Saturday 2 January 2021

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what is the importance of wildlife ?


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The earth is not only for human being but also for all animals and plant . Day by day the volume of wildlife is reducing due to the inhuman activity of human society . The human civilization is continuously exploiting the earth for their befit , but they have less care about the environment . Due to the industrialization the deforestation is increasing day by and the volume of forest area is reducing gradually . Along with the deforestation the wild animals are losing their shelter , food and their life . We should known that the wild animals are also the important art of our environment and every animals have their own ecological importance . 


Due to high population growth - the demand of human society is increasing day by day ,, but the land resource of the earth is limited . If order to fulfil the basic need of growing population - the deforestation remains as the only option for human being - because limited resource is available but the demand of food and shelter of human is unlimited . 


Due to deforestation - the wild animals are loosing their home and they are coming to the human society , The encounter between the human and wild animals is common at the present . In the fear of wild animals attack - people are killing them for their safety . Sometime - The wild products have high demand in market - just like some animals are used to make medicine in some Pharma companies , The skin , nail , tusk of wild animals are high demand and these are selling in black market at high prices - (this type of practice is illegal)- Some antisocial are hunting wild animal for meat and money purpose - though there is strict government rule against hunting , sometime of the officers of forest department are lazy and they are not performing duty properly and some officers are corrupt officers . 


 In our ecosystem every animals and plant have equal importance - all are playing equal role in the maintenance of ecological balance . All wild animals are part of the ecological food chain . In a food chain - some plant as acting as producer and some herbivore are acting as primary consumer , some carnivores are acting as secondary consumer and some carnivore are acting as tertiary consumer and some are acting as top carnivore - at last some microbes are acting as decomposer . If we are hurting any level of a food chain - then the ecological balance of the environment will be disturbed . If the ecological balance of a ecosystem will disturbed - then it will affect the human life directly or indirectly , because we are also a part of food chain and we are also a part of environment .


Let see an example of forest - In a forest - there are different types of plant and animals are living . Suppose we killed the all carnivore of the forest - just like all tigers and lions are killed - then - the population of herbivore will increase rapidly - due to absence of predators - Due to the high populations of herbivore the stress on green plant and green grass will increase . The volume of plant will decrease due to the severe grazing - due to severe grazing the soil erosion occur easily - due to severe soil erosion - the fertility status of the soil will decline - due lack of fertility the production of green plant and grasses will decline - due lack of production of green grasses the herbivore will not get food and they will die . 

Let see - if we are hurting the carnivore section of the forest - then it impact is visible on the herbivore sections of forest . Similarly the same rules are also applicable on human also . So we should protect the environment . 


Due to the open hunting - the numbers of wild animals are decreasing day by day . If we will not give special attentions on them - then no doubt - they will extinct of one day . We should conserve them - in order to maintain the ecological balance as well as to present them to our future generation . If proper care will not taken - no doubt - they will be a history and mystery for our future generations . If we will not take proper care of wild animals - then no doubt - our future generations will blame us for our negligence.  


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