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top 20 visiting place in Bhubaneswar - in - 2021

Visiting place of Bhubaneswar 

Place to Visit in Bhubaneswar

 The Bhubaneswar city is the capital of Odisha - There are huge number of visiting places , temple , parks are present in this city . Due to its natural beauty and better connectivity . 

The Bhubaneswar city is well connected by railway , airport and roads . Some visiting place of Bhubaneswar  is mentioned bellow . 

Khandagiri caves and Udayagiri caves 

 – The khandagiri cave is located in Bhubaneswar and it is located near the Aiginia Alu gadi . It is the mixture of cave and mountain . It is one of the oldest area in the history of Odisha .

This area is located besides of forest , so a huge numbers of monkeys are found in this area . The khandagiri caves were made Jain Monks . Nearby khandagiri , Udayagiri is located . 

Places to visit in Bhubaneswar

The meaning of khandagiri is Broken mountain and the meaning of Udayagiri – is mountain of sunrise . it is located in the western part of Bhubaneswar . It is the most important Visiting place of Bhubaneswar . There are 35 caves in this place . There are 18 caves in Udaya Giri  and 17 caves in khandagiri .

This cave was made by Maha Meghabahan Ruler . Some inscription of this cave says that – it was made by the great king kharabela . The inner place of this caves is plane and outer area was made up off statues . The Caves of Udaya Giri is developed from The caves of Khandagiri caves .

The 1st cave of Udayagiri is Rani cave . The 10th cave of Udayagiri is known as Ganesh cave .  12th cave is known as tiger cave , 14th cave known as elephant cave , the 3rd cave known as anant cave . cave no 7 is known as nava muni cave .

There is a jain temple in the Khadagiri and dedicated to Jain saint Reesav .

Nandakanan of Bhubaneswar 

The Nandankan is the only one zoological park of Odisha . it is the 2nd largest zoological park of India and it is 15 km away from the main town Bhubaneswar . It is the most visited visiting place of Bhubaneswar

places to visit in Bhubaneswar

It was established in 1960 decade . There is a botanical garden in the Nandankanan and there is lake known as kanjia lake present in the Nandankanan and it suitable for boating .

There are huge number of wild animals and birds are present in the Nandankanan  zoological park . Animal like tiger, deer , bear , leopards , jackel , wolf , birds like peacock , vulture , crane etc are found in this park .

 Aquatic animal like crocodiles , hippo are found in this zoological park . The visiting time of this park is 7 am to 6 pm and every Monday – park remain closed . The ticket  price for this park is only 50 rupee and 100 rupee for foreigner .

 This park is famous for white tiger . Here you can find 812 type of birds , 126 types of animals , here 132 types of foreign animals and birds are found . 


A war was fought between King Ashoka and Ananta Padmanava in 262 BC . It was a most dangerous war at that time . Finally Ashok defeated king of Kalinga . But the war of kilinga changed the mindset of Ashoka . 

This war was fought near the Daya river , due to mass destruction , mass killing , the water colour of Daya river turned to red colour . After the kalinga war the mindset of Ashoka changed and he followed the way of peace . after the kalinga war – he never fought any war .

 Finally Ashoka followed the Bhuddhist religion . He made a santi Sthupa near the Daya river known as Dhauligiri santi stupa .

It is 8 ,km far away from the Bhubaneswar , Here Bouddhist temple is located and in this temple life of buddha is described by the help of statute .

 This temple located on the Dhauli mountain . This temple is completely white colour . The scenery of Bhubaneswar is looking good from the Dhauli mountain .


Lingaraj temple is one of the biggest temple of Bhubaneswar , It is the oldest temple of Bhubaneswar and it was built in 10 century ,

 This temple is dedicated to lord Shiva and it specially dedicated to Hari hara avatar of lord shiva . The Bindusagar sorovar is located near the Lingaraj temple . During the Medival period there were is 7000 temple . 

Though this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva , but lord Vishnu is present in the form of Saligrama . The construction of temple was started by Lalatendu keshari and rest of work is completed by King Jajati Keshari .

The height of this temple is 55 metre . Here non-hindu are not allowed . This temple is full of visitors in every time. 


Places to visit near Bhubaneswar

Raja Rani temple – The Raja Rani temple is located in Bhubaneswar. The previous name of the temple is Indreswar temple . This temple is known as temple of love .

 According to the historian – The Raja Rani Temple  temple is established in between 11th century and 12th century . There is no statue inside the temple . This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati . There is a special festival is organised by the government of from 18 February to 20 February .  


The Mukteswar temple is located in  Bhubaneswar . If you are interested to Visit Mukteswar temple – then you have to come 7 km from Banibihar  , on the way of Kalpana and Puri road . 

This temple is dedicated to lord shiva . It is the Hindu temple of 10th century . it is one of the main  attraction of Bhubaneswar . There is a watch is present in the temple is known as Surya Ghadi . 

There is bathing pool in the temple . There is a pool is present in the temple known as Marich Kund and people throw coins in this pool . 

There is an entrance gate present in the temple . The peripheral area is decorated by govt of Odisha . There is a another bathing a pool known as Kedar gauri pool . 


The tribal museum is located in Bhubaneswar , It is located in the CRP square . This museum is dedicated to the tribal people of Odisha, In this museum the art and culture , life style , Most used things tribe etc are preserved , 

If you are interested to visit the tribal museum then you have come to Nayapali , Bhubaneswar , It is 1 Km away from the Nayapali and 100 metre away from the CRP over bridge . 

Here you can find the cottage of different tribe in this museum , daily use things are preserved in this museum , tribal ornaments are preserved in this museum , garments are also preserved in this museum , Garments are preserved in this museum . 

Places to Visit in Bhubaneswar

Another best attraction of this museum is – they have made statue of different tribe and these statue show the live life style of the tribal people .

The Odisha has highest number tribe and they constitute the 40% of the total population of Odisha .The entry fee of this 


 – There is a only one Iskon  temple is present in Bhubaneswar . It is located in Nayapali Bhubaneswar and its proper land mark is ID Market Nayapali Bhubaneswar .

 It is one KM away from the Jayadev Bihar Bhubaneswar . It is a most discipline and peaceful place in the Bhubaneswar . If you are in tension , then it is a best place to release your tensions .

 This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishana and it was established by ISKON organization , by the Help of the Great Spiritual Guru Shree Prabhupada .


Odisha state Museum –

 The State Museum of Odisha  is located in Kalpana square Bhubaneswar , near Lewis road . This is conservator different oldest thing of Odisha and India .

 At the entrance gate of the state museum is decorated like a garden and it is totally green in colour . It is the conservator of oldest history of Odisha in a dramatic form . 

it also lights on the freedom struggle of Odisha , temple architecture of Odisha . It was inaugurated in 1932 and it was completed in 1938 .  The museum is open every day and the visiting fee is 20 rupee per person .

 Huge numbers of things are preserved in this museum – just like – oldest stone statue of different goddess , lords , different minerals , well preserved dead body of wild animals , daily used things of tribal people , ancient ornaments , ancient weapons , also statues of famous personalities

Ashokan rock edicts in Bhubaneswar 

The Ashokan rock edicts are located in In Dhauli of Bhubaneswar . It is located on the way of Ashoka Shanti Sthupa Dhauligiri . It is located in the foothill of Dhauli mountain

The rock edicts are written in Brahmi lipi . There is a large head of elephant is present in this area – this is giving a message of wildlife conservation .

 According to the rock edict  of Ashoka morality is the main source fame and glory . There is a beautiful garden at the back side of the rock edict . 


Ratnagiri Buddhist Complex in Bhubaneswar 

The Rathagiri is 15 km away from Udaya Giri and the stupa of Rantnagiri Buddhist Complex  is recently excavated by the archiological survey of India . 

They find the remaining of an impressive Stupa and two quadrangular monastery and huge monastery along with other monuments . This huge monastery has huge doors , small chambers and large courtyard . 

The remaining of huge sculpture said that – there was a huge civilization of Buddhist people . You can find large seize and large numbers of stone sculptures and some huge seized Bhuddha statue in meditation pose . 

Parshurameswara temple of Bhubaneswar 

The Parshurameswara temple is dedicated to lord Shiva . This temple is famous for lord Parshuram – who is the Avatar of Lord Vishnu . Lord Parshuram is always worshiped to Lord Shiva .

 This temple located in Bhubaneswar , the capital of Odisha . it is considered as the best preserved Hindu temple of Odisha , since the 7th and 8th century . it is one of the oldest existing temple in the state . It was built according to the Nagara style of architecture .

 All the main feature before 10th century were kalinga style architecture . it is the first temple to have an additional structure known as Jagamohana . The Parshurameswara temple was built by the saildvaba dynasty – who had – Shiva as the family god.

 The major attraction of the place is the 1001 Shiva lingam . The temple is the shrine of shiva and contain numerous goddess as the parswa devata . It is the 1st temple of Bhubaneswar having sapta – matruka images or images of 7 goddess . 

The images of Ganga and Yamuna are found on the wall temple . The image of Ardhanareswara is found on the wall of temple . There are also images of Surya , indra , Yama in the rectangular frame .

Biju Patnaik forest park of Bhubaneswar 

The Biju Patnaik forest park is located in Bhubaneswar it also known as forest park of Bhubaneswar . There is two main gate in the park , One is main gate or entry gate and another is exit gate . There is special parking  area near the forest park

The opening time of this park is  From 5 am of morning to 9 pm of night . At the entrance of the left side – there is a weight measurement machine in the Park . There is map is plotted on the right side of the park – you are access the desire location from this map .

 Just near the entrance of Biju Patnaik park – there is a small children park in the park for the small children . There is an open gym centre in the park for adults . 

The park is on the development stage . The whole park is full oif different flowering plants and there aee huge number statue of dancing girl in oddisi style . There is long jogging way in the park .

 There is inbuild chess board in the park . At the centre of the park – there is a statue of Biju Patnaik . The park is full of green plants and medicinal plants . 

There is a acupressure foot path in the park . There is also badminton ground in the park . There is a huge made up of cement is present in the park . There is a small library is present in this park and a temple is also present in the park .  



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