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Top five famous waterfalls of Odisha - you must visit

 Top five famous Waterfalls of Odisha

waterfalls of Odisha

Odisha is an impeccable blend of traditions and terrain . Mainly famous for its vibrant culture and splendid historical monuments that lure in travels . the state surprises its visitors with its natural wonders . from pristine lakes to majestic mountains . Odisha is homes to nature bounty and the most picturesque amongst them are the beautiful water falls scattered across the states diverse landscape .


Barehipani waterfall of Odisha –

The Barehiopani water fall is the second highest water fall of India and it is flowing toward the Budhabalanaga river . This water fall located in Mayurbhaj district of Odisha and it si located in Similipal Biosphere reserve and originated from Maghasani mountain inn Similipal biosphere reserve . The height of this water fall around 400 metre and its tallest single drop is around 259 metre .

Joronda Waterfall  of Odisha –

The Joronda waterfall is 19th tallest water fall in India and its rank in Odisha is 3rd largest water fall . this waterfall present in the core area of Similipal tiger reserve of Mayurbhaj district of Odisha . The tranquility  that surrounds the picturesque waterfall is what memorised a visitors here .

Dumduma waterfall of Odisha –

The Dumduma waterfall present in the Koraput district of Odisha , it is one of the outlet of river Machkund and falls from a height of 180 m and run through hilly and rocky area .it is one of the tallest plunge type waterfall in India and hold 3rd rank in Odisha it term height of water column .

Bhimkund Waterfall of Odisha-

Bhimkund waterfall is a  large vertical shaped George with speeding current that impart a smoky environment . The waterfall located at the boarder area of Kendujhar and Mayurbhaj district . the roaring sound of Bhimkund has unmatched spectacular appeal .

Khandadhar waterfall of Odisha –

Located in Sundargarh bordering Kendujhar is a single drop horse tail waterfall khandhar . It falls from a height of 244 m . The name of waterfall is derived from two word – One is Khanda – means – sword and dhar – means stream of water . It look like a sward .

Koiliguhar waterfall of Odisha –

A rivulet name Ahiraj flow through the rocky belt of the Chhuikanch Forest and fall from a height of 61 m creating the waterfall ofKoiliguhar . It is the 6th highest waterfall in Odisha , which flow into Mahanadi river . There is a submerged Shiva lingam in water known as Maheswaranath

Other waterfalls of Odisha

Set in the seren , senic and natural environments of Odisha , there are many other small waterfalls and stream in different district – like Bada Ghagra , Sana Ghagra in Kendujhar , Phurlijharan of Karlapat wildlife sanctuary and Dokari Chanchara of kokasara in Kalahandi , Gandahati in Gajapati , Harishankar in Bolangir , Devkund in Mayurbhanj , Putudi in Kandhamal and Pradhanpat in Deogarh district of Odisha .     


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