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Ultimate travel guide to Nepal - Every thing you need to know before you visit to Nepal

 Ultimate travel Guide to Nepal - Every thing you need to know before you visit to Nepal 

Every thing you need to know - before you visit to Nepal

 This blog is going to be a useful content-   that hopefully will be quite helpful for a lot of people.  So this content is going to be everything that you need to know before you travel to Nepal. So I know you can always be a bit difficult to find out the correct information that you need online.

You should know these things before you visit to Nepal

It can take plenty of research to find out the best time of year to go. Go? What visas you need  ? What's the food ? Like, what activities can you get up to? So in this video? I am  going to cover all of that about Nepal. What a day to be alive? Just to give you guys some information about myself.

  I was there for four months, doing a variety of things. My last memory is actually getting stuck in the lock down but it is what it is. It was still an amazing time. So hopefully I will be able to give you some good information so that you have everything you need to know before you go. So let's jump into it.

About Nepal -

 I think the first thing that most people want to know about any country before they actually arrive or they plan a trip is what is the best time of year to go to Nepal from all the research that I've done online. The best time of year to go, to Nepal is In October to December and the worst time of year to go is June July and August, because that is when the monsoon, rains, absolutely come down. Maybe back to safety but drenched. It's not going to be much fun because you won't be leaving your hotel very often because you'll be getting absolutely soaked. There's a lot of the tracking and other activities are all sort of suspended while they wait for 

How to gate a VISA to Nepal

Monsoon rains to the Past. By, if anyone's wondering, by the way, what I'm saying, and there, pal instead of Nepal, because it is actually pronounced NEPA. L, net pow. Certainly palette is like, any other country out there. You do need to get a Visa, but the great thing is, it's very easy to do. Because when you arrive in to Kathmandu airport, you can actually get the visa on arrival, which saves you a lot of stress looking online to try and pre-organized. The Visa before you actually arrive into the country. So the visa on arrival is really A great perk about going to Nepal.

Different Type of tourist VISA to Nepal

There are three main tourist visas that people usually go for and they are the 15-day Visa the 30-day Pisa and the 90-day Visa myself. I got the nice day Pisa because I knew I wanted to stay there for quite a long time and do lots of trekking that 90-day Visa will cost you $125. The 30-day bezel will cost you $50 and the 15-day Visa will cost you $30. So obviously it completely depends on how long you're looking to stay. If you had just plan to stay in the pal, only for a couple. Of weeks,

 How to renew your VISA in Nepal

When You  realized actually you want to stay longer and your Visa was going to expire. You can go to two of the immigration offices. There is one in Kathmandu and one in Pokhara where you can go and easily extend the Visa just by filling in a form. And, you know, paying a bit of money to cover the rest of the days that you wanted to stay in the country.

Bring your country currency with you before Arrival in Nepal

A few tips that I would give you for when you actually do arrived in Kathmandu, to do your visa on arrival, is to bring some country currency in cash. Never try to thought that there  would be an ATM which will accept your ATM card . So you were not  able to get cash out and You will  also tri to use the card machine maybe 10 times and it wount work because the signal in the airport isn't very good. So make sure for God's sake that you should bring your country’s currency with you to get that visa on arrival because it will save you a lot of time and a lot of hassle, .


Currency of Nepal

 So, the currency in the pal is The Nepalese rupee. This is 1000 rupees which is the highest note that they have. I believe this equates to, or equals to about 6 pounds, which is around eight dollars. They have 5 10 and 50 rupees as well. But I would say that when you go to shops and things like that, they won't always accept that thousand rupees. Because a lot of the shops, don't have the change in cash to then give you. So if you can always 

How to Spent currency of Nepal properly

 Break down the cash into smaller notes. So it's more easy for you to buy things. Now, in power for me is absolutely one of the cheapest countries that I personally ever travel to. And I think that's going to be quite common for a lot of people watching this obviously. It is a developing country. So if you are coming from the Western world, like myself, you can really get your value for money out there and your money. Does go a long way when I was actually traveling throughout, Nepal trekking, and things like that

Expanses in Nepal

 You will roughly spending about 15 pounds a day. So as you can see there, Are spending 15 pounds on breakfast, lunch dinner. Accommodation transport is pretty damn good.  Your money does go a long way and that is why I love traveling to a country like the power because you can really extend the budget that you've got a great app, which I personally use all the time. Especially when I'm traveling is an app called currency. Hopefully, you can see it there Focus. It's just a currency converter so I can just put in thousand rupees and down so you can obviously see. 

Trekking Facilities in Nepal

How much you're spending one thing that I will say is when you go to places like Tamil, which is in Kathmandu where you will buy a lot of your trekking gear. Make sure you bought it down and haggle the price is for a lot of the things that you buy because the prices will seem pretty sky high, but you know just negotiate a bit, get the price down and then both you and the shop owner get a good deal. But please do it with respect because there's nothing worse than a foreigner coming into another country. 


Cost of Hotel and rooms in Nepal

I would like to inform you that-  the average of what different hotel rooms and dorms will cost you just. So then you can see what costs were and how much you should be paying. So,

Food In Nepal

The main  thing I am  going to talk about is food. Now, food is a massive part of The Nepalese culture from you re food to Tibetan food to just the classic double map spicy. If you don't know what dogbot is, then I'm sure you will do as soon as you land into the country, because There is a saying in the power that goes like that robot Power 24-hour and the robot is basically the local traditional Nepalese meal, dulled out usually consists of a massive plate of rice, some sort of curry, whether that's a vegetable or chicken or bath and then add our lentil soup, which is absolutely delicious. And then you often have these little crackers or what's the chapatti or a dry chapatti, something like that? And the great thing about Dal bhat is once you finish one portion, they will give you a 


The portion and it keeps coming and coming and coming. Honestly, the last month in the pal. I think I put on a lot of weight because yeah, I was eating double bar every night, but it's great value for money and it tastes absolutely delicious. One food that I wasn't able to try wasn't, you are a food loads of people commented on blog . And send me messages saying, will you have to try and you re food? Now, if you are in Katmandu, that is the place to try it. So I've heard. So yeah, make sure if you're in Kathmandu, it gets new re food in your belly. Now, in the pal, there are so many different places to go to just the side from trekking. For example, you have places like Katmandu, which is full of history or things like poker, which is more nature and beautiful surrounding mountains.

National Parks in Nepal

And then you also have places like chip ban, which is a national park and then if you go west or east, then you get into the really remote places on the pail. We're not many tourists go. And then of course you have the incredible Mighty Himalayas. I think I will make a separate content  on the top 20 things to do in the power. So keep an eye out for that because that should be a good video to watch it. 

Tracking places in Nepal

You're wondering what you can do in the country. So I just quickly want to touch on trekking. Now tracking is obviously one of the biggest attractions when it comes to going to Nepal for a lot of people. I think that's probably why 95 percent of people actually go to the country and absolutely why not? Because the mountains in the Himalayas are absolutely incredible out their tracks, you can do by yourself. There was a few tracks that I personally did completely alone, but other tricks you will also need a guide. There are a lot of tour companies and tracking companies that will be able to organize a trip for you. So So make sure if you are looking into trekking or you want to do a one-day tour around trip one or a national park, walk or whatever. It might be, do your research online because there are so many companies that you can go with. I'll link a few on the screen so you can see. And yet, make sure you pick wisely also be aware that like, places in town L, which is in Kathmandu, where a lot of the Taurus are. There will be people walking the streets trying to sell you day tours. Of course, you can go with them, but just make sure they're reliable and, you know, you can get a good service and have a 

Is Nepal safe for tourists ?

 A  popular question that I think a lot of people wonder, is, is nipple safe and I can wholeheartedly say, yes. Absolutely. It is one of the safest countries that I personally ever travel to, in my top five reasons of why you should travel to Nepal. I actually put it in there because I truly believe male or female Nepal is an extremely safe country to travel to The Nepalese people often treat foreigners and travelers almost Godlike because they really respect people to come to their Re and you know appreciate the incredible beauty of Nepal.

How to travel in Nepal ?

What is it? So, moving around, the country is one of the most thrilling experiences that you might have, but that depends on the type of bus that you get. Now, 100% you have to get a local bus for at least a day just to experience the real life and you know, the tradition of being a Nepalese person because some of the buses and the roads are absolutely horrendous, but they're great fun. They might crack your back back into place and you know, it's a good laugh and a good story to tell. If you did want to spend a little bit more money than they do have many tourist buses which have AC and padded seats. Which yeah, 


Some people obviously might prefer. So of course, do get the tourist buses or if you want to go even more privileged and upper class. Then you can get taxis or Jeeps, which will, of course, cost you more money. But again, it all depends on kind of what you're looking to get out of your trip. And I find this crazy. I did not notice before I went to Nepal. There are no trains. That is the first country that I have ever been to where there's no trains. There's no train line. It's crazy. So, a few tips that I would give you when It comes to traveling to Nepal our book. Your first few nights of accommodation in Kathmandu, as Earlier, otherwise, it can be a bit overwhelming with all the noises the smell and the hustle and bustle, because Kathmandu is a very populated busy place. If you are planning on going trekking, then you can buy all of your equipment and everything you need in. Katmandu all Pokhara. You don't actually need to buy it before you go because there are so many shops and so much competition that, yeah, they're selling everything from jackets to boots to absolutely everything you could ever desire. They will have it in either, Katmandu or Pokhara. 

 Money Saving In Nepal 

Save yourself some money. Yes, some of the stuff is fake. Well probably most of it but it does the job and if you can haggle down and get a good price and you've probably save yourself some money rather than buying it in your home country. So just a link back with trekking there. Before you do any tracking the pal, you will need to get a Tim's card and a national park poet. This is absolutely compulsory and you have to get it. There is one office in Katmandu and one office in Pokhara that you can get these from. They will cost a varying amount from each track that you do. But majority of the I'm it's well worth it. Another tip is out. Stood sickness is not a joke. So if you do go trekking and you've never done it before and you start  

Self health care in Nepal

Mountain sickness then for God's sake head down, you can of course, Buy tablets like Diamox tablets. And for God's sake. Make sure you get travel insurance because the last thing that you want to do is get helicoptered off the mountain and then potentially pay thousands in hospital bills. So, travel insurance. Absolutely is a must when you go to a country like the power, a few other tips. 

Drinking water in Nepal

Is don't drink tap water because the tap water is not drinkable out there. What I used was a Live Strong Blue Bottle, which I bought on Amazon for. I think around 40 pounds or you can do is obviously by the bottled water, but then that's a complete waste of plastic and in countries like a pail. They don't have the best recycling service. So I wouldn't recommend that one. All the other one would be to just buy those water purification tablets, which you can just pop in your water and then it takes about 30 minutes and then the water 

Please bring necessary Material with You

Like to drink. Another very important tip is always bring some toilet paper because if you go to some of these local toilets or you catch a bus and the bus stops off on the side of the road and there's nowhere to go, you're going to want some toilet paper with you because it is tradition in the power. They just have a bucket and water, that is how they do it. So if you're accustomed to using toilet paper, make sure that you bring your own when it comes to staying connected and staying on lining. The power IE with your phone, or on your laptop. You can buy it. Hence L, which is the company that I went with SIM card from, you know, either of the major cities and you know, you can stay online and it's pretty cheap. I think it cost me around 10 pounds and I had about 20 Gigabytes of data, which last me for about a month or even longer and then you can just recharge then card at most of the shops in the pal. Okay, guys, so hopefully I've covered everything there about the paddle that you would need to know. If I haven't, please do drop a comment in the description below .




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