Wednesday 1 December 2021

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Tourism Sector of India – Potential of tourism sector in India – Step to require make India a tourism hub


Tourism Sector of India – Potential of tourism sector in India – Step to require make India a tourism hub

Indian tourism

According to UN world tourism organization ( UNWTO ) this is by far worst crisis international tourism has faced since records began in 1950.

It is most important that tourism , travel and hospitality industry stay united as they were during the crisis . Tourism contribute an estimated 10% of the Indian economy and is our biggest ambassador to the world .

It can thus also be an engine to revive growth as it offers great opportunities for employment and showcases brand India to world .


What are the opportunities In tourism in India ?

Out of 140 countries , India ranked 8th on cultural resources and business travel , 13th on price competitiveness and 14th on natural resources in world economic forum travel and tourism competitiveness report 2019 .

Despite these superb ranking , India’s overall tourism competitiveness index ranking at 34 revels that we have not monetized  or marketed the precious assets embedded in our heritage to their full potential other country do .

Last year business loss  and job losses due to decline of  tourism industry   

FAITH estimate Rs 15 lakh crore impact to the economy on direct and indirect basis . Rough estimate is full time job losses could be 3 crore to 4 crore in India .

The travel and tourism industry provided 8.75 crore jobs and accounted for 12.75 % of the total job created in the country in 2019 .

What areas will lead the revival of Indian tourism ?

Domestic tourism is rising , especially in the form of ‘staycations ‘ and leading the partial recovery . Wellness and nature holidays , Back to Roots , rural tourism and short road trips have emerged as popular travel choices.

Domestic tourism travel will continue to be the big driver all the way till summer . We are bless to have seasonal joy all through the year and this may well bring the much – needed spring in our steps

How to modernize the tourism sector in India ?

Tourism encompasses multiple ministries and takes in and within states . It thus requires a national tourism council , an empowered legislative body that will enable fast tracking of Centre -state level tourism matters and will create a one India One tourism approach .

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How to develop tourism Infrastructure in India ?

Our Vision should be like to increase the intensity of high quality hotel accommodations in India which is low as compare to global tourism leaders .

Hotel across the country thus require to be declared as an infrastructure sector so that long term funds are accessible at suitable interest rates to attract private capital hospitality , to create all India jobs and build quality accommodation supply .

To truly ensure a seamless tourist transportation experience we need to standardize all interstate road taxes and make them payable at a single point which will facilitate the ease of doing business .





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