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Top 10 Famous places to visit in Bhubaneswar in 2023

 Top 10 Famous places to visit in Bhubaneswar in 2023 

Best places to visit in Bhubaneswar

There is no dearth of couple friendly places in Bhubaneswar. couples can have a great time together by visiting any of these places.

Some of the best places for couples in Bhubaneswar are Khandagiri and Udayagiri Caves, Nandankanan Zoological Park, Dhauli Giri, Mukteswar Temple, and Lingaraja Temple.

The Khandagiri and Udayagiri Caves

The Knandagiri and Udayagiri are a must visit for couples in Bhubaneswar. These caves are located on two hills, Khandagiri and Udayagiri, and are full of ancient Jain and Hindu sculptures and carvings.

The Nandankana Zoological park 

The Nandankanan Zoological park is another great place for couples in Bhubaneswar. This park is home to a variety of animals, including lions, tigers, and elephants. It also has a beautiful botanical garden that is perfect for a romantic stroll.

The Dhauli Giri 

The Dhauligiri is a hill located just outside of Bhubaneswar that is home to a number of Buddhist monuments. couples can enjoy a peaceful walk through the monuments and take in the stunning views of the city below.

The Mukteswar Temple

The Mukteswar temple  is a beautiful temple located on the banks of the river Mahanadi. couples can enjoy a peaceful stroll around the temple and take in the stunning architecture.

The Lingaraja Temple

 is the largest temple in Bhubaneswar and is a must visit for couples. This temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva and is full of beautiful carvings and sculptures.

 Famous restaurant in Bhubaneswar 

Bhubaneswar ecotourism

If you are looking for a romantic restaurant in Bhubaneswar, you will not be disappointed with the options available. There are plenty of places where you can enjoy a lovely meal with your significant other.Here are some of the most popular couple-friendly restaurants in Bhubaneswar:

The Orient

The Orient is a beautiful restaurant that is perfect for a romantic evening out. The décor is elegant and the food is delicious.


Keshari is another great option for a romantic meal. The restaurant has a wonderful atmosphere and the food is excellent.

The Park

The Park is a beautiful restaurant that is perfect for a special occasion. The food is delicious and the service is excellent.

The Glass House

The Glass House is a unique restaurant that features a beautiful glass ceiling. The food is excellent and the service is top-notch.

The Imperial

The Imperial is a luxurious restaurant that offers wonderful food and excellent service. It is the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion.

These are just a few of the many great restaurants that are perfect for couples. No matter what your taste or budget may be, you are sure to find a great place to eat in Bhubaneswar.

Famous Parks In Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar tourism

 Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha, is a city of parks and gardens. Almost every road and lane has at least one park. The city's parks are well-maintained and offer a variety of attractions, such as gardens, ponds, children's play areas, and open spaces for sports and recreation.

The most popular parks in Bhubaneswar are the Dhauli Peace Park, the Kalinga Nagar Park, and the Biju Patnaik Park.

The Dhauli Peace Park 

The Dhauli peace park is located on the banks of the Daya River. It is a popular tourist attraction, and contains a monument to Emperor Ashoka, who was responsible for the spread of Buddhism in India.

The Kalinga Nagar Park

The kalinga Nagar park is a large park located in the Kalinga Nagar industrial area. It contains a large pond, a children's play area, and several open spaces for sports and recreation.

The Biju Patnaik Park 

The Bijupatnaik park is a large park located in the heart of the city. It contains a large pond, a children's play area, and several gardens.

Famous Temples In Bhubaneswar –

Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha, is a city known for its temples. There are numerous temples in the city, each with its own unique story and architecture. Some of the most famous temples in Bhubaneswar are:

Konark Sun Temple: 

The Konark Sun Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most famous temples in India. The temple is dedicated to the Sun God and is famous for its stunning architecture. 

Lingaraja Temple: 

The Lingaraja Temple is the most important temple in Bhubaneswar and is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. The temple is famous for its intricate carvings and for the large statue of Shiva that is located inside it.

Jagannath Temple: 

The Jagannath Temple is another famous temple in Bhubaneswar that is dedicated to the Hindu god Jagannath. The temple is famous for its colorful carvings and for the large statue of Jagannath that is located inside it.

Bindu Madhava Temple:

 The Bindu Madhava Temple is a small temple that is dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu. The temple is famous for its unique architecture and for the large statue of Vishnu that is located inside it.

Kedar Gauri Temple:

 The Kedar Gauri Temple is a small temple that is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. The temple is famous for its beautiful architecture and for the large statue of Shiva that is located inside it.

These are just a few of the famous temples in Bhubaneswar. There are many other temples in the city that are worth visiting.

Famous bar and Club In Bhubaneswar

  There is no shortage of nightlife options in Bhubaneswar. From trendy bars to pulsing nightclubs, the city has something to offer everyone looking for a good time. Here are some of the most popular spots in town:

Blue Frog:

 This bar is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. It features a relaxed atmosphere, excellent drinks, and live music performances.

 The BSE Club:

 If you're looking for a club with a more intense atmosphere, the BSE Club is a great choice. It's known for its great DJs and dance floor.

 Mother's Kitchen: 

This bar is a great place to relax with friends. It has a casual atmosphere and serves up some of the best cocktails in town.

 The Lighthouse:

 This bar is perfect for those looking for a relaxed atmosphere and good conversation. It has an extensive wine list and a variety of light snacks.


 If you're looking for a nightclub with a vibe, Aura is a great choice. It's popular among young people and features DJs and dancing until the early morning hours.


Famous Museum in Bhubaneswar -

Bhubaneswar travel and tour

The state Museum, located in Bhubaneswar, the capital of the Indian state of Odisha, is one of the most famous museums in the country. The museum is dedicated to the culture and history of the Kalinga region, which is now a part of Odisha.

The museum was founded in 1951 by Dr. Harekrushna Mahtab, the then Chief Minister of Odisha. The museum is spread over an area of more than 2,000 square metres and houses more than 15,000 items on display, including sculptures, paintings, coins, manuscripts, and other artefacts.

The museum's collection is divided into three sections: the pre-historic section, the ancient section, and the modern section. The pre-historic section displays artefacts from the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods, while the ancient section displays artefacts from the Iron Age, the Vedic period, and the Gupta period. The modern section displays artefacts from the post-Gupta period.

The State  Museum is a popular tourist destination and is visited by more than 100,000 tourists every year.

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Best Leah Ladakh tour package and Budget friendly Leh Ladakh tour package for middle class people in 2023

 Best Leah Ladakh tour package and  Budget friendly Leh Ladakh tour package for middle class people in  2023

Leh Ladak tourism

Minimum duration of Leh Ladakh tour –

Normally  Ladakh tour takes at least 5 night and six days – for economic classes of people and 10 night and 11 days for luxurious people . The Most preferable package is 5 night/ six days . -

Day 1 of Ladakh tour –

The day 1 is the acclimatization day of tour and you have to reach at the Leh Airport – You have to meet your hotel representative assigned by your tourism agency and you have to stay at your hotel booked by your private tourism agencies . Near the Leh air port you can enjoy the Leh market visiting – In this market you will find traditional clothes and ornaments and varieties of jewellery . Then you have to return to you’re your hotel for dinner .

 Day -2 : Local sight seeing of Leh

The Leh Palace – The architecture of Leh Palace is similar to Potala palace in Lhasa , Tibbet . The King SangiNamgyal  built this palace in 17th century , but after passage time it was ignored and was not maintained properly – when the fort was captured by Dogra army in 19th century CE . This is 9 floored building and the ground floor was used as store room and rest of upper floor has been used as the residence of royal families . Now this property is under the control of archaeological survey of India . The entire palace in surrounded by a huge market – In this market you can see a huge varieties of traditional dresses and jewelleries . Here you can see the 500 yea Chinese paintings – this painting are still in better conditions and look like new paintings .

The Japanese Peace pagoda / Shanti Stupa

The Japanese Peace pagoda is built by the holy Monk Nakamura with the help of local people . This located at high altitude place – in Cahngspa village . You can enjoy the broader view of Leh town from this Shanti Stupa . The entire architecture of this Stupa similar to Japanese style of Architecture.

Day – 3 LEH – Nubra valley Via Khardungla –

The Nubra Valley is around 120 km away from the Leh Airport and – It will take 2.5 hour to reach . If you are interested to Nubra valley or the Valley of Flower , then you have to go through Khardungla road it is around 40 km road over the mountain or Ghat area . From this Khardungla road you can enjoy the whole mountain view of this area . The Other Name Nubra valley is the valley of flowers or polular name is Lamour – it is located in northern side of Ladakh and in between of Ladakh mountain range and Karakorom mountain range . After reaching at the valley of flower – here you can find various cam built by various tourist agency and try to find your camp with the help of your tourist guide . You can see the village life in high altitude area near your camp . The Nubra valley is present at 11000 ft altitude from the sea level .


The PANGONG -SO – lake is the highest salt water lake in the world and its present in between India – China border and it is around 150 km long and 6 to 7 km wide lake .  The journey toward pangong show lake is one the most attractive journey in LehLadakh tourism . Another attraction near the Panggong show lake is Chang-Chenmo mountain range .



The Shey Thiskey Monastry is one of the best place of worship of Tibetan Buddhism . It present at 20 east of Leh-Ladakh and present in Tishkey village .

Day- 6 Deparature

After the morning breakfast you have to move toward Leh Airport – then take the flight towards your home destination .

Which are the Best Ladakh tour Package ?

Almost all tour package are best , but it depend on your budget – Leh Ladakh tour package varies from Rs- 10000/ to Rs 50000 .  

Leh Ladakh Tour Package under Rs- 8000. 

The Leh Ladakh tour package is the minimum tour package to Leh Ladakh and it is a 4 days three package . In this 1st days of tour include Leh  palace and Japanese Pagoda , second day include Khardungla top , day 3 include Pangong - Leh and days 4 include Deparatute . 


It is a 4 night /5 day  tour - in short it is named as Leh- Pangong-Nubra-Leh package . The days 1 of the tour include acclimatization  , Leh Palace visit and Japanese peace palace visit . Day 2 include LEH-NUBRA VIA KHARDUNGLA TOP , Day 3 include Nubra Pangong visit,  day  4 include PANGONG -LEH via SHEY TISHKEY and day 5 include Deparature . 


It is a nine night /10 days tour package - Day one include - Delhi to Monali visit , Day 2 include Monali to Jipsa visit , day 3 include Jipsa to Leh visit , Day 4 include local are visiting Leh , day 5 include Leh to Nubra via Khardungla top , day 6 include Nubra to Pangong visit , day 7 include Shetty Tishkey , Day  8 include Leh to Sachu Jipsa visit , day 9 include Sarchu to monali visit and day 10 include deparature .   

Best Things to known before you Visit Leh Ladakh 

if you are a new visitor for Leh Ladakh - then you should have to know many things before you visit Leh Ladakh - otherwise you will face many difficulties here .

 Which month the Best for Leh Ladakh tour ? 

The Ladakh is known for it extremely low tempreture , so it is difficult travel in winter season , thats why the summer season is the best season to travel to Leh Ladakh - mainly in the month of June to July . January and February is the extremely cold month in Ladakh , the tempreature come down to freezing point in january and February - there is heavy snowfall during this months . 

Which is the best time for Ladakh road trip ?

The Best time time visit Leh Ladakh is in between June to October -during this time temperature remains warmer than other months , another attraction during this time is the summer festival of Ladakh during the month of June . 

Is snow available in Ladakh ?

If you are interested to see snow in Ladakh - then you have to visit Leh Ladakh during the month of January to February . if you like to see white snow - then Pangong Shaw lake is the best place to visit and Tso Mariri is also another place to visit . 

which is the coldest place in Ladakh ?

Dars is the coldest place of Ladakh and around third coldest place in India - this place is known as gate way fo Ladakh . 

How many Day enough for Leh Ladakh ?

A six to seven day tour is enough for leh Ladakh tour - during your visit you can see places like Pangong Tso Lake , Zaskar valley , Nubra valley , Kargil , Hemis high national park , Magnetic hil etc . 

Which is the famous food of Ladakh ?

Thupka noodle is the famous food of Ladakh - normally it is the noodle boiled with vegetable , chicken etc , it is the famous food of local area of Ladakh 

In which month is Ladakh is open ? 

almost all time Leh ladakh is open for tourist , but it is easy to visit during June to October - due to warmer climate as compare to January and February - due to less snow fall it is easy to travel. generally Leh Srinagar National high way remain open during - May to October . 

Is there any oxygen problem in Leh Ladakh  - 

yes there is oxygen problem exist in Leh Ladakh - As we move to higher altitude - we will find lesser oxygen concentration . The Leh is present at ten thousand feet altitude above the sea level - that's why it is not so easy to travel for every one climb mountains in Ladakh .

Can You Swim in Pangong Tso lake ? 

Please never try to do this - Here the temperature of the water is too low or too cold - to swim is harmful - here - it can be dangerous for due to hype thermia - there is no hospital with in the radius of 40 Km . 

 Can You stay at Pangong lake ? 

There are many camp Facilities near the Pangong lake - Before visiting pangong lake you have to book a ticket for camp in in Pangong Tso camp . Here you can enjoy the beauti like sunrise and sun set and night sky in Pangong Tso lake

Which is the best mobile network of Leh ? 

According to me almost all network are working properly in Leh , Among them - three network are best - such as Jio , Airtel and BSNL , but BSNL network is the best network in this area . 

Is Ladakh trip Risky ? 

No , Ladakh trip is not risky - for normal person - if you have not any acute health problem than Ladakh is safe for you . It was also safe dung indo-china face off . it is totally safe for civilians . 

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Best places to visit in Bhubaneswar for couple in Bhubaneswar in 2023

 Best places to visit in Bhubaneswar for couple in Bhubaneswar in new year week – 2023


Best places to visit in Bhubaneswar

If you are romantic couples and searching for couple friendly places in Bhubaneswar , then you are at best place – to find your destination – while you are planning for Bhubaneswar tour then follow the listed places on our blog – Bhubaneswar is one of best vising place and you should visit this place once in your life . The Bhubaneswar is famous in the name of ‘’ Temple Town ‘’ – if you are religious person then – it is best place to visit with you family – here you can find many multinational company offices , many educational institution , many vocational training institution , many management colleges , - apart from these place Bhubaneswar have many romatic and couple friendly places – let explore places for your life partner .


Couple Friendly Park in Bhubaneswar –

There are some numbers of couple friendly park in Bhubaneswar – such as – Botanical Garden , Ekamra Kanan Pak , Ocean world water park . Indira Gandhi park , Forest Park , Kharavela Park , Netaji Subhash Chandra park , Khandagiri Park and Hills , Jayadev Vatika , Nicco Park , IMFA Park , Biju Patnaik park, Gandhi Park , Nandan Kanan Zoological Park


Couple Friendly Mall in Bhubaneswar –

Most of the Malls are not couple friendly – almost all most all Malls are couple friendly of your are showing decent bahaviour toward all . The Mall are – BMC Mall , Esplanade One Mall

Historical places to visit in Bhubaneswar which are couple friendly –

There are numbers of historical places in Bhubanesar to spend time – which are also friendly foir descent couples – these places are – Khandagiri Hills , Dhauli Monuments , Regional Museum for Natural history ,  Udayagiri Caves ,


Other Couple friendly Places in Bhubaneswar are –

There are many other couple friendly places in Bhubaneswar – such as – Odisha state tribal museum , Odisha state museum , Pathani SamantPlanetorium , Nandankana Zoological Park .


Other Couple friendly Temples in Bhubaneswar –

The Bhubaneswar city is famous for it numerous numbers of historical temple – the other name of Bhubaneswar town is ‘’Temple Town or Mandira Malini “ – Some important temple which are family friendly couple friendly are – Lingaraj Temple , Raja Rani Temple , Ananta Vasudev Temple , Ram Mandir , Brahmeswar Temple , Parshurameswara Temple , Brahma Temple and Iskon temple


Best restaurant In Bhubaneswar for couple –

Although all restaurant of Bhubaneswar are couple friendly restaurant , but some famous restaurant are just like – Welcome Caffe of Bhubaneswar , Peshwari restaurant , Mayfair lagoon , Havana Café and restaurant , Nakti Dhaba , Bollywood restaurant , Oopre Kitchen and Bar , Garam Masala , Hare Krushna restaurant , Marwari Rosei , Rooftop restaurant , Eram Roof Top Bhubaneswar , The canopy


  Best Pubs and Bars  for night life in Bhubaneswar for couple - 

Couple friendly places in Bhubaneswar

As a commercial and educational hub - Bhubaneswar provide best opportunities for night life. best bars, Pub  and restaurants found in Bhubaneswar  . Here you also find facilities like Delhi and Mumbai - almost all facilities are available in all pubs in Bhubaneswar - if you are really interested to spend your quality time in Bhubaneswar - follow these - details . - 

Best area for party in Bhubaneswar - are Patia , Jayadev bihar , Chandrasekharpur , Nayapali , Damana , Vani Bihar , Acharya Bihar , Laxmi Sagar , Bapuji Nagar , etc . 

Are Pubs are expensive ? - 

Mainly almost all pubs are free and a few are have entry fee - Maximum booking charges - is around 1500 - including all food and drinks . Some best place are given bellow - which are suitable to enjoy night life in Bhubaneswar . - You can reach these place easily by city bus or Mo Bus , Auto , Rikshaw - you can also book Ola and Uber to reach these places . 

 10 DC Longue and Bar - 

Couple friendly Bar and Pubs in Bhubaneswar

This is a good place for enjoyment with friends and Family , They have variety of alcohol including foreign scotch . Here various dancing facilities available for dance lover - with high quality DJ and high quality dancer and different types of high demand songs . The location of this Pub is - 316 district center , Chandrasekharpur , Bhubaneswar . Mainly the opening timing is - 1 Pm to 12 am and avrage costing for two is Rs - 1000 . 

Angan Horizon - 

Pub and Bars in Bhubaneswar

The Angon horizon is one of the best example - of modern bar and pub - it has two section - one is open area section and another is regular side down area . This is a best place for celebration of party and fun . Here you can find both local and common food including sea food , spicy food etc . here you also can find chainese and south Indian food . The opening time of the pub is around 11 am to 12 Pm and it is located in Nandankanan road Patia . 

Hi-5 - The Longue Bar 

Top 10 night club in Bhubaneswar

The Hi-5- The Longue Bar is one of the best hangout place in Bhubaneswar - it welcomes vagetarian and non vegetarian - item menu of this bar is common type like other bar - The timing of this pub is around 12 PM - 12 Am and average cost for two person is around 1000 rupee for two . 

The Cellar - Mayfair Lagoon -  Bhubaneswar 

Bar and Bub in Odisha

This is the most famous and best pub and most couple friendly pub in Bhubaneswar - it is the best place for relaxation after travelling and shopping - here you can find pure British look and best musical environment . They have varieties and best quality of alcohol  . It located in Jayadev Bihar - Near Pal height Mall and timingh is 3Pm to 11 Pm and cost for two is around 2000 rupee. 

The Pegasus Bar - Bhubaneswar - 

Best Pubs in Bhubaneswar

This Bar is located in Unit-4 Madhusudan Nagar , Bhubaneswar and timing is 11 am to 11 Pm and average cost for two person is around 2000 rupee . Here you can find varieties of food like starter and main course - starter include - chicken Pokoda , chicken munhurian and chicken dragon stick . average cost for two is around is 1500 rupee for two person and entry time is 11 to 11 . 

Baron and Baroness -Bar Bhubaneswar - 

Bars in Mayfair Lagoon , Bhubaneswar

This is another Bar present in Mayfair Lagoon - this is one of the best British style Bar in Bhubaneswar - here you can find various wooden furniture - the famous food of this Bar are fish Nugget and Bali Prown - this is the only Bar in Bhubaneswar where you can find British beer . - Location of this Bar is - Mayfair Lagoon , 8-B Bhubaneswar - average cost for two person is 2000 rupee and opening time is 11 am to 11 pm . 

Oceana Bar Bhubaneswar - 

Bars and restaurant in Bhubaneswar

The Oceana Bar is the best destination for local food lovers and local beverage lover - the Bar has best collection Beer and cocktails - here you can find both Indian and Indo-chinese foods . Address is Mayfair lagoon - 8-B Jyaydev Vihar and average cost for 2 is 2000 per two . 

Mellony - Bhubaneswar 

Bars and restaurant in Bhubaneswar

This is another bar of Mayfair Lagoon hotel Bhubaneswar - this bar is famous for its drinks and cocktails - Some Mellony special Items are - Vodka , white rum , special sweets and sour mix - they limited food menu but serve better non veg starter . - Location id Mayfair Lagoon , 8-B Bhubaneswar - average cost for two person is around 2000 rupee and opening time 11 am to 11 Pm . 

Desire Pal Heights - 

Bars in Bhubaneswar

It is famous for its special dance floor with different types of song - here you can find many local people regularly and special type of revolving spot light - this located near the over bridge - in Pall height Mall . - address Pal Height Mall - Jayadev Vihar - opening time - 11 am to 11 Pm 

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OPSC Odisha forest ranger and ACF recruitment notification 2023


OPSC Odisha forest ranger and ACF recruitment notification 2023 

Odisha forest Recruitment

The Odisha Public service commission is going to release the notification for Odisha forest services – under the department of forest and environment of Odisha – in order to fulfil the requirement – biosphere reserve and national parks of Odisha . The desired post for this notification are Forest ranger and ACF ( Assistant Conservator of Forest ) . The Post are coming under Group – A and group B categories – ACF – is group – A and Forest Ranger is – Group – B of Odisha forest service of forest and environment Department of Odisha .

Total numbers of vacancies for Odisha forest Ranger and ACF

The Odisha Public service commission is aiming to select around 171 candidates for the post of ACF and forest ranger . There are 45 post for Assistant conservator of forest and rest of are for forest ranger .

Educational qualification for Odisha forest service –

Here all science graduate are eligible for this exam – those who have passed from a recognised university having 3 year or four years of graduation degree . The candidate should have these subjects in their graduation course such as – Botany , Chemistry , zoology , physics , mathematics , animal husbandry , statistics , veterinary sciences or Bachler degree in forestry or Agriculture . And all other equivalent qualification which are coming under science subjects are allowed .

The candidate should fill the application form – on the official website of OPSC and there is no application free for any one . It is totally free for all . After the completion of application form candidate can prepare themselves for – written test and physical and viva-voice test .

Important information for OPSC ACF and forest Ranger recruitment –

Official website – www.opsconline.gov.in or www.opsc.gov.in

Name of the Post – ACF and forest Ranger –

Total numbers of vacancies – 171

Process of selection – Written , Physical test and Viva- voice .

Application mode – online

Starting date for online application – will be notified – expected last week of January – 2023

Exam date – offline

Job location – State of Odisha .

Conducting body – state gov of Odisha .


OPSC Forest Ranger And ACF recruitment Vacancy – 2023 –

The OPSC ACF and forest Ranger recruitment vacancies divided according to categories –

For ACF – General – 26 post , SEBC – 1  , Sc- & ST- 11 total  - 45 posts

For Forest Ranger – General – 105 , SEBC-10 , Sc- 11 – ST – 5 –


How to Apply for the Post of ACF and Forest Ranger Exam – 2023

Plese visit the official webste of OPSC and there you can find a login and register button – if You are a new candidate and click on register and if your are an existing candidate then click on login – Please provide your all detail which asked by exam conducting body and submit your application form correctly .


OPSC ACF and Forest Ranger Recruitment 2023 – Application Fee –

Previously it was 500 rupee for every candidate , but now a days it is free for all candidate – here no need to pay any application fee – because all fees are eradicated by the Odisha CM Shree Nabin Patnayak .

 OPSC ACF and Forest Ranger Recruitment -2023  selection Process –

Written Exam -

The Exam is a three tyre exam – 1st is written exam of 1600 marks – comprises of six papers – Paper-I is General knowledge – 300 marks , Paper-ii is General English , paper – iii is 1st optional paper – 1-200 marks  , paper iv – is 1st optional paper -2 – 200 marks , paper – v is 2nd optional paper – 1 – is 200 mark , paper vi is 2nd optional paper – 2  .

After written exam physical test start and after physical test  shortlisted candidates are called for viva- voice exam – which is comprise of 200 marks .  after all the final merit list will appear on official websites of OPSC .

Physical test –

All students those who are qualified in the written exam – will be called for physical test – the physical standards are – minimum 163cm height for male candidates and minimum 150 cm height for female candidates . Chest measurement – at least 84 cm unexpanded and at least 89 cm expanded form . For female 79 cm unexpanded form and 84 cm expanded .  There is 25 km walking test for male and 16 km walking test for women . The physical test will be carried out by PCCF of the Odisha .

Viva Voice test for OPSC Forest ranger and ACF recruitment -2023

The Viva Voice test is the final stage of the recruitment – Those who are shortlisted from written and physical test are allowed to attain interview . this test is personality verification test which is required for the concern post . The selected person has to bring his hard copy of online application , his admit and concern documents for the verification . Certificate verification date will be announced by the exam conducting body . If any one failing attained this event – then he will be considered as rejected .

The commission is bound to publish qualifying marks after the completion of recruitment process for all subjects for the examination .

Document verification for the post of Forest ranger and ACF –

Certain documents are required for the document verification processes – the candidates will be disqualified , if any fault found in this documents – The required documents are – 10th certificate . CHSE / +2 certificate and Graduation certificate , conduct certificate , Adhar Card , Voter ID , Medical certificate in case disability , OPSC Chalan , 2 recent Passport seize photo .



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Food habits , various flavour and taste of Odisha


Food habits  , various   flavour and taste  of Odisha

Foods of Odisha

The food habits , various flavour and taste of Odisha has unique feature in India . Diverse culture , rich heritage and amazing flavours defines the colourful cuisine of Odisha . The state is home to some of under rated culinary power house which is simple to cook yet delicious and healthy . While the vegetarian dishes finds it origin in many temples of Odisha , mainly the Lord Jagannath Temple in Puri and Shree Ananta Vasudev Temple in Bhubaneswar , the non vegetarian dishes are dominated by saltwater and  fresh water fishes  

Dalma –

dishes of Odisha

Dalma is highly nutritious dishes that constitute part of the Maha Prasad served inside the lord Jagannath Temple in Puri . This is a lentil based is cooked with various vegetable and tubers which are added at different time while cooking .

Ghanta –

Ghanta Curry of Odisha

Ghanta  is a vegetarian dish which is cooked by combining variety of vegetable , soaked brown lentil and diced coconut is served as a side dish with rice

Kanika –

Khechedi of Odisha

Kanika is a sweet rice dish that is part of the Chhappan Bhog of lord Jagannath temple in Puri . Kanika is often prepared during Odia festival and Puja and usually served with Dalma .


The Best summer food pakhala of Odisha

The Pakahala is the world famous dish or meal of Odisha and Odisha has created an unique identity for its special dish Pakhala . Odisha welcomes summer season by celebrating ‘’ Pakhala Divas “’ every year in March . Pakhal is summer staple is made with left over rice by adding water to it and leaving it ferment over night . It is accompanied with various side dishes Like Badi chura , Onion , Alu Bharta Saga Bhaja , Machha Bhaja , Alu Bhaja , Jhudanga Bhaja , Cocumber , dried and fried fish , chili , lemon salad etc .

Besara –

Besara tarakari of Odisha

Mustard or Sorisha seed are mainly used in Odia dishes or cuisine . Any vageterian and non vegetarian dish – that cooked with mustard paste known as Besara .

Khata –

Khata of Odisha

Khata  is a special type of dish which is made by mixture of sweet or sugar and sour fruit and vegetable , it one of the integral part of the Odia thali . The sweet and sour dishes complete a typical odia thali which can be prepared from Jaggery and various type of fruits and vegetable like Ambula , Tentuli , tomato , Khajuri , Oou , Khada etc . Dahi Baigana is also a best side item for Odia thali – which is made up of mixture of Curd and Brinjal .  

Mansha Jhola –

Chicken curry of Odisha

The Mansha Jhola Slow-cooked over wood fire in an earthern port , this spicy lip smacking curry is prepared with goat or lamb meat with aromatic spices and potatoes

 Machha Ghanta , Machha jhola and Machha Besara –

Fish curry of Odisha

Being a coastal state , fish is integral to Odia cuisine and prepared in various style where every part of the fish is used to prepare a unique dish . Machha jhola is a curry based dish where pieces of fish are fried and cooked . Machha Ghanta – has the fish head cooked with lentil , potato and onion and spiced with ginger garlic  paste and other dry spices . Fish curry prepaired with mustard paste and dried mango known as Machha Besara .

Chingudi Jhola nad Kankada Jhola –

Prawn curry of Odisha

Chingudi Jhola or Prawn curry and Kankada Jhola or Crab curry are a part of the Popular non veg curry based sea food dishes of Odisha , spices and coconut milk are the main ingredient of the curry , which gives dishes a rich creamy taste .

Patrapoda –


This dish is originated from the tribal area of Odisha . Patrapoda is made by combining an assortment of vegetable with fisher or meat , chicken or mutton marinated in spices , warping it with banana leaves and roasting it over wood fire .

Peetha and Mithas

Sweets of Odisha

 Odisha has huge variety of sweets dishes . Apart from sugar milky type delights like Chhenapoda , Rasabali , Rosogola and some traditional cakes or Pika form integral part of Odia celebrations . 13 festivals has been celebrated in 12 month in odisha .

Rosogola –


The Rosogola got the GI tag of Odisha . it has huge connection with Lord Jagannath – more than 6000 year ago . It is made by sugar and boiled cheese . Odisha heas been celebrating Rosogola divas every year

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Top five famous waterfalls of Odisha - you must visit

 Top five famous Waterfalls of Odisha

waterfalls of Odisha

Odisha is an impeccable blend of traditions and terrain . Mainly famous for its vibrant culture and splendid historical monuments that lure in travels . the state surprises its visitors with its natural wonders . from pristine lakes to majestic mountains . Odisha is homes to nature bounty and the most picturesque amongst them are the beautiful water falls scattered across the states diverse landscape .


Barehipani waterfall of Odisha –

The Barehiopani water fall is the second highest water fall of India and it is flowing toward the Budhabalanaga river . This water fall located in Mayurbhaj district of Odisha and it si located in Similipal Biosphere reserve and originated from Maghasani mountain inn Similipal biosphere reserve . The height of this water fall around 400 metre and its tallest single drop is around 259 metre .

Joronda Waterfall  of Odisha –

The Joronda waterfall is 19th tallest water fall in India and its rank in Odisha is 3rd largest water fall . this waterfall present in the core area of Similipal tiger reserve of Mayurbhaj district of Odisha . The tranquility  that surrounds the picturesque waterfall is what memorised a visitors here .

Dumduma waterfall of Odisha –

The Dumduma waterfall present in the Koraput district of Odisha , it is one of the outlet of river Machkund and falls from a height of 180 m and run through hilly and rocky area .it is one of the tallest plunge type waterfall in India and hold 3rd rank in Odisha it term height of water column .

Bhimkund Waterfall of Odisha-

Bhimkund waterfall is a  large vertical shaped George with speeding current that impart a smoky environment . The waterfall located at the boarder area of Kendujhar and Mayurbhaj district . the roaring sound of Bhimkund has unmatched spectacular appeal .

Khandadhar waterfall of Odisha –

Located in Sundargarh bordering Kendujhar is a single drop horse tail waterfall khandhar . It falls from a height of 244 m . The name of waterfall is derived from two word – One is Khanda – means – sword and dhar – means stream of water . It look like a sward .

Koiliguhar waterfall of Odisha –

A rivulet name Ahiraj flow through the rocky belt of the Chhuikanch Forest and fall from a height of 61 m creating the waterfall ofKoiliguhar . It is the 6th highest waterfall in Odisha , which flow into Mahanadi river . There is a submerged Shiva lingam in water known as Maheswaranath

Other waterfalls of Odisha

Set in the seren , senic and natural environments of Odisha , there are many other small waterfalls and stream in different district – like Bada Ghagra , Sana Ghagra in Kendujhar , Phurlijharan of Karlapat wildlife sanctuary and Dokari Chanchara of kokasara in Kalahandi , Gandahati in Gajapati , Harishankar in Bolangir , Devkund in Mayurbhanj , Putudi in Kandhamal and Pradhanpat in Deogarh district of Odisha .     

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The Smart City Bhubaneswar - tourist places in smart temple Bhubaneswar of Odisha

 The Smart City Bhubaneswar - tourist places in  smart temple city Bhubaneswar of Odisha 

temple town Bhubaneswar


The Bhubaneswar is the state capital of Odisha , it has evolved as a modern education , health, information technology and sports , the Bhubaneswar is famous as temple city of India . Here you can find more than 500 temples .

Beyond Hinduism Bhubaneswar has famous for it Jain and Buddhist architectural sites . Here you can find number recreational tourist places like – Planetarium , Nandankanan Zoological Park , Botanical garden , state tribal museum . Along with Puri Shree Kshyetra and Konark it form the golden triangle of Odisha . These three places are among the most visited place of eastern India .

The Bhubaneswar city designed by the famous Jerman architect Otto Konigsberger . It is of the 1st planned city of modern India . Here you can find various temples , stupas and various wildlife sanctuaries .

Bhubaneswar your to be explore –

Dhauli Shanti Stupa –

Tourist places in Smart city Bhubaneswar

Dhauli is located on the river bank of Daya river – where the most destructive battle – the kalinga war was fought in 261 B.C Where after the war – Ashoka accepted Buddhism – Dhauli is famous for its Pristine white Buddhist Stupa and it is famous in the name of peace pagoda . In order to promote ecotourism a special step was taken by tourist department of Odisha – That is multi-lingual Light and sound show organised by Odisha tourism department – which describe the exceptional historical events with 3D projection , that make it must – visit attraction in every tourist itinerary .

Lingaraj Temple of Bhubaneswar –

Tourist places in Smart city Bhubaneswar

The Lingaraj Temple is  one of the eldest temple of India , it is among 12 non-jyotirlinga temple of Lord Shiva and it is made up of red sand stone , this temple is one of the best example of Kalinga style of architecture

Mukteswar Temple of Smart city Bhubaneswar 

Tourist places in Bhubaneswar

The Mukateswar temple with figures in many poses of meditation , the main attraction of the temple is the most beautiful Torona – the decorative gateway . It is also called as the diamond of Kalinga style of architecture and offer pride of place to tale from Panchatantra . Here you can find excellent feature of Hindu , Buddhist and Jain architecture .

Raja Rani temple of Smart city  Bhubaneswar –

Tourist Places in Bhubaneswar

The Raja Rani temple made up of marvellous red sand stone , the local name of this temple is known as Raja Rani temple . The main feature of the temple is the absence of deity . Raja Rani music festival has been organised by the tourism department of Odisha – in order to showcase the glorious tradition and culture of Odisha .  

Bindu Sarovara- of Smart city  Bhubaneswar

Tourist places in Bhubaneswar

The Bindu Sarovora closely located to lingaraj Temple , Bindu Soravara is belive to be contain drops from all holy river of India . During the Ashokasthami festival , it turn into hub of religious activities as the deities of Lingaraj temple , visit it . 

Odisha State Museum of Smart city Bhubaneswar –

Smart city Bhubaneswar - Tourist places in Smart temple town Bhubaneswar

The State museum of Odisha show the finest of Odisha’s archaeological discoveries and treasure and exhibit a collection Jain , Buddhist and Sanatana Hindu Sculptures , copper plates , coin and donative inscription from ancient and medival kalinga along with folk musical instrument and traditions ,heavy jewelleries oldest tools and weapons . The collection of antique paintings and rare palm leaf manuscripts are main attraction of the state tribal museum .

Nandankanan Zoological Parak and Botanical garden of Smart city Bhubaneswar 

Smart City Bhubaneswar - tourist places in Smart temple town of Bhubaneswar

The Zoological park is spread over an area of 3500 square kilometre . The Nandankanan especially famous for its rare white tigers and it is a home to several exotic species of animal , birds , reptiles , amphibians . The butterfly park is one of the best attraction Nandankanan zoological park and here you can around 60 species of butterfly . There is huge artificial lake present inside the zoological park – that is the Kanjia lake .  


Pathani Samant Planetarium – of Smart city Bhubaneswar

Odisha Tourism

The Planetarium is named after the famous astronomous Pathani Samant . Its feature program related astronomy in dome shape air conditioned auditorium . The activity include night sky viewing , poster show and audio visual program .

Regional Museum of natural history – of Smart city Bhubaneswar

Temple town Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar’s regional museum of natural history exhibits plants , animals and vibrant geology of Odisha . North east region and Andaman and nicobar islands , besides relics of animals restored objects and fossils . The main attraction of the museum is the huge skeleton of Baleen whale . Here you can find the eggs of extinct elephant and birds .

Ekamra Haat of Smart city Bhubaneswar –

Smart city Bhubaneswar

The Ekamra Haat provides a grand showcase of Art , craft , culture and cuisine of Odisha . Here you can find various types of handloom and handicraft shop . The market also have a open open air theatre , lily pond with water fountain food stall and artisan rest room .   


Museum of Tribal Art and Artifacts

Bhubaneswar tourism

It Museum of Tribal art and Artifacts the open window into tribal life and culture of Odisha . It is must visited place which showcases art , handicrafts , Jeweleries and weapons of 65 tribes of Odisha .

Regional science center of smart city Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar Ecotourism

The regional science  center  has 84 interactive that help people to understand and appreciate science . Tourist can get information on the underlaying principle of motion , from the molecular level to motion of plants and galaxies .

Ekamra Kanan botanical garden – of Smart city Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar Ecotourism

The Ekamra Park  is an important Nature park in Smart city Bhubaneswar , where one can observe exotic variety of plants . Part of regional plant resource centre . This park has a vast expanse of green lawn , many variety of rose plants and several rare species trees and a lake providing much succor during the sultry summer evenings . It has the largest cactus collection in Asia .

State Handicraft Museum of Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar Tourism

The state Handicraft Museum  is its  kind in entire eastern region of the country , the museum is divided into two blocks based on handloom and handicraft . Here visitor could see theme based galleries of items . The Museum has workshop area and a beautiful open air amphitheatre .

Sisipalgarh of Bhubaneswar –

Bhubaneswar tourism

This is one of the best preserved best fortification in India , the ancient city of Sisupalgarh also happen to be the largest one . Historian claim that the place served as the capital city of Kalinga at the time of Kharavela , latter flourished for guarding the kingdom by its fort .

 Things to do In Bhubaneswar 

Heritage Walk of Smart city Bhubaneswar –

It is an initiative by Odisha tourism , Bhubaneswar municipal corporation and Bhubaneswar development authority to encourage people to explore heritage neighbourhood of old town and twin hills of Khandagiri and Udayagiri . It is a free event guided by English speaking guide .

Ekamra Heritage walk – Old town temples ( Every Sunday 6.30 Am

Experiancing the Alleyways , interspread with Shrine and cluster of Magnificientr temples comprising virtually a complete record of Kalinga architecture that transfer you back to yesteryear .

Monk Cave Khandagiri and Udaya Giri

The Khandagiri and Udayagiri is  the dwelling retreats of jain monk , these cave are testimony to the architectural genius of ancient India .Guided walk through and other selected experiences will reinvent the way we connect to rich past .

How to reach to Bhubaneswar –

By Air –

Air India connect Biju Patnaik international airport to Hyderabad , Kolkata , Delhi , Mumbai Chennai , and Bengaluru etc . Other Airline like Air Asia , Indiago , Go Air and Vistara have flight from different metropolis of the country to Bhubaneswar . Air India connect Bhubaneswar to Bangkok and Air Asia connect Bhubaneswar to Kuala Lumpur .

By Railway –

 The headquarter of east coast railway being stationed in the city , Bhubaneswar has excellent network of railway connections . Many fast and super fast train run between Bhubaneswar and other Major city of India .

By Road –

Being the state capital on HN no – 16 is connected by all weather connectable road within the state and neighbouring states .


Accommodations in In Bhubaneswar –

For Low Budget traveller –

The following accommodations are best suited for low budget travellers

Telephone Numbers are given in Brackets – STD Code – 0674

 – such as – OTDC Panthanivas (2432515 /2432314) , Hotel Janpath (2531147) , Hotel Gauri (2433371), Hotel Urmee (2582391), Hotel Grand Central (2313411), Hotel Presidency (2559565-70), Hotel Royal Mid town (2536138), Bhubaneswar Hotel (2313246), Sun City Hotel (2470355)

Accommodations for high spending groups –

 Hotel trident Hillton (2300333), Hotel Swosti premium (3017000) , Hotel Mayfair Lagoon (2360101) , Hotel crown (2550001) , Hotel New Marrion (2380850), Hotel Turimph residency (2545718) , Hotel Ginger (2303933) , Hotel La Franklin ( 7177777) , Hotel Sandy Tower ( 6665555)

Besides , huge number of other hotels , lodges and Oyo rooms and Dharmashala are available for low spending gropu also .