Kia forest . This kia forest gives a majestic look to this area . Around 50 temple of different daities are found in this area .

 The main temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva . There are two bathing pool . water of one pool is cold and water of another pool is hot .

 This temple was built by King of Athmallik – raja kishor Chandra deo in 1936 . It is the most visited tourist place in Angul district of Odisha 

     Important visiting place in Angul - Angul tourism 

Mandaragiri Mountain of Anugul District –

Mahendragiri, is a mountain in Rayagada subdivision of the district of Gajapati, Odisha, India. It is situated amongst the Eastern Ghats at an elevation of 1,501 ...

This one of the oldest mountain of Angul district and it is 7 km away from the main town of Angul , it is the most visited place of Angul town .

 There is a temple of Lord Vishnu is present on the top of the hill and at the foot hill of the mountain a Ram temple is present . There is a BABA matha near the hill .

 There is a special jangya Mandap in the Matha . Mainly this Matha is dedicated to lord Shree ram . There is a ladder is built by the government of Odisha for mountain climber . 

The whole mountain is covered by the dense forest . it is very difficult to climb the mountain .   When you are going to climb this mountain , then be careful , because there is a chances of encounter with poisonous snake .  

Tikarpada Wildlife sanctuary of Angul district 

Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most important tourist sites in Odisha and spreads across an area of 795.52 sq km. It is located on the banks of River Mahanadi

The Tikarpada wildlife Sanctuary located near the Satakosia Ganda . It is approximately 100 km away from the main town of Angul and 250 km from the capital Bhubaneswar .

 In 2007 it is declared as a tiger reserve by the Government of India . here you can find different wild animals like tiger , deer , boar , bear , jackel , wolfs etc. There is a crocodiles sanctuary present near the satakosia Ganda – known as Tikarpada wildlife sanctuary 

. This is mainly famous for fresh water crocodiles . If you interested to visit this area – then you have to pay Rs. 50 for the ticket . Am eco-resort is developed by the Odisha government , so you can book it through online .

 There is another facility is available for tourists – that is boating – The boating fee around 100 rupee . This area is 1000 square kilometre . It is the best tourist place in Angul district of odisha 

Satakosia tiger reserve of Angul district 

Satkosia Gorge Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1976 in Odisha. Spread out in four districts of Odisha namely Angul, Budh, Cuttack and Nayagarh.

The satakosia tiger reserve is coming under the project tiger . it is the second largest jungle reserve of Odisha and it is located in the Angul district of Odisha .

 It is one of the top destination for tiger lover and normal visitors . The entire area is covered by dense forest and numbers of hills and numerous streams . 

This pace is rich in bio-diversity due the river Mahanadi – which is the life – line of Odisha . It was established in 1976 and the main attraction of this area is boating and crocodile sanctuary is present near by it . it is an import tourist place in Angul district of Odisha 


Pamchadhara Ghati is of the most dangerous route from Boinda to Athmallik . This is the road in between mountain . if you visiting Athmallik through this way then be careful . Mainly this ghati is famous for its natural beauty . 

Its main portion is located in between Athmallik and Thakurgarh . Some time people called it Thakurgarh ghati , it is a accident prone area . Another main problem of this ghati is – it is the walking way of elephants and wild animals .

 You have to drive carefully , when your are passing through this way . This road built by cutting the mountain , so it a vulnerable pace for landslide during rainy season . it is the best tourist place in Angul district of Odisha 

Jhar Jhari Ghati of Angul district

It is one of the hidden picnic spot of Angul district . it is a beautiful water fall of Athmallik subdivision , it is coming under the Kishor Nagar . This water fall is an integral part of the Panchadhara mountain range of Athmallik .

 This is the hidden water fall of Angul district . This is not safe place to visit in rainy season , try to visit this place in summer season . The temperature of this place  remain 25 degree celcious  in summer season , this is due to the dense forest and water fall . 

When you are visiting this place – then be aware of snakes . Never visit this place with small children . it is an important tourist place in Angul district of Odisha 

Maa Binikei Temple of Angul district

This Binikei temple is a famous temple of Angul district . It is present in the Athmallik subdivision of the Angul district . This temple is located near the Satakosia wildlife sanctuary and Tikarpada Crocodile sanctuary . This temple is dedicated to goddess Parvati . This temple is situated on the river bank of the Mahanadi river . One of the amazing fact of this area – is the width of the river Mahanadi decreased near the temple . On the both side of temple two mountain ranges are present . This place on of the best picnic place of Athmallik and Angul district .  


This is an Important waterfall of Angul district and present on the boarder of Sambalpiur district and Angul district and it is coming under the Bamur forest range

This waterfall is located near the Pathargarh village and this village is 10 Km away from the waterfall . This waterfall present on the right side of the NH -55 . It is present on the way from Rairakhol to Bhubaneswar .

 It ia hidden picnic spot of Angul district and Sambalpur District .  it is the best tourist in Angul district of Odisha 

Khuludi Shiva Temple –

This temple is dedicated to lord Shiva – it is located in the khuludi village of Pallahada bloc of Angul district . it 185 Km away from the Capital Bhubaneswar . There is a water fall is present near this temple .

 This temple is located at the foothill of Malayagiri mountain range . This area is rich in bio-diversity and natural beauty . 

Here both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu has been worshiping here . It is one of the best picnic place and tourist place of Angul district  . 

Kosola Ramachandi temple of Angul district 

The Kosola Rama Chandi temple is located in the Angul district and it is 30 km away from the main town of Angul . This located near the state highway of Odisha . There is huge Pipal tree in front of the temple is present .

 At the entrance gate of the temple two beautiful statues are present . There is a huge statue of Nandi Maharaj is present near the entrance of the temple . On the left side of the Nandi – there is elephant statue is present .

 In order to protect the elephant – a statue of lord Vishnu is present just beside the elephant statue – for show interesting epic incident elephant protection by Lord Vishnu . 

This temple is dedicated to goddess Parvati . It is 12 km away from the district head quarter of the Angul . It is the most visited tourist place in Angul district of Odisha  


The Jagannath temple of Angul town is known as Saila Srikshyetra . It is jut 5 km far away from the main town of Angul and it is around 140 Km far away from the capital Bhubaneswar .

 This temple built according to the design of Puri Jagannath temple . The meaning of the saila Sri Khetra is the Puri temple on the mountain .

 This is the most visited place for hindu people . This temple is famous for its beautiful design and its charming art .



The Hingula temple of dedicated to goddess Parvati – as Hingula Devi . It is the most visited place of Angul district . Most of the devotee of nearby are has been coming to this temple regularly .

 It is the ,most beautiful and peaceful place to travel in Angul district . This temple is located in the Talcher town of Angul district . 

This temple 30 km far away from the main town of Talcher . The Talcher town is famous for coal mines . The workers of the coal mines visit this temple regularly .   


The Derjang Dam is the one of the irrigation project of Angul district . This dam is constructed along the river of Ningara and Matalia , which is located near the majhika in the angul district .

 The total area of catchment is 400 Sq kilometer . It is the best place to visit and it is famous for its natural beauty . it is 15 km far away from the Angul bus stand .

 It is one the most visited picnic spot . it is the best tourists place in Angul district of Odisha . This Dam is only for irrigation and not for the hydro- power production . 

There is two gate in this dam . There is a mountain near the dam is known as Mandargiri mountain .

Top 10 tourists place in Bhubaneswar 


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top 20 visiting place in Bhubaneswar - in - 2021

Visiting place of Bhubaneswar 

Place to Visit in Bhubaneswar

 The Bhubaneswar city is the capital of Odisha - There are huge number of visiting places , temple , parks are present in this city . Due to its natural beauty and better connectivity . 

The Bhubaneswar city is well connected by railway , airport and roads . Some visiting place of Bhubaneswar  is mentioned bellow . 

Khandagiri caves and Udayagiri caves 

 – The khandagiri cave is located in Bhubaneswar and it is located near the Aiginia Alu gadi . It is the mixture of cave and mountain . It is one of the oldest area in the history of Odisha .

This area is located besides of forest , so a huge numbers of monkeys are found in this area . The khandagiri caves were made Jain Monks . Nearby khandagiri , Udayagiri is located . 

Places to visit in Bhubaneswar

The meaning of khandagiri is Broken mountain and the meaning of Udayagiri – is mountain of sunrise . it is located in the western part of Bhubaneswar . It is the most important Visiting place of Bhubaneswar . There are 35 caves in this place . There are 18 caves in Udaya Giri  and 17 caves in khandagiri .

This cave was made by Maha Meghabahan Ruler . Some inscription of this cave says that – it was made by the great king kharabela . The inner place of this caves is plane and outer area was made up off statues . The Caves of Udaya Giri is developed from The caves of Khandagiri caves .

The 1st cave of Udayagiri is Rani cave . The 10th cave of Udayagiri is known as Ganesh cave .  12th cave is known as tiger cave , 14th cave known as elephant cave , the 3rd cave known as anant cave . cave no 7 is known as nava muni cave .

There is a jain temple in the Khadagiri and dedicated to Jain saint Reesav .

Nandakanan of Bhubaneswar 

The Nandankan is the only one zoological park of Odisha . it is the 2nd largest zoological park of India and it is 15 km away from the main town Bhubaneswar . It is the most visited visiting place of Bhubaneswar

places to visit in Bhubaneswar

It was established in 1960 decade . There is a botanical garden in the Nandankanan and there is lake known as kanjia lake present in the Nandankanan and it suitable for boating .

There are huge number of wild animals and birds are present in the Nandankanan  zoological park . Animal like tiger, deer , bear , leopards , jackel , wolf , birds like peacock , vulture , crane etc are found in this park .

 Aquatic animal like crocodiles , hippo are found in this zoological park . The visiting time of this park is 7 am to 6 pm and every Monday – park remain closed . The ticket  price for this park is only 50 rupee and 100 rupee for foreigner .

 This park is famous for white tiger . Here you can find 812 type of birds , 126 types of animals , here 132 types of foreign animals and birds are found . 


A war was fought between King Ashoka and Ananta Padmanava in 262 BC . It was a most dangerous war at that time . Finally Ashok defeated king of Kalinga . But the war of kilinga changed the mindset of Ashoka . 

This war was fought near the Daya river , due to mass destruction , mass killing , the water colour of Daya river turned to red colour . After the kalinga war the mindset of Ashoka changed and he followed the way of peace . after the kalinga war – he never fought any war .

 Finally Ashoka followed the Bhuddhist religion . He made a santi Sthupa near the Daya river known as Dhauligiri santi stupa .

It is 8 ,km far away from the Bhubaneswar , Here Bouddhist temple is located and in this temple life of buddha is described by the help of statute .

 This temple located on the Dhauli mountain . This temple is completely white colour . The scenery of Bhubaneswar is looking good from the Dhauli mountain .


Lingaraj temple is one of the biggest temple of Bhubaneswar , It is the oldest temple of Bhubaneswar and it was built in 10 century ,

 This temple is dedicated to lord Shiva and it specially dedicated to Hari hara avatar of lord shiva . The Bindusagar sorovar is located near the Lingaraj temple . During the Medival period there were is 7000 temple . 

Though this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva , but lord Vishnu is present in the form of Saligrama . The construction of temple was started by Lalatendu keshari and rest of work is completed by King Jajati Keshari .

The height of this temple is 55 metre . Here non-hindu are not allowed . This temple is full of visitors in every time. 


Places to visit near Bhubaneswar

Raja Rani temple – The Raja Rani temple is located in Bhubaneswar. The previous name of the temple is Indreswar temple . This temple is known as temple of love .

 According to the historian – The Raja Rani Temple  temple is established in between 11th century and 12th century . There is no statue inside the temple . This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati . There is a special festival is organised by the government of from 18 February to 20 February .  


The Mukteswar temple is located in  Bhubaneswar . If you are interested to Visit Mukteswar temple – then you have to come 7 km from Banibihar  , on the way of Kalpana and Puri road . 

This temple is dedicated to lord shiva . It is the Hindu temple of 10th century . it is one of the main  attraction of Bhubaneswar . There is a watch is present in the temple is known as Surya Ghadi . 

There is bathing pool in the temple . There is a pool is present in the temple known as Marich Kund and people throw coins in this pool . 

There is an entrance gate present in the temple . The peripheral area is decorated by govt of Odisha . There is a another bathing a pool known as Kedar gauri pool . 


The tribal museum is located in Bhubaneswar , It is located in the CRP square . This museum is dedicated to the tribal people of Odisha, In this museum the art and culture , life style , Most used things tribe etc are preserved , 

If you are interested to visit the tribal museum then you have come to Nayapali , Bhubaneswar , It is 1 Km away from the Nayapali and 100 metre away from the CRP over bridge . 

Here you can find the cottage of different tribe in this museum , daily use things are preserved in this museum , tribal ornaments are preserved in this museum , garments are also preserved in this museum , Garments are preserved in this museum . 

Places to Visit in Bhubaneswar

Another best attraction of this museum is – they have made statue of different tribe and these statue show the live life style of the tribal people .

The Odisha has highest number tribe and they constitute the 40% of the total population of Odisha .The entry fee of this 


 – There is a only one Iskon  temple is present in Bhubaneswar . It is located in Nayapali Bhubaneswar and its proper land mark is ID Market Nayapali Bhubaneswar .

 It is one KM away from the Jayadev Bihar Bhubaneswar . It is a most discipline and peaceful place in the Bhubaneswar . If you are in tension , then it is a best place to release your tensions .

 This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishana and it was established by ISKON organization , by the Help of the Great Spiritual Guru Shree Prabhupada .


Odisha state Museum –

 The State Museum of Odisha  is located in Kalpana square Bhubaneswar , near Lewis road . This is conservator different oldest thing of Odisha and India .

 At the entrance gate of the state museum is decorated like a garden and it is totally green in colour . It is the conservator of oldest history of Odisha in a dramatic form . 

it also lights on the freedom struggle of Odisha , temple architecture of Odisha . It was inaugurated in 1932 and it was completed in 1938 .  The museum is open every day and the visiting fee is 20 rupee per person .

 Huge numbers of things are preserved in this museum – just like – oldest stone statue of different goddess , lords , different minerals , well preserved dead body of wild animals , daily used things of tribal people , ancient ornaments , ancient weapons , also statues of famous personalities

Ashokan rock edicts in Bhubaneswar 

The Ashokan rock edicts are located in In Dhauli of Bhubaneswar . It is located on the way of Ashoka Shanti Sthupa Dhauligiri . It is located in the foothill of Dhauli mountain

The rock edicts are written in Brahmi lipi . There is a large head of elephant is present in this area – this is giving a message of wildlife conservation .

 According to the rock edict  of Ashoka morality is the main source fame and glory . There is a beautiful garden at the back side of the rock edict . 


Ratnagiri Buddhist Complex in Bhubaneswar 

The Rathagiri is 15 km away from Udaya Giri and the stupa of Rantnagiri Buddhist Complex  is recently excavated by the archiological survey of India . 

They find the remaining of an impressive Stupa and two quadrangular monastery and huge monastery along with other monuments . This huge monastery has huge doors , small chambers and large courtyard . 

The remaining of huge sculpture said that – there was a huge civilization of Buddhist people . You can find large seize and large numbers of stone sculptures and some huge seized Bhuddha statue in meditation pose . 

Parshurameswara temple of Bhubaneswar 

The Parshurameswara temple is dedicated to lord Shiva . This temple is famous for lord Parshuram – who is the Avatar of Lord Vishnu . Lord Parshuram is always worshiped to Lord Shiva .

 This temple located in Bhubaneswar , the capital of Odisha . it is considered as the best preserved Hindu temple of Odisha , since the 7th and 8th century . it is one of the oldest existing temple in the state . It was built according to the Nagara style of architecture .

 All the main feature before 10th century were kalinga style architecture . it is the first temple to have an additional structure known as Jagamohana . The Parshurameswara temple was built by the saildvaba dynasty – who had – Shiva as the family god.

 The major attraction of the place is the 1001 Shiva lingam . The temple is the shrine of shiva and contain numerous goddess as the parswa devata . It is the 1st temple of Bhubaneswar having sapta – matruka images or images of 7 goddess . 

The images of Ganga and Yamuna are found on the wall temple . The image of Ardhanareswara is found on the wall of temple . There are also images of Surya , indra , Yama in the rectangular frame .

Biju Patnaik forest park of Bhubaneswar 

The Biju Patnaik forest park is located in Bhubaneswar it also known as forest park of Bhubaneswar . There is two main gate in the park , One is main gate or entry gate and another is exit gate . There is special parking  area near the forest park

The opening time of this park is  From 5 am of morning to 9 pm of night . At the entrance of the left side – there is a weight measurement machine in the Park . There is map is plotted on the right side of the park – you are access the desire location from this map .

 Just near the entrance of Biju Patnaik park – there is a small children park in the park for the small children . There is an open gym centre in the park for adults . 

The park is on the development stage . The whole park is full oif different flowering plants and there aee huge number statue of dancing girl in oddisi style . There is long jogging way in the park .

 There is inbuild chess board in the park . At the centre of the park – there is a statue of Biju Patnaik . The park is full of green plants and medicinal plants . 

There is a acupressure foot path in the park . There is also badminton ground in the park . There is a huge made up of cement is present in the park . There is a small library is present in this park and a temple is also present in the park .  


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Athmallik tourism

 Athmallik tourism -

athmallik to angul distance  athmallik palace  athmallik to boudh distance  athmallik royal family  athmallik map  tourist places in athmallik  athmallik temple  athmallik hills

Athmallik is a small city - which is present in the Anugul  district of Odisha and it is located in the central part of Odisha . Athmallik is famous for its natural beauty and biodiversity ,

 The whole city is covered by the dense forest and mountains . The richness of forest - provide a better shelter for wild animal and wild medicinal plant . 

Mountains of Athmallik -  

The Panchadhara hill is prresent at the northern side of Athmallik and it act as a physical barrier for natural disaster due to flood and strom . The length of Panchadhara mountain range is around 100 Km and its height is around 400 meter and its width is around 5 km .

 This mountain range separetes Athmallik city from Thakurgarh and Boinda . The Panchadhara mountain range provide a better shelter for wild animals . 

The animals like elephants , Leopard , bear , wolfs , deer , wild goats are found in this forest . 

River near Athmallik -    

The river Mahanadi is passing through Athmallik subdivision . The river Mahanadi known as the "tragedy of Athmallik " Every year flood is coming due to the River Mahanadi . 

The river Mahanadi separate the Anugul district and Boudh district. The river is the only source of natural water for the people of Athmallik 

Tributaries of Mahanadi river Near Athmallik  

The river Mahanadi is the largest river of Odisha and it has huge number of tributaries , but there are only two tributaries near athmallik .

 One is Malipadar Canal - which provide larger portion of water to Mahanadi from Athmallik region , Another is the Lipiloi canal - which is a small canal which provides - water to the river . 

Temples of Athmallik  

The Athmallik is famous for its socoi- religious diversity and the most dominated culture is the Hindu culture and tribal culture .

 Here people are protecting their culture since 1000 year and it was princely state during the British period .

 Here large numbers of Hindu temple are found and some numbers of Church are also found . 

Sidheswar temple of Athmallik 

The Sidheswar temple of Athamallik is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is spread over a large are . This temple is also Odisinga temple or malipadar temple . 

 This temple is located in a swampy area and Kia forest is found around the temple . 

Hot spring of siddheswar temple  

There is a hotspring is present in the siddheswar temple and it is a best attraction of the Athmallik . people from different state and different country are coming to Siddheswar temple of Athmallik to visit the hot spring .

Maheswari Temple of Athmallik  

The Maheswari temple is located in the central part of the Athmallik and it is located in the center of the athmallik town and it is present near the Rugudi sahi of Athmallik .

 This is 2000 year temple and every year a big festival is organised for this temple . The Maheswari known as the ista devi of Athmallik


The Dhabaleswara temple of Athmallik is present at the ending of the athmallik city and this is located near the Lipiloi Village of Athmallik and it is also known as Lipiloi temple and Famous for Goddess Kali - Here Mother Dakhina Kali has been worshipped 


The jagannath temple is located at the center of athmallik - and it is present near the State Bank of Athmallik . It is the largest temple of Athmallik and every year a large featival is organized for the Lord Jagannath . 

The car festival is famous for this Jagannath temple .

Binikei temple of Athmallik 

The Binikei temple is present present in athmallik Sub - division - and this 20 Km far away from the athmallik and it is famous for world famous Binikei festival and it located near the river bank of Mahanadi river . 

Parks Of Athmallik 

There are two major park is present in the city of Athmallik - One is children park near - Mahendra High School and another is a children park - near Maheswari temple . 

Culture of Athmallik 

The culture of Athmallik is largely influenced by the western Odisha culture or Sambalpuri culture . Here The Danda Yatra is famous festival - it is dedicated to lord Shiva- it is celebrated in summer season of every year - Every year - this festival is celebrated with joy . 

The Lipiloi Danda is wold famous folk dance of Danda festival . The Car festval is the most celebrated festival of athmallik and Nuakhain is the western Odicha family festival is also celebrated in Athmallik . 

wild life of Athmallik 

The entire city of Athmallik Sub- division is covered  by the dense forest - here elephant is a mojour problem for local people - Because they are destroying the the crops of local farmers .

 Sometimes wild animal came to local area for pray - some time wild deer are coming near to village area . 

Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary of Athmallik 

The Tikarpada wildlife sanctuary is located in Athmallik Sub- Division . It is 24 Km away from the Athmallik city . It is famous for fresh water crocodiles . 

Satakosia Wildlife sanctuary 

The Satakosia wild life sanctuary is coming under the project tiger and here huge numbers of wild animals are found .

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Tourism policy of India


Tourism policy of India

According to the Great Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru – tourism not only helpful in earning of foreign currency , but also – it provides better opportunities for international friendship and international cooperation .

Old definition of tourism 

– During the ancient time – tourism means – to visit to the houses of family and friend – those who are living far away from you . Sometime – the tourism was the holidays visit of working persons .

Gradually – after the development – better connectivity the definition of tourism has been changed . now the tourism is – state to state , country to country / international . Due to the better transport facility – the entire world has become a global village .

Tourism potential of India –

India has immense possibility of growth and development in tourism – because we have geological diversity , cultural diversity , economical diversity , biodiversity and seasonal diversity . In our country Six seasons are available and every season has its unique climate .

Benefits of tourism policy

The tourism sector development – It will generate employment opportunities , environmental regeneration , women empowerment , developments of remote areas and finally it will help in the growth of foreign exchange of our country . It will be helpful to bring FDI to our country .

Development of tourism policy in India –

-        1945 – 1st time a tourism policy committee was made under the leadership of Sir Johns roy by the British government .

-        The tourism sector – 1st discussed in second and third five year plan of Independent India and in the sixth five year plan – it was told that – tourism is a better instrument for economic development and employment .

-        In 1966 – 1st time tourism corporation was established – to provide better consultancy service to the tourists – it was a strong tool for the promotion of tourism in India .

Committee for tourism 

tourism policy of india 2020   national tourism policy of india pdf  national tourism policy 2020 pdf  national tourism policy of india 2002  tourism policy of india wikipedia  tourism policy of india 2018 pdf  national tourism policy upsc  first tourism policy of india

– Indian government appointed L.K Jha committee on tourism in 1963 for the investigation – for the reason of tourism declination in India . In 1968 – India had got a support from UNESCO – to reorganize its tourism sector .

IIPA committee – Indian Institute for Public administration – had conducted a study – for the reorganization and staff recruitment in the tourism sector in 1970 .

-        In 1982 – The tourism sector got the honor of Tourism industry .


-        The 1st tourism policy was announced in 1982 and it was included in the 7th scheduled of the India constitution and it was include in the concurrent list .

-        These were – six point for the tourism development – these are – welcome , information, facilitation, safety , cooperation and infrastructure development .

-        The main aim to achieve economic development , social integration, to promote a beautiful image of India for world – through tourisms .

-        The main aim of Indian tourism to show our glorious past and make them glorified for the better future of our country .

National committee on tourism

-        The national committee on tourism was set up in 1986 by the planning commission and the tourism finance corporation was established in 1989 – in order to finance the tpurism projects in India .

National tourism policy –

-        The national tourism policy was started in 2002 .

The main aim of the National tourism policy – to promote tourism as a tool for economic growth and development and – we have to generate employment and eradicate poverty through tourism industry .

Domestic tourism –

The domestic tourism is one of the most import part of tourism and it contribute a huge portion of tourism and it provide direct employment to the local people  .

The another important aim of the national tourism policy is – to position India as one of the global reap of benefits from the international tourism trade and to promote untapped capacity of India as destination .


Network development for tourism –

We have to crate tourism circuits – according to the social and economical aspects – here both private and government sectors are allowed to invest . 

  Here private sectors has grater importance and government act as a regulator . Due better development in the tourism hospitality – it is necessary to make rules and regulation to control these sectors .


The main aim of this policy is – employment generation and mass participation in tourism development and the policy is a inclusive policy .

 Here development is occurring in sustainable and responsible manner . This policy is helpful in networking of different ministries . This policy was made to promote India as a global destination .