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Gir cow for Dairy farming in Odisha - in 2022

 Gir cow for Dairy farming in Odisha –

Gir cow farm in odisha

Now a days Odisha state is the largest importer of Gir Cow . The Gir cow is coming under the humped cow categories of Indian cow breed . As compare to other cow breeds of India - this cow breeds have special qualities . The Gir cow breed in an indigenous cow breed of India or it is the local cow breed of India . The original place of Gir Cow is the Khatiaward district of Gujurat near Aravali hills . Now a day - this cow breed found i n every state of India . According to its origin - this cow breed has some local name - Khathiawari , Barali , Gujurati etc . This is an all weather cow breed of India , it is a heat resistance cow species of India . The Indian gir cow is found in countries like Brazil , USA , Pakisthan , Bangladesh , venezuela etc . The gir cow is highest milk producing cow in brazil , Gir cow can give 55 litree milk per day in Brazil . According to some research institute - Gir Cow urine is rich in  Gold and other type of nutrient and its milk has huge medicinal value . Gir cow gives A2 type of milk - that is good for health . 

Now a day the Gir Cow breed of Gujrat is very famous in Odisha . As it is a holy cow and it has close relation to lord Shree krishana in the Hindu mythology . There is a high demand of Gir Cow in Odisha . During the Veidic period this breed of cow were kept in every house hold and lord Shree Krishna was directly involved with this breed of cows .

Morphology / Physical Characteristic of Gir Cow 

The seiza of cow varies from medium to very large seize . The weight of Gir Bull varies from 600 kg to 700 kg and the weight of female cow varies from 400 kg to 600 kg . The average height of Gir cow varies 1.25 M to 1.4 M . The skin color are various type - just like red , white , black , spotted with white and red patches . The skin of this cow breed rich in sweat glands - which helpful body temperature management . The skin is insect and Parasite proof . 

Heads structure of Gir Cow- 

The face of Gir cow is narrow and long and the heas is wider than other cow with long year and cruved horn to back sides of the Body . Mainly the head is conves types of head . The cow has long ear and it is similar to leaf like structure . this type of ear is helpful in insect control . The eye retina of this cow breed is naturally pigmented in black color and eyes present bellow the root of horn . 

Other bodies parts of Gir Cow 

The Gir cow has a wider body for easy heat dissipation . These cows has huge numbers of sweat gland to control body heats . These sweat glands are helpful in adaptation in all type of atmospheric conditions and the skin of the gir cow is resistant sunlight and diseases . 

Nature of Gir Cows - 

Gir Cow is a friendly and human loving cow breed . They show loyal behavioral to their owner or care taker . Mainly Gir Cows have Oestrous cycle of 21 days and it last for only 24 hour . With proper nutrition and care - they can achieve this Oestrous cycle in 1.8 year or in 2 year . `Average gestration period of this cow breed is around 280 days to 290 days . The lactation period of this cow is around 300 days to 320 days and the average life span is around 15 year and average calving rate is around 8 to 10 calves per cow . Some time it is seen that - the average life span of these cows are 20 to 25 year and calving rate is 15 to 17 calf per cow . 

Banefits of Gir cow Farming 

These Gir cow breed is the largest cow breed of Indian subcontinent and it has large body seize and highest milk production in India . You can use these cow breed for dairy purpose and ploughing purpose , these breeds are acting as dual purpose breeds of India . High milking capacity and good fat percentage in milk make this cow breed a special breed , another important factor is A2 type of milk found in these cow breeds and this beneficial for human health . The heat tolerance and disease resistance capacity of this cow also another  advantage for farmers , Due to low maintenance and high productivity - It provide huge benefits to dairy farmers . this cow is famous for its highest average life span and low mortality rates in the world . The high fertility rate is another beneficial factor dairy farmer , the average calving rate per cow is around 10 calves per cow in its life span . The price of gir cow milk is high in local market due to high demand and limited supply . These cow breed is comfortable machine milking - this reduce work pressure of dairy farming - that's why most of Indian farming moving toward gir Cow farming . Gir Cow Farming in Odisha is one of the new bussiness trend in Odisha and Gir cow farming in India is one of emerging dairy business in India .  

Shade Management for Gir Cow farming - 

The cow sheds in India generally made in Mud houses with rice straw roof . Some of of the roof are Ajbest roof and some roof are concrete roof . It does not matter the type of roof , but it matter the comfortability of Cows . Normally you can provide shelter to you cow near year home - it will be better to provide Concrete shelter for professional dairy farming . In case of commercial dairy farming the house of cows are mainly made up of concrete and shelter should be well ventilated in nature. The height of the roof should be at least 18 to 20 feet . There should be around 6 to 8 feet side walls in the shade of Gir cow .   The walls should be brick walls or mud wall - it does not matter , but the ground should be concrete . There should be 50 square feet space for each cow . The house should be built in South- North direction to avoid direct sunlight . These should be a drainge system in this Gir Cow Shade . You have keep dry the floor of Shed . You have keep the house clean to avoid any types of infection and to avoid dieses spread . 




Why This Gir cows are in demand –

Due to the high miking capacity and Mythological importance in Hindu culture , high disease resistance and better adaptation of wide range climate , these breeds of bulls have high tolerance power and hard worker . This is a dual purpose cow breed .

What is the price of  Gir Cow - 

Mainly the price of Gir cow remain same as compare  to other cow breed s of India . But the prices of Gir cow increasing day by day - due to high demand and low supply rate in India . The main reason of price hiking is - The Gir cow only found in Kathiaward region of Gujrat and some part of Rajasthan . It is a all weather resistant cow and high milking capacity and highly heat and disease resistant cow of Odisha . The Gir cow is famous for A2 milk quality . Mainly the Price of gir cow ranges from Rs. 30000 to 3 lakh . The prices depend upon breed purity , Milking capacity and body seize of Gir Cow . The price of Gir Calf started from 25 thousand and you can get an average breed of gir cow in 30000 rupee . The Avrage price of Gir Cow is around Rs - 70000 per cow . The avrage price Gir breeding bulls started from 1 lakh per Gir Bull . 

Which Cow Gives more Milk in Odisha ?

Mainly Milking cow breeds of Odisha are Red Sindhi , Jersy Cow , Local Desi cow , Hariyanvi and some numbers of Gir Cow . When question arises on milking capacity of different cow , then the answar of this question is unidirectional in nature . Mainly the profitability of dairy farming depend on the lactation period and maintenance cost and disease resistance nature . According to me never go behind milking capacity of cow and always follow the profitability . Mainly three breeds are having highest milk production in Odisha . These are Jersy and Gir cow . But comparatively Gir cow gives highest milk  in Odisha . It is around 25 litre per Day . 

Where Can you Find Gir Cow ? 

Mainly the Gir Cow is the Cow of Gujrat and Rajasthan state . The highest population of Gir cow found in Gujrat state of India . Now a days huge number of young masses are moving toward dairy farming . Those dairy farmer are working on indigenous cow breed - they must have gir cow in thier farm . Normally contact them for Gir Cow . There are numbers of supplier of Gir cow in every state of India and try to contact them . Normally Gir Cows are found in different temples of India , when the numbers of gir cow increases in those temple - normally the temple administration sell them to local people . So try to make contact with those temple . 

Why Gir Cow milk is costly ?

Mainly most of the people are using milk of Jersy cow and HF cow in India . There is a scarcity of Desi cow milk in India . The Milks of HF and Jersy cow are A1 milk in nature and Gir cows have A2 milk . According to recent study - the A2 milk is slightly better than A1 milk . The supply of Gir Cow milk is limited and demand is high - That's why the Gir Cow milk is costly in nature . 

Gir Cow Price In Odisha 

 Mainly price of Gir remain high in Odisha . The reason behind of high price of Gir cow is the transporting cost of Gir cow . Most of the Gir cow are brought from Gujrat and Rajasthan state . these is a huge distance between Gujrat and Odisha . Normally the price of gir cow remain high in every state and there is an addition of transporting cost and profit of dealer . The average price of Gir cow in Odisha is around Rs . 80000 for 12 lite milking capacity cow . 

Milking capacity of Gir Cows –

The Gir cow has better milking capacity – it can give 10 litre/ day to – 35 litre/ per day milk in every climate . The maintenance cost of these Gir cows are low . 

Due to high milking capacity and low maintenance cost – these cows are best for diary farming – as it is a holy animal – and also provide economic support to poor family – so it is mostly used in diary farming and worshipping purpose .

Price of Gir Calf in Odisha

Mainly price of Gir Calf started from Rs - 25000 per unit and it is the average price of gir calf in Odisha . You can find gir calf from calf rearing center and from local gir farm . If you are interested in gir calf - then try to do contact with gir cow dealers of your locality or dealer of your state .   

Gir Cow farms in Odisha –

Mainly these cow breed are found in Sambalpur district , Bargarh district , Cuttack district , khudra district of Odisha . Mainly these breeds of cows are adopted by poor farmer due to low maintenance cost and high milk production . 

Due to Artificial insemination by Veterinary department – these cow are available in every house hold .


Why we should adopt Gir Cows

The Gir cow is an indigenous breed and it is originated in the Indian climate and it has better adaptation capacity . Now a days there is a trend of milk quality .

 Mainly these cows milks have better fat content and rich in nutrient .  


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