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Food habits , various flavour and taste of Odisha


Food habits  , various   flavour and taste  of Odisha

Foods of Odisha

The food habits , various flavour and taste of Odisha has unique feature in India . Diverse culture , rich heritage and amazing flavours defines the colourful cuisine of Odisha . The state is home to some of under rated culinary power house which is simple to cook yet delicious and healthy . While the vegetarian dishes finds it origin in many temples of Odisha , mainly the Lord Jagannath Temple in Puri and Shree Ananta Vasudev Temple in Bhubaneswar , the non vegetarian dishes are dominated by saltwater and  fresh water fishes  

Dalma –

dishes of Odisha

Dalma is highly nutritious dishes that constitute part of the Maha Prasad served inside the lord Jagannath Temple in Puri . This is a lentil based is cooked with various vegetable and tubers which are added at different time while cooking .

Ghanta –

Ghanta Curry of Odisha

Ghanta  is a vegetarian dish which is cooked by combining variety of vegetable , soaked brown lentil and diced coconut is served as a side dish with rice

Kanika –

Khechedi of Odisha

Kanika is a sweet rice dish that is part of the Chhappan Bhog of lord Jagannath temple in Puri . Kanika is often prepared during Odia festival and Puja and usually served with Dalma .


The Best summer food pakhala of Odisha

The Pakahala is the world famous dish or meal of Odisha and Odisha has created an unique identity for its special dish Pakhala . Odisha welcomes summer season by celebrating ‘’ Pakhala Divas “’ every year in March . Pakhal is summer staple is made with left over rice by adding water to it and leaving it ferment over night . It is accompanied with various side dishes Like Badi chura , Onion , Alu Bharta Saga Bhaja , Machha Bhaja , Alu Bhaja , Jhudanga Bhaja , Cocumber , dried and fried fish , chili , lemon salad etc .

Besara –

Besara tarakari of Odisha

Mustard or Sorisha seed are mainly used in Odia dishes or cuisine . Any vageterian and non vegetarian dish – that cooked with mustard paste known as Besara .

Khata –

Khata of Odisha

Khata  is a special type of dish which is made by mixture of sweet or sugar and sour fruit and vegetable , it one of the integral part of the Odia thali . The sweet and sour dishes complete a typical odia thali which can be prepared from Jaggery and various type of fruits and vegetable like Ambula , Tentuli , tomato , Khajuri , Oou , Khada etc . Dahi Baigana is also a best side item for Odia thali – which is made up of mixture of Curd and Brinjal .  

Mansha Jhola –

Chicken curry of Odisha

The Mansha Jhola Slow-cooked over wood fire in an earthern port , this spicy lip smacking curry is prepared with goat or lamb meat with aromatic spices and potatoes

 Machha Ghanta , Machha jhola and Machha Besara –

Fish curry of Odisha

Being a coastal state , fish is integral to Odia cuisine and prepared in various style where every part of the fish is used to prepare a unique dish . Machha jhola is a curry based dish where pieces of fish are fried and cooked . Machha Ghanta – has the fish head cooked with lentil , potato and onion and spiced with ginger garlic  paste and other dry spices . Fish curry prepaired with mustard paste and dried mango known as Machha Besara .

Chingudi Jhola nad Kankada Jhola –

Prawn curry of Odisha

Chingudi Jhola or Prawn curry and Kankada Jhola or Crab curry are a part of the Popular non veg curry based sea food dishes of Odisha , spices and coconut milk are the main ingredient of the curry , which gives dishes a rich creamy taste .

Patrapoda –


This dish is originated from the tribal area of Odisha . Patrapoda is made by combining an assortment of vegetable with fisher or meat , chicken or mutton marinated in spices , warping it with banana leaves and roasting it over wood fire .

Peetha and Mithas

Sweets of Odisha

 Odisha has huge variety of sweets dishes . Apart from sugar milky type delights like Chhenapoda , Rasabali , Rosogola and some traditional cakes or Pika form integral part of Odia celebrations . 13 festivals has been celebrated in 12 month in odisha .

Rosogola –


The Rosogola got the GI tag of Odisha . it has huge connection with Lord Jagannath – more than 6000 year ago . It is made by sugar and boiled cheese . Odisha heas been celebrating Rosogola divas every year


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