Monday 27 July 2020

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global warming

Air contain 0.03% of carbon dioxide .but the amount of carbon dioxide is increasing day by day due to heavy use of fossil fuels.This release carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere .The solar energy which reaches the earth -a part of it radiated -however carbon dioxide act as a shild and prevent escape the radiated heat energy which now remain in the atmosphere and get heated -in this way the temperature of  earth increasing slowly day by day-This referred as global warming .There are some reason for increasing temperature of the earth which are given bellow


1. The temperature of the earth increases due to increased use of consumption of fossil fuel which release carbon dioxide in the atmosphere 

2.The amount of carbon dioxide is increasing due to use of wood as fuel 

3.Methane produced in paddy field and marphy land by rotting and decomposition of plant by bacteria and from cow dung ,rotten organic debris etc increases the temperature of the earth 

4.CFC is used in cold storage ,refrigerator ,motor vehicle etc-which in turn mixes with the air -it increases the temperature at high rate 

5.The amount of Nitrous oxide increases due to deforestation and use of Nitrogenous fertilizer -as a result temperature of atmosphere increases

6.Vast Deforestation is the main reason of global warming -due to deforestation the amount of carbon dioxide increases day by day

7.Industries are the main reason for the global warming-because hazardous gas and chemical along with carbon dioxide releases to atmosphere 

8.Shifting cultivation is the one of the important reason for global warming because due to shifting cultivation large extent of deforestation occur 

9.Forest fire and volcano are the main reason for the global warming and dam construction projects are one of the important reason-because due to dam construction huge area of forest submerged under water and latter by decomposition of plant and animals body huge amount of methane gas realese to atmosphere
10.Mismanagement of sewage ,domestic waste ,dead and decay materials of animals and plants increases the release of methane gas to atmosphere and another great reason for global warming is lack of public awareness toward worming and high illiteracy and luxerious life is also responsible for global warming.


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