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Tourism policy of India


Tourism policy of India

According to the Great Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru – tourism not only helpful in earning of foreign currency , but also – it provides better opportunities for international friendship and international cooperation .

Old definition of tourism 

– During the ancient time – tourism means – to visit to the houses of family and friend – those who are living far away from you . Sometime – the tourism was the holidays visit of working persons .

Gradually – after the development – better connectivity the definition of tourism has been changed . now the tourism is – state to state , country to country / international . Due to the better transport facility – the entire world has become a global village .

Tourism potential of India –

India has immense possibility of growth and development in tourism – because we have geological diversity , cultural diversity , economical diversity , biodiversity and seasonal diversity . In our country Six seasons are available and every season has its unique climate .

Benefits of tourism policy

The tourism sector development – It will generate employment opportunities , environmental regeneration , women empowerment , developments of remote areas and finally it will help in the growth of foreign exchange of our country . It will be helpful to bring FDI to our country .

Development of tourism policy in India –

-        1945 – 1st time a tourism policy committee was made under the leadership of Sir Johns roy by the British government .

-        The tourism sector – 1st discussed in second and third five year plan of Independent India and in the sixth five year plan – it was told that – tourism is a better instrument for economic development and employment .

-        In 1966 – 1st time tourism corporation was established – to provide better consultancy service to the tourists – it was a strong tool for the promotion of tourism in India .

Committee for tourism 

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– Indian government appointed L.K Jha committee on tourism in 1963 for the investigation – for the reason of tourism declination in India . In 1968 – India had got a support from UNESCO – to reorganize its tourism sector .

IIPA committee – Indian Institute for Public administration – had conducted a study – for the reorganization and staff recruitment in the tourism sector in 1970 .

-        In 1982 – The tourism sector got the honor of Tourism industry .


-        The 1st tourism policy was announced in 1982 and it was included in the 7th scheduled of the India constitution and it was include in the concurrent list .

-        These were – six point for the tourism development – these are – welcome , information, facilitation, safety , cooperation and infrastructure development .

-        The main aim to achieve economic development , social integration, to promote a beautiful image of India for world – through tourisms .

-        The main aim of Indian tourism to show our glorious past and make them glorified for the better future of our country .

National committee on tourism

-        The national committee on tourism was set up in 1986 by the planning commission and the tourism finance corporation was established in 1989 – in order to finance the tpurism projects in India .

National tourism policy –

-        The national tourism policy was started in 2002 .

The main aim of the National tourism policy – to promote tourism as a tool for economic growth and development and – we have to generate employment and eradicate poverty through tourism industry .

Domestic tourism –

The domestic tourism is one of the most import part of tourism and it contribute a huge portion of tourism and it provide direct employment to the local people  .

The another important aim of the national tourism policy is – to position India as one of the global reap of benefits from the international tourism trade and to promote untapped capacity of India as destination .


Network development for tourism –

We have to crate tourism circuits – according to the social and economical aspects – here both private and government sectors are allowed to invest . 

  Here private sectors has grater importance and government act as a regulator . Due better development in the tourism hospitality – it is necessary to make rules and regulation to control these sectors .


The main aim of this policy is – employment generation and mass participation in tourism development and the policy is a inclusive policy .

 Here development is occurring in sustainable and responsible manner . This policy is helpful in networking of different ministries . This policy was made to promote India as a global destination .



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