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Forests are blessings for living creature and wildlife sanctuaries act as a safe habitat for wild animals , The Debrigarh wildlifesanctuary of Odisha is a home to numerous bird , mammals and reptile . Debrigarh wildlifesanctuary is a well protected area in western Odisha. Wildlife Can be seen in every corner of Sanctuary in every year . To preserve the ecology of this area now it is declared as important ecological hotspot of western Odisha . Debrigarh Contribute a major part in Odisha Tourism and Odisha ecotourism 

The Debrigarh wildlife sanctuary is present near the Hirakud water reservoir and it is located at the north – north eastern of Hirakud Dam . The Natural beauty of the Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary draw tourist from different part of the state and other national and international tourist .

Plants and Animals of Debrigarh wildlife Sanctuary 

Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Generously covered with Sal trees – this forest of Bargarh and Sambalpur district of Odisha is declared as Sanctuary in 1985 . The Sanctuary has unique location near the bank of Hirakud Dam . The dry decious forest and water bodies of Debrigarh Sanctuary is rich in wild animals , birds and reptiles . The Sanctuary is spread over an area of 355square kilometre . The sanctuary is a home to a large numbers of Indian Gaur . There is presence of 22 leopard and other animals living here are elephant , spotted deer , Sambar , four horned antelope , Nilgai , Jackal , hyena , wild dogs , fox , bear ,  civet , purcupines , Hanuman langur ect

Repltiles and Birds of Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary 

Debrigarh wildlife Sanctuary Famous for

Different types of reptiles like – Python , Cobra , Karait , Crocodiles , fresh water turtle etc . Peacock dancing from time to time is a majestic view of the Sanctuary . Local birds like Super Fowl , Peacock . Blue Jay , Brahmni Kite , heron along with 50 migratory birds are found here in winter . Migratory birds like Pintail , Shoveler , Brahminy Duck , Gadwall , Black tailed Godwit, Seagull are also seen in large numbers . The Sanctuary witnessed a larger congregation of migratory bird in winter .

 Important trees of Debrigarh wildlife Sanctuary 

Important trees species like Sal , Bija , Kendu , Siso , Asan , Mahul , Simul and Bamboo are also seen here in large numbers . 

Beauty of Debrigarh wildlife Sanctuary 

the foot hill of Debrigarh wildlife Sanctuary – the river Mahanadi lies  which fulfil the water needs of wild animals residing in the sanctuary . 34 water pool has been constructed in sanctuary for the water needs of wild animals . A few staff support have been provided for the water body and landscape conservation of Debrigarh wildlife sanctuary . Five watch tower has been constructed for better inspection of wildlife sanctuary . The Watch towers located in Pati Durga , Barduma, and Magal talu of Laxanpur range . 

Anti Poaching Camp of Deberigarh wildlife Sanctuary 

In order to prevent poaching of wild animals – several anti- poaching camp have been set up at different locations – such Mundakati , Laxanpur , Khola , Samara Dhara , Jagada Behera , Khajuria and Jhall in Laxmanpur range . In Munda Mahul , Jada Simari , Parvati Mahul , Tudru Kusum , Junani , Lambipali in Kamdar range . 

Best time to visit Debrigarh Sanctuary –

In order to enjoy the beauty of Debrigarh Sanctuary – the best time to vist the wildlife sanctuary is October to March . The Hirakud Dam and river Mahanadi is a major attraction of Debrigarh wildlife sanctuary . Parvati tomb is spot – for tourist . the Small waterfall at Ushakothi is another main attraction for tourist . Wild animals can be witnessed by visitors – in regular duel at Badhei durga inside the forest .  

Other attractions of Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary 

The fort of Freedom fighter Shree Veer Surendra Sai present inside the fort and it is one of the best tourist attraction of Debrigarh wildlife Sanctuary . Visitor also access the Zero point near the Hirakud dam which nearer to Debrigarh wildlife sanctuary . There are many pet elephant in the wildlife sanctuary are best attractions for tourist . The animals rescued from different part of Sambalpur are given special treatment at the mini zoo of Sambalpur town the Deer park . Where you can find barking deer , spotted deer , hyena , Pea fowl and Sambal etc . 

 Facilities for Tourist in Debrigarh wildlife Sanctuary –

All amenities and facilities are available at Debrigarh Sanctuary in Dudrukusum forst rest house – where tourist can access food and accommodation etc . There several ecotourism cottages are available at  Barakhandia equipped with best accommodations and facilities . You have to book online – to avail these services . 

Entry Pass to the Debrigarh Sanctuary –

The entry point of the Debrigarh wildlife Sanctuary is Dudrukusum , to developed an aptitude of ecotourism – the Debrigarh is always committed .

The entry point to sanctuary is nearer to Hirakud dam and it nearer to The Burla town , Bargarh town and Sambalpur town . The distance between Burla to Debrigarh is 35 km and Bargarh to Deberigarh is also 35 km and Sambalpur to Debrigarh is 50 km . The Sanctuary is 320km  from the state capital Bhubaneswar . 

Motto of Debrigarh wildlife Sanctuary 

 The Debrigarh is an ecotourism site . The ecotourism incorporates a strong commitment to the ecosystem and nature and sense of environmental responsibility . Ecotourism – a responsible travel to natural area – which preserves and conserve the environmental and improves the welfare of local people.   

Important Tourist Places Near Debrigarh wildlife Sanctuary - 

The Debrigarh wildlife sanctuary has blessed with many tourist destinations near by area . The tourist places like Hirakud Dam , Zero point , Samaleswari temple , Ghanteswari temple , Huma Temple , Deer Park , Sambalpur University campur , Burla Planotorium , CCBF Sambalpur 

Hirakud Dam of Sambalpur -

The Hirakud Dam is a Multi purpose Dam of Odisha - it was built during the period of Shee Jawaharlal Nehru - During the 1st five year plan - for irrigation and hydro-electric purposes . 

The Dam is present near the Burla- town of Sambal and it is nearer to Sambalpur university and 20 km away from the Sambalpur town . It is the largest hydro-electric project of Odisha and longest hydro-electric project in the world , It is the most visited place in Sambalpur district 

Zero Point - of Sambalpur Town - 

The Zero-point is located near the Hirakud Dam . It is a small part of Hirakud Dam . It is the most visited place and picnic spot of Hirakud Dam . This spot is 3 Km away from Burla Medical college . This place remain crowded during the new year - for picnicking activities . 

Deer Park of Sambalpur town - 

The Deer Park of Sambalpur is one of the mini zoo and animal rescue center of Debrigarh wildlife Sanctuary . This park act as a wildlife heritage of Sambalpur district and it spread across an area of 40 acre of land . This zoo has 30 species of animals and 300 numbers of birds . 

Samaleswari Temple of Sambalpur Town 

The Sambalpur Town is named after goddess Maa Samaleswari and Maa Samaleswari is the main deity of Sambalpur District . This temple is one of the Main Shakti Peetha of Odisha . The whole culture of Sambalpur Town is based on Samaleswari temple . 

Gandhi Minar and Jawahar Minar of Sambalpur 

The Gandhi Minar and Jawahar minar mainly built to enjoy the beauty of Hirakud dam . Here you can see the broader view of Hirakud Dam and Sambalpur town .

Proper Location of and Information of Debrigarh Sanctuary 

Forest Divison-Hirakud
Date of Notification-08-02-1985
Total Area-350 sq kms
Near -Hirakud Dam




Debrigarh wildlife sanctuary is an important sanctuary in Odisha and it is best example of insitu wildlife conservation,it is habitat in the state of Odisha is home to an immense array of biodiversity.It is the habitat of various type of animals-such as mammals,birds,reptiles,amphibians,fishes,odonates,
butterfly and spiders found here.The sanctuary is popular for its beauty and wilderness.Various national and international tourists are attracted by its dry deciduous  forest and  it flora and funa.
The combination of dry deciduous mixed forest with rich wildlife ,Hirakud reservior and attractive topographical feature are the important feature of Debrigarh Wildlife sanctuary .It is one of tthe vibrant wildlife sanctuary in Odisha.


* It also known for waterfall during monsoon at the hill side 
* Hirakud reservoir attract huge number of migratory birds during winter season
* The sanctuary is famous for animals like-Chausingha,Gaur,Elephant,Sambar and Spotted deer,Leopard,Beer,Porcupine, jackal,Hyena,Wolf

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