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Temples list of Athmallik Town of Angul district in 2022


Temples list  of Athmallik Town in 2022

Temples in Athmallik

The Sub-Division of Athamallik is a rich cultural heritage site of Angul distruct of Odisha . The Athmallik town is located on the river bank of Mahanadi and the boundary between Angul district and Boudh district of Odisha . Due to cultural hotspot – the Athmallik subdivision is blessed with many temples and religious places . Some descriptions of  temple list of Athmallik town and religious places are given bellow .

The Jagannath Temple of Athmallik

The Jagannath temple of athmallik is dedicated to Lord Jagannath or Lord Vishnu . It is the oldest temple of Athmallik built during the Deo King of Athamllik . This temple is located at the centre of Athamllik town and the actual place is near the SBI branch of Athmallik . Special arrangement are found in Jagannath temple of Athamllik . Please remember that – When you are visiting to Athmallik, then nevere forget to visit Lord Jagannath temple of Athmallik .

Other feature of Jaganath temple of Athmallik –

The Jagannath temple is famous for special arrangement of Free meal to all people – those who are visiting to Jagannath temple . The temple is a best shelter for visitor and when you are planning to stay in the temple , then you have not to pay any fee to any one , it is quite free for all . The Car festival of lord Jagannath has been celebrated since 300 year age .

Maheswari temple of Athamllik –

The Maheswari temple of athmallik is dedicated Goddes Parvati – in the form Naraghanta Devi . This is famous temple of Athmallik . this temple is also located on the heart of athmallik . The actual location of Maheswari temple is near the Rugudi Sahi road side of Athmallik temple .

The opening time of Temple is 5 am to 8 Pm . You are free to visit the temple any time and any situation . The art and architecture of maheswari temple was too old and it is a living proof art and architecture of Athamallik . The Maheswari temple is a Nagara style of architecture of Odisha , This temple has quite similarities with Lord Jagannath Temple of Puri Shree Kshyetra .

The Maheswari temple coved a huge area of Athmallik town. All facilities are available inside the temple for new visitor and the temple is covered green garden and different variety of flowering plants .

History of Maheswari temple of Athmallik –

It is told that it is the inly temple in Odisha – which was established by Lord Ram during the period of Vanabas . Some people also saying that – the Pandava also stayed here for some day . This temple was also active during the British period . All ritual and celebrations have been observed every years by the locals   .

Deul Jhari Sidheswar temple of Athamallik

Deuljhari temple of Athmallik , Angul district

The Deul Jhari Siddheswar temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati in the form of Shakhi Peetha . This is biggest temple of Athmallik . The temple provides a main identity to Athmallik people .The Temple is also covered by Kia tree – that is famous in the Name of Kia Bana .

More Information about Siddheswar Temple – The Siddheswar temple also famous for it numerous water pool or bathing pools for visitors . The Temple is famous as Hot spiring – the Hot springs are famous in the name of Deuljhari hot spring of Angul district of Odisha. The Actual location temple is – it is located on the right side of Athmallik -Madhapur high way .

The temple is main centre of attraction of Shaivism and located in Athmallik of  Angul district. The total area covered by the temple is around 30 acre of land . And the whole temple is covered by the Kia trees .


Festival of deuljhari temple –

The Min festival of the temple are Jagara festival and Shiva Ratri festival . casually the temple remain crowded in every Monday of the week . The Deul-Jhari temple is also located near the river bank of Mahanadi .


Chaulia – Temple of Athmallik

The Chaulia temple also famous in the name of Laupal temple . The temple was made by the Famous personality Athamllik – Shree Prasana Kumar Chaulia . The Chaulia temple is a huge temple of Athmallik . The temple is spread in a area of 40 acre and the temple has a beautiful park and the statue of the parks is dedicated to the events of Mahabarat .

More Information about Chaulia Temple –

The Chaulia temple has a special type of pond – which there is a stature of lord shree Krishna on head of a huge snake state in the pose Kalia- Marsana . There is a huge statue of Mahabali Sankat Mochan Hauman inside the boundary of the temple . There is huge numbers of statue of different gid and goddess inside the boundary of the temple .


Belapunji Temple / Belapunji Matha of Athmallik –

The Belpunji Matha is located at the Madhapur area of Athmallik . This temple is 7 km away from the Madhapur area of Athmallik . This temple is dedicated to Kain Phulia Baba of Athmallik , who is a great shiva Bhakta of this area and some people also saying he is the Avatar of Lord Vishnu .

The Main festival of the  Belapunji temple is the birth day celebration of Kain Phulia Baba . The temple is situated near River bank of Mahanadi . The belapunji Matha is famous for its special arrangement and if you are visiting to Belapunji – then you have not to worry for prasad or meal – because here meals are given for free to all visitors .

It is a universal shelter of all visitors and you can stay here freely as you want .if you are interested to stay here for ever then the sages of Belpunji Matha always welcomes every one .

Bhaghuakata Temple of Athmallik –

The Bhaghuakata temple is dedicated to lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati . The temple is famous for Makara Festival . The temple is one the famous temple of rural athmallik . This temple is also famous for the festivals of Pana Sankranti . The Temple is also located near the river bank of Mahanadi of Athmallik .


Binikei Temple of Athamllik

The binikei temple is dedicated goddess Parvati and it is 20 km away from the Athmallik city , but it come under the boundary area of Athamllik Sub-Division . This temple is located near the Satkosia tiger reserve and Tikapada crocodile sanctuary . the temple is famous for the Binikei Jatra of Athmallik . The Binikei festival is one of the great festival of Angul district .


Teli Sahi Shiva temple of Athmallik –

The Teli- Sahi Shiva temple is dedicated to lord Shiva and the temple famous for Danda – jatra of Athmallik region . This temple is also located in the heart of Athmallik town . The temple is a small temple but the architecture of the temple is comparable other big temple of athmallik .


Lipiloi Dhabaleswar temple of Athamllik

This is the most visited temple of Athmallik town , but the temple is located in the Lipiloi village of athamallik town and the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva in the name of Baba Dhabaleswara . The temple is also famous as the Shakti Peetha of Athamllik . The Shakti Peetha is dedicated to Goddess kali . The temple is famous for Jagara festival , Makara festival , Danda Jatra . The Danda Jatra is one the most famous festival of the Athmallikregion .


Jhar- jhari Ghati Maa Tarini temple of Athmallik

The Jhar- Jhari Ghati Tarini temple located on the way from Athmallik to Thakurgarh . The temple located on the right side of Athmallik – thakurgarh road and the temple is present on the foot hills of the Panchadhara mountain Range . It is one of the road side temple of athmallik for all types of visitor of Athmallik area .

Jhimei- Chua Temple of Athmallik

The Jhimei chua temple is dedicated lord Shiva and this temple is present in the dense forest of Athmallik region . This temple also work as a Ashrama of athmallik for sage and monks of Athmallik . The temple is also present on the foot hill of Panchadhara mountain range of Athmallik reign .