Thursday 11 February 2021

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Athmallik tourism

 Athmallik tourism -

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Athmallik is a small city - which is present in the Anugul  district of Odisha and it is located in the central part of Odisha . Athmallik is famous for its natural beauty and biodiversity ,

 The whole city is covered by the dense forest and mountains . The richness of forest - provide a better shelter for wild animal and wild medicinal plant . 

Mountains of Athmallik -  

The Panchadhara hill is prresent at the northern side of Athmallik and it act as a physical barrier for natural disaster due to flood and strom . The length of Panchadhara mountain range is around 100 Km and its height is around 400 meter and its width is around 5 km .

 This mountain range separetes Athmallik city from Thakurgarh and Boinda . The Panchadhara mountain range provide a better shelter for wild animals . 

The animals like elephants , Leopard , bear , wolfs , deer , wild goats are found in this forest . 

River near Athmallik -    

The river Mahanadi is passing through Athmallik subdivision . The river Mahanadi known as the "tragedy of Athmallik " Every year flood is coming due to the River Mahanadi . 

The river Mahanadi separate the Anugul district and Boudh district. The river is the only source of natural water for the people of Athmallik 

Tributaries of Mahanadi river Near Athmallik  

The river Mahanadi is the largest river of Odisha and it has huge number of tributaries , but there are only two tributaries near athmallik .

 One is Malipadar Canal - which provide larger portion of water to Mahanadi from Athmallik region , Another is the Lipiloi canal - which is a small canal which provides - water to the river . 

Temples of Athmallik  

The Athmallik is famous for its socoi- religious diversity and the most dominated culture is the Hindu culture and tribal culture .

 Here people are protecting their culture since 1000 year and it was princely state during the British period .

 Here large numbers of Hindu temple are found and some numbers of Church are also found . 

Sidheswar temple of Athmallik 

The Sidheswar temple of Athamallik is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is spread over a large are . This temple is also Odisinga temple or malipadar temple . 

 This temple is located in a swampy area and Kia forest is found around the temple . 

Hot spring of siddheswar temple  

There is a hotspring is present in the siddheswar temple and it is a best attraction of the Athmallik . people from different state and different country are coming to Siddheswar temple of Athmallik to visit the hot spring .

Maheswari Temple of Athmallik  

The Maheswari temple is located in the central part of the Athmallik and it is located in the center of the athmallik town and it is present near the Rugudi sahi of Athmallik .

 This is 2000 year temple and every year a big festival is organised for this temple . The Maheswari known as the ista devi of Athmallik


The Dhabaleswara temple of Athmallik is present at the ending of the athmallik city and this is located near the Lipiloi Village of Athmallik and it is also known as Lipiloi temple and Famous for Goddess Kali - Here Mother Dakhina Kali has been worshipped 


The jagannath temple is located at the center of athmallik - and it is present near the State Bank of Athmallik . It is the largest temple of Athmallik and every year a large featival is organized for the Lord Jagannath . 

The car festival is famous for this Jagannath temple .

Binikei temple of Athmallik 

The Binikei temple is present present in athmallik Sub - division - and this 20 Km far away from the athmallik and it is famous for world famous Binikei festival and it located near the river bank of Mahanadi river . 

Parks Of Athmallik 

There are two major park is present in the city of Athmallik - One is children park near - Mahendra High School and another is a children park - near Maheswari temple . 

Culture of Athmallik 

The culture of Athmallik is largely influenced by the western Odisha culture or Sambalpuri culture . Here The Danda Yatra is famous festival - it is dedicated to lord Shiva- it is celebrated in summer season of every year - Every year - this festival is celebrated with joy . 

The Lipiloi Danda is wold famous folk dance of Danda festival . The Car festval is the most celebrated festival of athmallik and Nuakhain is the western Odicha family festival is also celebrated in Athmallik . 

wild life of Athmallik 

The entire city of Athmallik Sub- division is covered  by the dense forest - here elephant is a mojour problem for local people - Because they are destroying the the crops of local farmers .

 Sometimes wild animal came to local area for pray - some time wild deer are coming near to village area . 

Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary of Athmallik 

The Tikarpada wildlife sanctuary is located in Athmallik Sub- Division . It is 24 Km away from the Athmallik city . It is famous for fresh water crocodiles . 

Satakosia Wildlife sanctuary 

The Satakosia wild life sanctuary is coming under the project tiger and here huge numbers of wild animals are found .



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