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Bio terrorism is the practice of terrorist activity by indirect method - by the help of  toxic chemical and biological pathogen like harmful bacteria and virus . It is the modern method top conquer any country and its economy . 

Why bioterrorism is import problem 

Now a days every countries  have more or less nuclear weapon and by traditional war - it is difficult to defeat them . So if any country is going to conquer any country - then there are more chances of nuclear war and the nuclear weapon has high capacity of mass destruction and a single nuclear missile can change the mode of war . 

If any country is applying any nuclear weapon on any country then there is a chances of world war . Here no country can maintain the secrecy . But in case of biological weapon - it is very easy to attack on any countries through single strain of bacteria virus . 

Mainly most potent biological weapon is the Virus . There is no proper and specific treatment against the viral disease . mainly viral disease are communicable in nature . 

It can transform from one person to another person by the simple contamination process by means of air , water and soil and by touching and coming contact with each other .


By the help of biological weapon any country can attack on any country - without exposing itself . If it very difficult prepare vaccine against these unknown dangerous virus within a limited time period .

 There are more chances to convert these viral disease from epidemic to pandemic . It has the capacity of mass destruction of various form of life . 


The use of biological are started from 1st  world war - 1st biological weapon was sarin gas , it had killed 1 lakh people in one day , Chlorine gas is one of the most important biological weapon and it has bad effect on our throat .

 The posphin gas is one of important biological weapon , Anthrax gas is the most danger our biological weapon and its a little concentration has huge capacity of mass destruction of life. Nerve agents - like agent Vx, Agent Vr and Agent Vg are capable to damage our nervous system . 

Most affected countries through biological weapons 

Countries like Brazil, Austrelia , all African countries are affected by biological weapons .


The biological weapons are mainly classified into three categories - Such as Categories -A, Categories-B And Categories -C.


It has high mortalities and his spread easily and needed special attention for its remedy - Examples of these pathogens are Bacillus , Yersinia , pestis , variola , etc 

Categories -B

Mortality rate is moderate and easy to desseminate and moderate morbidity . Example of these pathogens are - brucella , salmonela species , E Coli , Vibrio Cholera and Alpha virus family 

Categories -C

It can produce easily and potential of high morbidity and high mortality . Example of these pathogens are - Micobacterium  Tuberculosis , Nipha Virus and Hanta virus .



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