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Kapilash Wildlife Sanctuary of Dhenkanal District , Odisha

Kapilash Wildlife Sanctuary

Kapilash temple

There are a total of nineteen sanctuary  in Odisha, which is rich in  forest and natural beauty. One of them is Kapilash wildlife  sanctuary in the district of Dhenkanal –

 located at a distance of  85 km from Bhubaneswar from the state capital. The forest of Kapilash  is spread over an area of 130 square  km and  receive Sanctuary status in 2011. 

How Kapilash wildlife Sanctuary established

After the management plan of the sanctuary is approved, in 2015, conservation and beautification of the forest has begun in right earnest. 

Kapilash  Wildlife Sanctuary of Odisha

Apart from protecting the existing, Forest a new Forest is being created with massive Plantation. The medicinal plants Conservation Area taken up inside the sanctuary helps in conservation of the ecology. 

Full of trees and surrounded by hills and mountains . Kapilaksh wildlife sanctuary is home to a number of animals with the elephants enjoying the pride . 

Animals of Kapilash wildlife Sanctuary

There is presence of over forty five elephants, in this Sanctuary, apart from elephants, Jungle Cats civets, sloth bears, hyenas. Jackals , Wild pigs, spotted deer, mouse deer, barking deer, hares ,Common  Mongoose, giant. Squirrels, palm squirrels, pangolins ,porcupines and monkeys are regularly seen in the sanctuary. 

Wildlife Sanctuary of Odisha

Birds of Kapilash wildlife Sanctuary

Besides no less than 150, three species of birds are also found in the sanctuary. Among them- Peacock, jungle fouls, owl,  parakeets, black-headed Oreos. He'll myna  , doves, Rock pigeons, Indian roller birds, Kingfishers, Common accredits barbets, minivets , Indian great hornbills ,  and drongo jungle crows are seen at Equal intervals.

Reptiles of Kapilash Wildlife Sanctuary

Also found in the sanctuary are a wide variety of reptiles including Indian pythons. Rat snakes. Chequerd heel  black Krait ,  cobras, Vipers, monitor lizards ,chameleons, and Geckos .

 There are a number of caves in the sanctuary which houses a variety of bats for nesting ,   apart from that varieties of scorpions are also seeing here. a rare variety  variety of Spider Storenmorpha  joyous identified in the Kapilash wild life Sanctuary is a record in India.

Kapilash wildlife Sanctuary as a Picnic spot

The temperate climate at Kapilash  Forest ensures a steady flow of tourists. All the year round.

 with the foot falls -  Witnesses such during winter. When picnickers from the place in large numbers

. The state government has put in place special arrangements to provide them an opportunity to enjoy nature in all, its beauty


Baba Chandrasekhar Temple of Kapilash Wildlife Sanctuary  

Famous Baba Chandra Shaker Temple inside the sanctuary nestled in the lap of nature at height of 1600 feet .This temple is known as the Kailash temple of Odisha .  

How to Reach Kapilash temple

One is the scale 1399 steps to reach the temple for those who do not want to take the pain of climbing the steps. There is also a motorable road leading up to the temple.

 Those who visit the temple, get a breathtaking view of the scenic Beauty all around from a great height, hundreds of red-faced. Monkeys that inhabit, the area, provide the fun elements for the tourists. 

Joronda Gadi Of Kapilash wildlife Sanctuary

Mahima Gosein  is said to be the Original Seed of the Mahima cult is located. At the book. On e. The Mets, pitcher postcard settings. The famous, jaronda Gadi  known for the followers of Mahima cult who worships Sunya  Brahma or the shapeless Lord is very close to the Kapilash wild life Sanctuary.  Temple is dedicated to the Supreme Lord. 

Sapta Sajya hill of Kapilash wildlife Sanctuary

The Sapta Sajya  hill is an attractive place for tourists and nature lovers. Lord sitaram is  worshiped in the temple. Inside the forest.

There are trains emits, Forest criss-crossing running streams, which attracts tourists around the year. Sapta Sajya is 25 kilometers from the sanctuary. 

Kapilash Zoo of Dhenkanal district of Odisha

The Kapilash  has forest and a vast number of animals and birds that inhabit draw thousands of tourists every year.

 A special attraction for them is the Kapilash  zoo that houses animals birds and reptiles belonging to ten species. Among them a dear, sloth bear, some birds, wild beers, peacocks, brahmana kites and pythons. 

A science Park is an added attraction for the tourists who can also take the pleasure of boating here. 

Elephant rescue center of Kapilash wildlife Sanctuary

An elephant rescue center has been set up adjacent to the zoo. Where injured, elephants rescued from the forest are taken care. For elephant cubs, rescued from different Forest area of the division have been kept here. 


Guest House of Kapilash wildlife Sanctuary

There is a guest house, inside the sanctuary and tourist sheds at the zoo. There is an equal tourism complex at the foothill of Shapta Sajya, managed by local PSS, and Dhenkanal Forest division, which can be booked online.

How to Book this guest house

 For those who cannot be accommodated in these facilities- There are a number of modern luxury hotels Dhenkanal town.  From where it is easy to reach. Kapilash. Apart from that one can book accommodation for Saptasajya .  from official website www.recepttura.com .

How to reach to Kapilash wildlife Sanctuary

The Kapilash Wildlife Sanctuary just 10 kilometers from Dhenkanal town .   Also be approached by Road or railway from Bhubaneswar or cuttack. Kapilash is as much an attraction for nature lovers as it is for those looking for Thrills and Adventure.

Adventurous activity in Kapilash wildlife Sanctuary

 Climbing around 1400 steps to reach the temple, on the hill, top or strolling emissive dense. Green Forest, provides. Plenty of Thrills for adventure Seekers,

But there is hardly any greater thrill than watching the Lush green forest colorful butterflies and amazing waterfalls and listening to the chirping of numerous birds being here. Things to visitors away from the mundane matters of life and makes him one with nature. 



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