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Detailed information about Similipal tiger reserve


Detailed information about Similipal Tiger reserve of Odisha

Similipal National Park

 The name Similipal originated from ‘’Simul ‘’ – real meaning of Simul is cotton – this National park is located in Mayurbhanj district of Odisha- which is coming under the north Odisha  . The Similipal is  coming under the Similipal National park

Location of Similipal Tiger Reserve –

The Similipal Tiger reserve is located in Mayurbhanj district of State Odisha , It cover the area of 2800 square kilometre area and it is coming under the Mayurbhanj elephant reserve . Some places are also coming under the Mayurbhanj elephant reserve are – Kulhida wildlife Sanctuary and Hatgarh wildlife sanctuary .


List of tiger Reserve of Odisha

There are only three tiger reserve in Odisha- Such as Similipal Tiger reserve of Mayurbhanj district of Odisha , Sunabeda Tiger reserve of Nuapada district of Odisha  and theSatkosia tiger reserve of


How can we see tiger in Similipal Tiger reserve –

 Though Similipal isa tiger reserve , but it is quite difficult to see tigers in free wandering form . All tiger are set free in the dense forest , If you are really interested to see live tiger in live forest then you have to hire a vehicle for tiger safari – from the forest department Similipal Tiger reserve


Bio-Diversity of Similipal Tiger reserve –

The Similipal is the biggest reserve forest block in India – The government of gave the status of Tiger reserve on 31 December 2007 , The Biosphere reserve sustain 7% of total plant population species  of India , 8% of orchid species  population of India , 12% of reptile species  population of India - . 29% of bird species population of India , 14% mammalian species  population of India   

Endangered Species of Similipal tiger reserve –

80 species of endangered plat species are found near to extinct , 8 more belonged to endangered categories , 34 are rare plant species . Among 96 species of orchids and 1296 species of plants are identified here .

Fauna of Similipal Bio-sphere reserve –

The Similipal tiger reserve contains – 55 species of mammals , 362 species of bird , 62 species of reptile and 21 species of amphibians . Main carnivore animals are tiger , Melanistic and black tigers , leopard , leopard cat , fishing cats , Jungle cats , wolfs , foxes and hyena .

Other mammals of the Similipal Sanctuary –

They are deer , elephant , monkey , bear , ratel , civet , Jay Squirrel , flying squirrel , mongoose , pangolin , rabbit , grey Langur etc .

Reptiles of Similipal Sanctuary –

Reptiles like pythons , banded krait , king cobra , cobra , vipers , Chamaleions , crocodiles  etc .

Important Bird species of Similipal Sanctuary –

The important bird species are – peafowl , Jungle fowl , patridge , horn bill , grey horn bill , hill Myna , parrots ,crested serpent eagle and oriole ,

Tree Species of Similipal reserve forest

Over 1300 plant species and 94 orchid species complement the rich animals life in Smilipal  . The prominent trees are Sal ,   Bija , sisso , Asan , Ashoka, Champa , are the main tress species seen all over the landscape .

Rivers flowing through Similipal tiger reserve –

There is only one river is passing through the Similipaltiger reserve – that is river Salandi .

Similipal resort-

There is a only resort in the area of Similipal tigerreserve – That is Aranya Niwas – There are tree types of rooms are available for visitor – they can book according to their requirement . The types of rooms are river side cottage , family cottage and medow suit .


Hotels near Similipal National park –

A few numbers of hotel and lodges are available near the Similipal nationa park – These are Similipal resort – which is 30 km away from the Similipal National park , Sai Binayak hotel – which is 40 km away from the Similipal national park , The Belgadia Palace which is 45 km away from the National park , The Mahendra Niwas which is 55 km away from the Similipal National Park – Hotel Starway is 65 km from away from Similipal National park

Other tourist Places of Odisha Are - 


Major attractions of Similipal Tiger Reserve

               The waterfall at Uski , Bareipani , Joranda  Valley, the green Mundia Hill near the tribal Village Navana, the pictures of Luluvi and Guruguria richin  Pine Forest, and orchidarium are places that attract the tourists . Dev kund , Sitakund , Bhim kund and Ram kund are the places of worship for induced due to their mother logical importance. 


Facilities provided in Similipal tiger reserve

  The eco development committee of Similipal offers its visitors provision for night. Hult  boarding and trekking  and dragging on Forest Trails spread over it. 


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