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Travel and tourism career in India


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If you are interested in travel and tourism - then you can convert your passion into a carrier. If you are interested to help other by your own counseling - those who are interested to spent their holidays by travelling - then the travel and tourism sector can be a better carrier option for you . 

If you are saying about tourism - then in our country India - there is a vast scope of tourism due cultural and geographical and social and ecological diversity. - Suppose we are discussing about northern part of India -
Then it is different from southern part on the basis of culture , lifestyle , food habit , geography etc . In the historical basic northern India has - Hawa Mahal , red fort , Tajmahal these are fomous historical monuments .
 In order to see these - huge number of national and international tourists are coming regularly . 

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In case of world tourism - huge numbers of Indian tourists are also going to visit different popular places regularly . The most import countries for tourism are - USA , Middle east countries . 

The world tourism industries are the booming industries . It can provide better carrier option to you . The world tourism sector boosting the economy of different country directly . 

The world tourism provide a better platform to every one to understand the culture and life style of different country . The you have degree on travel and tourism then you can build your carrier in the aviation sector .

 If you have done bachelor degree , master degree or diploma degree - then you are free to build your carrier in aviation . You can join as cabin cru or as a ground staff . 


In order to get a better job in tourism sector you should have better communication skill in Hindi and English .If you are working in your local tourism sectors - then you should have better knowledge about native language .

 You should have better knowledge on Indian and world geography and you should have better information about different countries and their life style , about their currencies , their basic civil rules - regarding to their life style . 

You should have patience to deals with different type of customers . You must have hard working in nature - because the shift starts at morning and end at night . Inter personal skill are very much essential to deal with your departmental staffs , you boss , your customers . 



Most of the travel and tourism courses are bachelor degree . You can access them after your 12th . These courses are just like .. Bachelor degree in Airline Ticketing and hospitality management , Bachelor in Air ticketing and Management Administration and BBA in Travel tourism Management . 

There are also some master courses and it has durations of 2 year . These are MBA in travel and tourism , Masters in travel administration , Masters in Tourism Administrations and PG diploma in travel and tourism . 


There are lots of travel and tourism colleges in India . Some are private collages and some are govt collages . There are a few govt collages for travel and tourism sector , most of the collages are private collage - there are some reputed college .

 For example - Indian Institute of Hospitality and Management - thane , National institute for tourism and hospitality Management , Hyderabad , Indian Institute for tourism and travel management . IGNOU of New Delhi and Kerala Institute for tourism and travel study . 


There vast carries opportunities in the field of tourism industries . The easiest job in the tourism sector is the ground staff - you can get this job easily - if you have better communication skill then you can get this job easily . 

Another good job in cabin crew for national and international airline - your basic salary will be around RS. 18000 and the extra amount will depend upon the fling hour and the salary depend upon the placement city , type of travelling company , flight hour , job experience and seniority . 

You can be a tourism departmental employee of private sector or government sector , If you have better knowledge in this sector then - you can start your own travel agencies  and you can also be a travel consultant . 

what are the job in travel and tourism in India ?

There are vast scope of travel and tourism - There are better jobs are available in the sector of travel and tourism industries . The jobs are mainly many type - such as - job in government travel agencies, jobs in private travel company , private travel agencies , freelancing in travelling sector , service provider services in the traveling sector- The jobs are given bellow 

- Travel blogger / travel writer -  

This is a wonderful job , which provides you both time freedom and money freedom . If you are visiting any tourist place - then you have to share your knowledge and experience with public through social media platform , through new channel , through news paper and through websites and through your blog and you tube channel . 

If you are attached with any news paper , any publications , any travelling agencies - then doubt you will gat better salary . If you are a You Tuber then you earn a huge amount of money through monetization . 

If you have websites and blog - then you also have enough opportunities to earn a better amount of money . If you are interested in this field - then you should have curiosity on this field . This is should be your passion . There is no specialize qualification is required . 

Flight attendant and Airhostess- 

They are the supporting staffs in a flight - in order to help passengers . if you are getting a job in this field then you have enough opportunity to visit all over the world . 

No special qualifications is required for this job . You can access this job after common graduation . In this field you should have good communication skills . At that time you can get the salary around Rs. 30,000 - 40,000. Your salary is will increase on the seniority and promotion basis . 

You can work in merchant Navy - 

You can join in the merchant navy - which provides a better job opportunities and better carrier option to all . Every year its notification out on different websites . You have to go through websites and apply this job .

 This job provides a better travelling opportunities to all . You also can work is cruise ships - these are international ships . it take long travelling time . It is an exciting job . 

International Hotel Management jobs 

It is best field to work abroad . if you proper qualifications then you can work in hotel management chains . this job provides better placement and better salary .

 Some reputed hotels are available in India also . Due to covid -19 - the hotel industries is facing losses , but no doubt - after covid - 19 the hotel industries will boom . If you are interested in this fields - then you should have degree related to hotel management . 


If you are interested to be a diplomat then you have to go through different government exams .You have to clear UPSC exam .

 Then you will get placement in different embassy of different countries . You will get better facilities and better salary from the Govt of India .


The pilot job is one of the most important job in the field travel and tourism . if you are interested in this job - then you should commercial pilot license . 

This is job of adventure and risky job , but the salary structure in this job is good . You have enough opportunity to visit all over the world . 

Management staff in airlines 

If you have management degree - then it is easy to get job in the field of airline , this job can give you a better salary and better standard of living 

Ground staff in airport 

it is the most common and most suitable job for normal graduates . you can easily crack this job - if you have better communication skill and better physical status 


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