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Places to Visit in Bikaner – Sightseeing Tour Rajasthan –in 2021

Places to Visit in Bikaner – Sightseeing Tour Rajasthan –

Bikaner tourism , Rajasthan

Bikaner is the city in the northwest of the state of Rajasthan , India – It is located 340 Km north-east of the state capital

Bikaner tourism Rajasthan – 2021

Bikaner city is  situated in the northern region of Rajasthan in India. Bikaner  is one of the earlier established cities founded by the Bikaner Royal Family or Rathor prince Rao Bikaji in1488.  Bikaner is known for some of the world's best ridings camels and is correctly, nicknamed camel country, The Bikaner tourism is most import tourism In Rajasthan

Bikaner Tourist places Map -

The Bikaner tourism map focus on -  In Bikaner tourism Rajasthan  you can find Bikaner fort , Bikaner palaces  and temples constructed out of carving red and yellow sandstorms the intricate carvings displays some of the finest creation of Rajput .

Main attraction of Bikaner -

The Bikaner famous for  the karni Mata Temple, the Junagarh fort ,  National Research Center. On Camel , the Research Centre on Equines,  the Lal Garh  Palace, the Ganga Golden jubilee museum and Shree laxmi Nath Temple .  

The Karni Mata Temple -

The impressive architecture and the spiritual significance of karni, Mata Temple. Makes it one of the most sought-after tourist attractions in Bikaner . The temple is home to over 20,000 rats, also called karpas or little children. These rats are treated sacred hands are fat protected and worshipped here. The main deity in the temple is goddess. Kali, Mata. Who is regarded as many incarnations Of Maa Durga .


Junagarh Fort of Bikaner , Rajasthan -

Junagarh fort Bikaner Rajasthan

The next attraction of Bikaner is the Junagarh fort and  was built in 1478 by Rao Beka, who established the city of Bikaner . The Fort was originally called chintamani and was renamed to Junagarh fort  or Old Fort in the early 20th century. And the ruling family moved to Lalgarh Palace outside the fort Limits. The Fort is fortified with seven gates to counter enemy attacks. Out of seven gates two are main gate .  The east facing entry gate is called Suraj pole. The gate is strong enough to prevent ramming by elephant attack -  during an attack, the other Gates provide access to various monuments and the fort. 


The fourth father, has structures built within and includes a number of palaces. A couple of temple and huge Pavilions. The walls made of marble and red, sandstone and roof made of wood and glass. 

The Bikaner Famous for – Junagarh fort

The Palaces inside the main fort are namely the Karan Mahal  ,  Phul Mahal , Badal  Mahal, Anup Mahal , Chandra Mahal and Bikaneri Habeli . So the Bikaner famous for these palaces in Junagarh fort . Remember,  These structures are preserved as museums providing insight into the luxurious lifestyle of the Rajput Kings. 


Camel Research centre in Bikaner

Come to camel country and not interact with the camels would be totally unfair around 8 kilometers from Bikaner is one of  the best. This is in India to learn about the camels. The national Research Centre on Camel .  Also known as the camel breeding Farm established in 1984 by the government.


Bikaner is famous for – Camel

       This place is popular among tourists who wish to learn more about camels. National Research Centre on Camel houses around-350 camels of four different species of Bikaner , Jaisalmer , Rajasthan and Kuchh . It's recommended to hire a guide for a fee. To get a deeper insight into the camel life. That’s why Bikaner is famous for Camel .


When to visit the Camel Research centre -

Camel Research Centre Bikaner

 The average lifespan. Camel is 20 years, the research centre  conducts, research on physiology, genetics nutrition health. And reproduction of camels. There is an entry fee plus camera fee. The best time to visit the research centre is around 3:30 p.m. When the herd  of around 350 camels kept in the centre  along with a little ones return from their daily desert visit. 



Famous camel dairy product in Bikaner

 After enjoying a short camel ride. Famous Bikaner Dairy food - Visitors can try camel milk Lusty, coffee cream and cool key available at the Mess parlour in the campus.  

Equine Research Centre In Bikaner -

Near the camel research centre there is a research centre on equines – There are different breed of horses are found such as Marwari , Manipuri , Spiti , Kathiawari and Bhutia breed of horses are found in this research centre .

Horse riding can be done early morning. It will be a fun experience interacting with these horses and ponies at the farm. Make sure to visit the place if you have sufficient time. 


Other tourist attractions of Bikaner Rajasthan -

Depending on how much time you have apart from these attractions, you can also cover. Ganga, golden jubilee Museum, SRI Lakshminath Temple & Lalgarh  Palace- built in the beginning of the 19th century.


The Lalgarh Palace of Bikaner Rajasthan -

Lalgarh Palace Of Bikaner

 The Lalgarh palace  displays the themes of modernity - . Combined, with the historical times of the Rajput Maharaj,  The palace today serves as a hotel. The ganga golden jubilee museum is located near Lalgarh palace , and has collections of artifacts and objects from Royal Kingdom, Period, 4 kilometers away from Junagarh fort  Sri Lakshminath temple is one of the oldest temples in Bikaner   and his adore  to Lord, Vishnu and goddess Lakshmi.

Where to eat in Bikaner -

 around three kilometers, from Junagarh Fort at Panchasati circle – there is a decent restaurant called Ganapati restaurant – Here you can enjoy delicious meal at affordable price .

Art and Craft at Bikaner -

. When question arise Bikaner is famous for which work - Bikaner  has a very vibrant and Rich culture, whether it be arts and crafts Cuisine down. Dances, or even festivals at. Kota got a Station Road market and Mahatma Gandhi road  Market. You can find a number of shops selling Bandini Saree dupatta , Footwear blankets, quilts and jewelry at a very reasonable price. 


Famous food in Bikaner , Rajasthan

Why didn't in Bikaner to try the local traditional Rajasthani Thali ? It's an absolute Delight to eat a little bit of everything. From the best that a Rajasthani Cuisine can offer. 



Art And Culture of Bikaner , Rajasthan

The music of Bikaner  is yet another fascinating feature of the cultural heritage of the place. The Best food doing. I did traditional dance, in music is by booking an accommodation at a Heritage Hotel. These hotels organized evening cultural programs which are included in the package. 

The Bikaner Camel Festival -

The Bikaner Hill camel festival and fair is one of them. Festival celebrated here. The main attraction of the festival is circulated camel color display, camel dances and gamble dresses, followed by folk dances  and music. So these were the top tourist attractions in Bikaner  that we could cover here  in one and  half day. 


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