Wednesday 30 December 2020

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Due to Corona virus outbreak the whole world under lock down . All cities , shopping mall , pubic places , bus-stop , offices , government and private organization , educational institution been closing since 2019 December .

 Due to lockdown and social distancing peoples are in the home jail . All transport business have closed . All economic activities have stopped . 


tourism and hospitality industries is greatly affected by lockdown , because people are bound to stay at home due to the deadly coronal virus .

 All transport facilities have stopped - due to lack of transport facilities people are unable move from here and there . People are bound to stay at homer due to strict government rules - of social distancing - All hotels , lodge , cinema halls , public places are closed , it is difficult collect basic thing like foods , drink etc .

 All economic activities have stopped and billions of people lost their jobs - they have no job and no money spent -then they cant go for long tur. 

- Those who are employed in the hotel , lodge , tourism agencies , travelling agencies lost their job directly due heavy losses in those sector .

 All economic activities stopped and the GDP of different country falls down except China . Because China is the father of Corona Virus . it is lab made virus - as per the opinions of different experts . 

The virus spread from Wuhan city of China and some are saying that the virus spread from Wuhan lab of virology of china . 


fast- all public transport are stopped due to covid-19 . 
All national and inter national flights have been canceling day by day - so people are unable to move from one place to another place .

- Due to economic crisis people have no money to spent -regional transports vehicles are also not available for all - Due to lack of customer - all ecotourism place , picnic place , parks are closed . The people those who were employed in these sector lost their jobs , all private sectors are running in losses . 


Some experts also are saying the Corona virus / China Virus - is produced by the gene mutation . This is possible due to the multiple feeding habits of Chinese people .

 Some exports are also saying the Corona virus is originated from animals, So - there is some chance of infection to  the animals of national park and zoological park  (it is a prediction ).

Thursday 24 December 2020

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 Demand of zoological Park -

how to get a job in national park and how to get a job in zoological park

Day by day the tourism industries is flourishing and the sector of ecotourism has a grater share in the field of tourism industries .

 In the sector of tourism a huge number of people have gaining financial support foe their lively hood . The zoological park are most important place of attraction for local , national and international tourist day by day . 

So the number of zoological parks are increasing day by day. The zoological park has wide variety of collection of wild animal , which attract huge numbers of animal lover and nature lovers . 


The of zoological park are most interesting and adventurous job . It provide a better salary package and good popularity . It help us to get a friendly environment for animals lovers .

This job provides us a wide spread friendship opportunities from people of local , national and international region . 

     To get job in a zoological park is so easy , if you have proper qualification and proper knowledge and proper experience. There are different type of job in zoological park and different type of recruiting agencies in a zoological park .

Job Notification of zoological park -  

Mainly the job notifications of a zoological park is always releases in the official website of this zoological park , so if you are interested in this job then you have to check the official website regularly .

Some job like administrative job of zoological park are available in the official website and in the website of state government recruiting website , in which state the national park is located . Some jobs notifications are available in Central government website .

Administrative jobs in a Zoological  Park 

Administrative jobs of a zoological park is release from UPSC . Union Public Service Commission - release the job notice -regarding the IFS-(Indian forest Service ) which is the most prestigious job in the field wildlife protection and zoological park administration . 

If you are selected in this job then your first placement will as a DFO(Divisional Forest Officer ). It is the highest prestigious job in a sub division of a district . 

If the zoological park is coming under your division then you are the head of the zoological park . Most of the time the zoological parks are autonomous bodies .

 Recruitment through state PCS in zoological park 

Sometimes state has the power to give recruitments in zoological park. You can get administrative post through state public service commission. The job profiler are just Forest Ranger , ACF(assistant conservator of Forest ) . By promotion and proper working experience you be promoted for DFO post .

Recruitment Through Forest Department   in zoological park 

The forest department has full power to give job to any one in a zoological park . You have to visit the official website of the forest department regularly - the jobs life forest guard , forester , peon , cleaning staff , management  staff, clerical staff, Veterinary staffs , care taker of animals etc .

Wednesday 23 December 2020



bio terrorism biological weapons ppt  biological weapons history  countries with biological weapons  dangers of biological weapons  biological weapons convention  categories of biological weapons  effects of biological weapons  biological warfare today

Bio terrorism is the practice of terrorist activity by indirect method - by the help of  toxic chemical and biological pathogen like harmful bacteria and virus . It is the modern method top conquer any country and its economy . 

Why bioterrorism is import problem 

Now a days every countries  have more or less nuclear weapon and by traditional war - it is difficult to defeat them . So if any country is going to conquer any country - then there are more chances of nuclear war and the nuclear weapon has high capacity of mass destruction and a single nuclear missile can change the mode of war . 

If any country is applying any nuclear weapon on any country then there is a chances of world war . Here no country can maintain the secrecy . But in case of biological weapon - it is very easy to attack on any countries through single strain of bacteria virus . 

Mainly most potent biological weapon is the Virus . There is no proper and specific treatment against the viral disease . mainly viral disease are communicable in nature . 

It can transform from one person to another person by the simple contamination process by means of air , water and soil and by touching and coming contact with each other .


By the help of biological weapon any country can attack on any country - without exposing itself . If it very difficult prepare vaccine against these unknown dangerous virus within a limited time period .

 There are more chances to convert these viral disease from epidemic to pandemic . It has the capacity of mass destruction of various form of life . 


The use of biological are started from 1st  world war - 1st biological weapon was sarin gas , it had killed 1 lakh people in one day , Chlorine gas is one of the most important biological weapon and it has bad effect on our throat .

 The posphin gas is one of important biological weapon , Anthrax gas is the most danger our biological weapon and its a little concentration has huge capacity of mass destruction of life. Nerve agents - like agent Vx, Agent Vr and Agent Vg are capable to damage our nervous system . 

Most affected countries through biological weapons 

Countries like Brazil, Austrelia , all African countries are affected by biological weapons .


The biological weapons are mainly classified into three categories - Such as Categories -A, Categories-B And Categories -C.


It has high mortalities and his spread easily and needed special attention for its remedy - Examples of these pathogens are Bacillus , Yersinia , pestis , variola , etc 

Categories -B

Mortality rate is moderate and easy to desseminate and moderate morbidity . Example of these pathogens are - brucella , salmonela species , E Coli , Vibrio Cholera and Alpha virus family 

Categories -C

It can produce easily and potential of high morbidity and high mortality . Example of these pathogens are - Micobacterium  Tuberculosis , Nipha Virus and Hanta virus .