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Scope of dairy tourism in India- 2021


Scope of Dairy tourism in India

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Dairy tourism is one of newly introduce business tourism based on cow farming in India . This tourism helpful in new diary start up for young farmer and new diary farmer . 

Mainly the diary tourism is based on dairy farm visiting – it may be private diary farm of government diary farm .

Economic Importance of dairy tourism –

Why any one visit a private dairy farm of other farmer – then it brings a encouragement among visitor and farm owner .

 It provide a better market space for old farmer – in order sell their dairy animal and dairy product . Due to dairy tourism –

 The new dairy farmer can access enough knowledge from experienced farmer . They can know the scope and difficulty in dairy farming from the experienced farmer .

 They also able to get information about the market condition regarding milk price , cow feed price and dairy medicine prices .

Psychological importance  of dairy tourism 

When a new person wanted to start dairy farming – they various type negative thinking came to his mind and he is unable solve these problem by self .

 When a new farmer meet a well established dairy farmer , then he got a mental support from the well established farmer .

Leading state in diary farming in India

All most all state has equal role in diary farming , but among them some states are playing leading role in the sector of dairy farmingin India – they are – Punjab , Haryana , Rajasthan And Gujrat .

These above four state have more contributions toward dairy farming in India - . Both indigenous and foreign cow breeds are play important role in milk production in India .

 The leading cow breed like Jersy , Holstein , Gir , Sahiwal , Tharparkar , Rathi , Rath , Red Sindhi , Kankrej etc .

 In case of milk production – the Holstein and Jersy cows has highest demand in India , but they are less disease resistant to Indian climate and their maintenance cost is high as compare to indigenous cow breed .



If you are new dairy farming then – you must have to visit nearest CCBF centre . Means central cattle breeding Farm . These are government cattle breeding centres to assist Farmers in the field diary farming .

 Here you can find best breed of cattle and best semen for Artificial insemination . There are 7 cattle breeding centre in India – such as – Chiplima – Odisha – is famous for red Sindhi and cross breed Jersy ,

 Sunabeda Odisha famous for Jersy cows , Surat Garh , Rajasthan – famous for Tharparkar cows , Dhamrod – Gujrat – famous for Surti buffalo , Alamadhi – Tamil Nadu famous for Murrah buffalo and Andesh Nagar – famous for Holstein Friesian and tharparkar   


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