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Opportunities and Challenges in ecotourism in Cuttack district of Odisha


#History of Cuttack –

-        The main history of Cuttack is linked with Keshari dynasty . The silver city cuttaack was establish in 989 by the King Nrupa Keshari . After Keshari , The Cuttack was also ruled by Ganga dynasty – it was the capital of Ganga dynasty .

After Ganga dynasty it was ruled by Surya dynasty . The official name of kings of Surya dynasty was ‘’ Gajapati ‘’ . The king Gajapati also made it his capital . After last Hindu ruler Mukunda Dev Cuttack was ruled by Muslim ruler Like Maughol .  Britisher invaded India in 1803 and declared  Cuttack as their capital  of Odisha , though Bhubaneswar become capital of Odisha after Independence of India . Although Bhubaneswar become the capital of Odisha , still the entire administrative set up remained in Cuttack . Though it is not the capital of Odisha , but it has a special identity .

Scope of ecotourism in Cuttack –

There is a huge potential in Cuttack in the sector of better connectivity . The Biju Patnaik airport is only 30 km away from the cuttack  and the Badam Badi bus stand is one of the largest bus stand of Odisha  . The NH -5 is passing through the cuttack and the NH – 55 has direct link with Cuttack and Bhubaneswar . The Cuttack was the old capital of Odisha and it has direct connection with the new capital Bhubaneswar . The cuttack is around 40 k away from the main town Bhubaneswar . The Cuttack Municipality corporation and it is huge city like Bhubaneswar .  The Barabati stadium is the international tourist attraction – because recent hockey word cup held in Barabati stadium and many international cricket matches have been played the Barabati stadium of Cuttack. There are numbers of tourists place in Cuttack district which are given bellow .  


Tourist places of Cuttack district –


Barabati  Stadium , Barabati Durg , Goddes Chandi temple of Cuttack , Goddess Bhatarika temple of Cuttack . Karda Rasul Mosq , Ravenshaw University , Central rice research Institute , SCB medical college , Subas Chandra Boss museum ,  Badambadi bus stand . Anshupa lake , Lalitgiri Buddhist complex , Gupteswar temple , Ocean water park , deojhar waterfall , Mahanadi barrage and Banki Charchika temple

Important tourist place of Cuttack

The Barabati Fort –

The Barabati fort is located in Cuttack . Now this fort is ruin condition . This fort was build by Kind Ananga Bhima Dev . According to historians Ananga Bham ruled for 27 year nd he built this fort in between 1189 Ad to 1223 AD . After some time this fort occupied by Maratha , Mughol and Britishers , this fort is still standing now . In 1803 Britisher occupied this fort . This fort covers around 105 acres of area .

Barabati Stadium –

The Barabati stadium is pride of Odisha and it is famous for international cricket match . Sometime IPL matches are also played in this stadium . This stadium is located in front of Barabati fort . It is the main tourist attraction for national and international people

Chandi temple of Cuttack

Mother Cuttack chandi is the main goddess of Cuttack and cuttack has got identity in the name Cuttack Chandi temple . This temple was built by . This temple is located at the southern part of the Barabati fort . This temple was built by King kaniaka .


Anshupa Lake –

This lake is spread over 150 square kilometre and it located opposite to Banki of cuttack district , it is present at the left  side of Mahanadi river . Anshupa lake is 39 km away from the main town Cuttack . The lake provide a best shelter for a migratory bird and it is one of the best picnic spot of Cuttack district . boating facility is also available for visitors .


Bhatarika temple of Cuttack

Bhatarika temple is located in the river bank of Mahanadi River . It is coming under the Sasang village in the Tehsil of Athagarh ( Current name Baramba ) , cuttack district in Odisha. This temple is dedicated to goddess Parvati in the Name of Bhatarika devi – Means goddess Shakti . The festival Pana sankrani is celebrated in summer season here , Akshya trutia and Dussera are the main festival related to this temple .  

Qudam-E -Rasool –

The Cuttack city is famous for its brotherhood , Here every religion has equal importance . There is a Masjid present in the name of Qadam – E- Rasool – which is the main Masjid of the Cuttack town . This is located in Dargah Bazar , Cuttack .

Lalitgiri Buddhist complex Of Cuttack

Lalitgiri , Khandagiri and Udayagiri are recent excavated site related Buddhist religion – these Buddhist complexes are famous in the name of Diamond triangle of Odisha There are many stupa and statue excavated in these area .


Challenges in growth of tourism in Cuttack

Odisha is one of the best tourist destination In India . But There is lack in advertisement of cuttack in the field of tourism . There is a only one international airport is present in Bhubaneswar – and Bhubaneswar town has huge number of tourist place like , Lingaraj temple , State Museum , tribal museum , The Zoological park of Nandan Kana , Khandagiri , Udayagiri etc . There is enough tourism environment in Bhubaneswar , That’s why Cuttack is losing its identity in front of Bhubaneswar in the field of tourism


Nearest International tourist place is Puri Shree Kshyetra . There is enough facilities for tourist , main the lodging facility near the tourist place – attract international tourist , the sea beach of Puri is the best place visit . And the Jagannath temple is brand in the field tourism . The cuttack district is losing it Identity in front of Puri and Bhubaneswar and there is deficiency of proper environment for tourism and the is lack proper lodging and hotel facility near the tourist place of Cuttack . In order to increase the tourism in Cuttack – we have to work on above mentioned point .    



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