Tuesday 19 September 2023

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Famous Tribal tourist destination of Odisha

 Famous Tribal tourist destination of Odisha 

Tribes of Odisha

Nestled in the eastern coast of India Odisha is a treasure trove of diverse cultural experiences and natural marvels. With its rich heritage and breathtaking landscapes the state beckons travelers from around the world. One of its most captivating attractions is its tribal communities which are deeply rooted in tradition and have seamlessly preserved their way of life over centuries. In this article we explore some of the must-visit tribal tourist places in Odisha offering a glimpse into their distinctive traditions arts crafts and unique way of life.

1. Bonda Tribe:

Located in the remote hilly district of Malkangiri the Bonda tribe offers a fascinating journey into an age-old civilization. Known for their colorful attire and distinct jewelry made of grass metal and beads the Bonda people have successfully preserved their traditions and cultural practices. A visit to their weekly market held on Thursdays reveals a vibrant scene where tribeswomen trade vegetables fruits and handmade crafts. Exploring their villages one can witness their traditional dwellings and witness the intricate process of brewing their indigenous rice beer.

2. Dongria Kondh Tribe:

Nestled in the undulating hills of Rayagada and Koraput districts the Dongria Kondh tribe is a living testament to the harmony between humans and nature. Famous for their sustainable farming practices they cultivate the highly coveted and genetically distinct Niyamgiri Hills. Embark on a journey to witness the Dongria Kondh's way of life visit their sacred groves and interact with the community members. The Dongria Kondh tribe's distinct clothing jewelry and unique huts make for an unforgettable experience.

3. Kutia Kondh Tribe:

Deep in the heartland of Phulbani district lies the habitat of the Kutia Kondh tribe known for their fierce resistance against external influences. Explore their remote villages and be enthralled by their elaborate body tattoos intricate beadwork and distinct style of dress adorned with feathers shells and bones. The Kutia Kondh people are deeply spiritual and a visit to their sacred mountain peak popularly known as 'Jaya Deva Pahad provides insight into their religious practices and rituals.

4. Desia Tribe:

Nestled in the picturesque region of Mayurbhanj the Desia tribe preserves a rich cultural heritage with an emphasis on art and craft. Renowned for their exceptional expertise in traditional mask-making a visit to the Jagannathpur village allows you to witness the meticulous craftsmanship and colorful masks adorned during various festivals. Immerse yourself in the traditional music and dance performances held by the Desia community showcasing their vibrant oral traditions.

5. Koya Tribe:

Located in the undulating hills of the Koraput district the Koya tribe offers an enchanting glimpse into their agrarian lifestyle and unique cultural practices. Participate in their traditional hunting and fishing rituals and witness their vibrant festivals celebrated with music dance and bonfires. A visit to their villages allows you to witness their intricate basketry spinning and weaving techniques showcasing their exceptional craftsmanship and skill.


Odisha's tribal tourist places stand as a testament to the state's rich cultural heritage and offer a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the traditions and way of life of indigenous communities. The tribes of Odisha have skillfully preserved their age-old traditions vibrant art forms and sustainable practices. Embarking on a journey to these tribal destinations unlocks a world of incredible experiences fostering a deep appreciation for the diverse cultural tapestry that Odisha eternally holds.


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