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Travel guide to Jodhpur , Rajasthan



Travel guide to Jodhpur Rajasthan

Rajasthan in India is a very beautiful vibrant and colorful state known for its Rich culture and number of majestic Sports palaces Serene Lake sand desert towns. 

Rajasthan is so colorful that it even has cities known for a particular color. Mainly Jaisalmer the golden city , Jaipur the pink city ,  and jodhpur the blue City. 


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About Jodhpur -

Jodhpur has its own domestic airport and is well connected to other major cities such as chair. Jaipur , Udaipur ,  Delhi and Mumbai. One can also hire a cab from Jaipur  which is 3, 35 kilometers from jodhpur. You can cover the major tourist attractions in jodhpur, within two days day.


Day One in Jodhpur -

 One should include arrival to jodhpur city and covering the city attractions and


Day two in Jodhpur

day two should include exploring the nearby Villages, which is totally optional. Jodhpur.


Major attractions of Jodhpur -

Attractions. Can be broadly categorized into the city tour and offbeat Village experiences. The city tour covers the Majestic Mehrangarh fort , Jaswant Thada , Mandore Garden and old city tour .  The off

The offbeat village experiences included. A trip to the nearby bishnoi Village.


Let's begin with the city attractions- Jodhpur is  located on the edge of the Thar Desert Jodhpur  is the second largest city in the state of Rajasthan India, founded by Rao Jodha in 1459 -80. The city is known to be built in place of the ancient capital madolche of the state of Marwar  

          Hence the people of Jodhpur and nearby areas are commonly known as marwaris. Jodhpur is also called the Sun City as the sun shines very bright and hot almost every day of the year.

Jodhpur is popular for Mehrangarh fort and the ancient blue City situated at the base of the fort . Jodhpur is also known as the blue sitting and apt name as most of the architecture , temple houses palaces and forts in the old cities are built Vegas shades of blue .


Why Jodhpur called as city of blue -

 One day, wonder what tries an entire town to paint their homes shops. Temple streets and buildings, blue. Well, here are a couple of theories suggested behind. 

It. Number one is spiritual  angle- throughout the history of Jodhpur -there were a number of brahmins who were the followers of Lord shiv since Lord, Shiva is associated with the color blue, the houses buildings and other structures were too.

 Additionally painted blue as a way to show you a part of the Brahmin caste.

The science behind the blue coloration of Jodhpur city

The second theory is the cooling effect. Since blue color reflects. most of the heat. Thus, this could be the most important reasons for keeping home cooler in childbirth, which is also called the Sun City. The rivet shades of blue can clearly be seen from the top of Mehrangarh fort .


About the Majestic Mehrangarh fort of Jodhpur , Rajasthan 

Jodhpur Travel Guide , Rajasthan

Situated on the top of the hill up. The Majestic meringue. Conforte Rises at 400 feet above the city and its surrounding Terrance.

 It is one of the largest ports in India and the most imposing structure in Jodhpur city . A 10 kilometers long, City wall separates, the city from the fort. The Mehrangarh fort   -500 yards long and features 120 feet, high and 70 feet, thick walls. 


Important places in Mehrangarh Fort

The fort has seven, huge entrances as it houses. A number of Palaces has known for their Arch to galleries, intricately carved, balconies and huge Courtyards. There are a number of things to be done and explode at Mehrangarh Fort. Number one - Exploring the Palaces  within the fort .

Important palaces of Mehrangarh fort of Jodhpur -

sheesh Mahal , Moti Mahal   Phul Mahal - . Are some of the most beautifully designed structures within the fort-  That exhibit, the rich architectural Splendor of the royals.

 Here you can see some of the most intricate carvings on the walls, floors and ceilings along with Middleburg and beautiful glass panels .

Museum of Mehrangarh Fort – of Jodhpur

Number two, the museum. Walk a large part of the Mehrangarh fort has been converted into a Heritage Museum, which is known to be one of the most well-stocked museums in Rajasthan. The museum exhibits, the heritage of royalty in weapons, costumes, ruts, paintings and decorated rooms .

Painting of Mehrangarh fort of Jodhpur

other paintings the astounding, miniature paintings of worth having look at painted with natural colors, extracted from fruits, vegetables and leaves before Indeed. 


Shopping souvenirs from the Museum shop – of Mehrangarh fort

 Visitors can purchase exclusive souvenirs from the museum shop. You will find some of the finest leather products such as Footwear and Handbags along with beautiful vibrant textiles. 


Witness the ancestral tradition of feeding Eagles in Mehrangarh fort –

 Every day at around 3:30. P.m. A young boy reaches, the top of the fort to feed pieces of meat to thousands of wild guides and Eagles- who gather at the rooftop. The eagle has been the sacred symbol of George. Orthodontist Fort since its establishment in 1459 AD .Feeding. 

These Eagles has been a tradition for the last five seventy years that has been followed by the royal family of Jodhpur  for Generations. one needs a special permission to get an up-close view of the guides being fed. However, the guides can be seen flying over the top from a distance as well. 


Chamundi Mataji Temple of Jodhpur

 The Mehrangarh fort is the home of many temple – Such as Chamundi mata temple . here you can offer your prayer goddess in order to seek her blessing .

Sun set in jodhpur -

Make sure to reach the top of the fort to witness. One of the most beautiful sunsets watching the sunset from. Atop The watching of Sun set from Mehrangarh fort is definitely a different experience altogether. So, these are the things you should not miss at met Mehrangarhfort.

 Now. Let's move on to the next major tourist attraction in jodhpur.

 The Jaswant Thada – of Jodhpur . 

Just one kilometer from Mehrangarh fort  sitting above a small lake. Is the Taj Mahal of Mewar – The Jaswant Thada .  

The soothing Tunes played by an artist at the entrance, lights up the calm and Serene atmosphere of Jaswant Thada .

 This white marble Monument is the memorial house built by Maharaja Sardar Singh in 1899 80 in the memory of his father. Jaswant Sing too. It also serves a cremation ground for the other Royal. 


Architecture of Jaswant Thada – of Jodhpur -

Jodhpur Travel Guide

Family members of Marwar .  This  structure is built out of intricately carved, sheets of white marble at emitter, Warm Glow, when illuminated by the Sun. JaswantThada  is a great example of architectural Artistry. 

         The intricately carved, small, George IVs and Charo cars, reflect Rajasthani architecture. The bright red balls and stairs. make a sharp contrast with a white Monument. They all need green tours, further, enhance the beauty of the structure. 


From the Terrace, one gets lucky views of the surroundings. There's a small Lake where Puja rituals are performed for the deceased. A number of beautiful, birds cormorants, and tax can be seen swimming in the lake. 

It's a very beautiful calm and Serene place to spend some quiet and tranquil moments. 


Other places to visit in Jodhpur

If you. Sufficient time. You can also visit mandora, Gardens and clock tower. All of these attractions can be covered in a single day. Now, moving on to the offbeat Village experiences one can go for a 4 to 5 hours trip to nearby Vishnu a village to get a feel of Village Life in Rajasthan. 

The villagers conduct some interactive sessions, where the demonstrate Pottery carpet. Weaving and Cooking sessions. 


Frankly Speaking, they had heard a lot about this trip and we're totally excited.



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