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The Smart City Bhubaneswar - tourist places in smart temple Bhubaneswar of Odisha

 The Smart City Bhubaneswar - tourist places in  smart temple city Bhubaneswar of Odisha 

temple town Bhubaneswar


The Bhubaneswar is the state capital of Odisha , it has evolved as a modern education , health, information technology and sports , the Bhubaneswar is famous as temple city of India . Here you can find more than 500 temples .

Beyond Hinduism Bhubaneswar has famous for it Jain and Buddhist architectural sites . Here you can find number recreational tourist places like – Planetarium , Nandankanan Zoological Park , Botanical garden , state tribal museum . Along with Puri Shree Kshyetra and Konark it form the golden triangle of Odisha . These three places are among the most visited place of eastern India .

The Bhubaneswar city designed by the famous Jerman architect Otto Konigsberger . It is of the 1st planned city of modern India . Here you can find various temples , stupas and various wildlife sanctuaries .

Bhubaneswar your to be explore –

Dhauli Shanti Stupa –

Tourist places in Smart city Bhubaneswar

Dhauli is located on the river bank of Daya river – where the most destructive battle – the kalinga war was fought in 261 B.C Where after the war – Ashoka accepted Buddhism – Dhauli is famous for its Pristine white Buddhist Stupa and it is famous in the name of peace pagoda . In order to promote ecotourism a special step was taken by tourist department of Odisha – That is multi-lingual Light and sound show organised by Odisha tourism department – which describe the exceptional historical events with 3D projection , that make it must – visit attraction in every tourist itinerary .

Lingaraj Temple of Bhubaneswar –

Tourist places in Smart city Bhubaneswar

The Lingaraj Temple is  one of the eldest temple of India , it is among 12 non-jyotirlinga temple of Lord Shiva and it is made up of red sand stone , this temple is one of the best example of Kalinga style of architecture

Mukteswar Temple of Smart city Bhubaneswar 

Tourist places in Bhubaneswar

The Mukateswar temple with figures in many poses of meditation , the main attraction of the temple is the most beautiful Torona – the decorative gateway . It is also called as the diamond of Kalinga style of architecture and offer pride of place to tale from Panchatantra . Here you can find excellent feature of Hindu , Buddhist and Jain architecture .

Raja Rani temple of Smart city  Bhubaneswar –

Tourist Places in Bhubaneswar

The Raja Rani temple made up of marvellous red sand stone , the local name of this temple is known as Raja Rani temple . The main feature of the temple is the absence of deity . Raja Rani music festival has been organised by the tourism department of Odisha – in order to showcase the glorious tradition and culture of Odisha .  

Bindu Sarovara- of Smart city  Bhubaneswar

Tourist places in Bhubaneswar

The Bindu Sarovora closely located to lingaraj Temple , Bindu Soravara is belive to be contain drops from all holy river of India . During the Ashokasthami festival , it turn into hub of religious activities as the deities of Lingaraj temple , visit it . 

Odisha State Museum of Smart city Bhubaneswar –

Smart city Bhubaneswar - Tourist places in Smart temple town Bhubaneswar

The State museum of Odisha show the finest of Odisha’s archaeological discoveries and treasure and exhibit a collection Jain , Buddhist and Sanatana Hindu Sculptures , copper plates , coin and donative inscription from ancient and medival kalinga along with folk musical instrument and traditions ,heavy jewelleries oldest tools and weapons . The collection of antique paintings and rare palm leaf manuscripts are main attraction of the state tribal museum .

Nandankanan Zoological Parak and Botanical garden of Smart city Bhubaneswar 

Smart City Bhubaneswar - tourist places in Smart temple town of Bhubaneswar

The Zoological park is spread over an area of 3500 square kilometre . The Nandankanan especially famous for its rare white tigers and it is a home to several exotic species of animal , birds , reptiles , amphibians . The butterfly park is one of the best attraction Nandankanan zoological park and here you can around 60 species of butterfly . There is huge artificial lake present inside the zoological park – that is the Kanjia lake .  


Pathani Samant Planetarium – of Smart city Bhubaneswar

Odisha Tourism

The Planetarium is named after the famous astronomous Pathani Samant . Its feature program related astronomy in dome shape air conditioned auditorium . The activity include night sky viewing , poster show and audio visual program .

Regional Museum of natural history – of Smart city Bhubaneswar

Temple town Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar’s regional museum of natural history exhibits plants , animals and vibrant geology of Odisha . North east region and Andaman and nicobar islands , besides relics of animals restored objects and fossils . The main attraction of the museum is the huge skeleton of Baleen whale . Here you can find the eggs of extinct elephant and birds .

Ekamra Haat of Smart city Bhubaneswar –

Smart city Bhubaneswar

The Ekamra Haat provides a grand showcase of Art , craft , culture and cuisine of Odisha . Here you can find various types of handloom and handicraft shop . The market also have a open open air theatre , lily pond with water fountain food stall and artisan rest room .   


Museum of Tribal Art and Artifacts

Bhubaneswar tourism

It Museum of Tribal art and Artifacts the open window into tribal life and culture of Odisha . It is must visited place which showcases art , handicrafts , Jeweleries and weapons of 65 tribes of Odisha .

Regional science center of smart city Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar Ecotourism

The regional science  center  has 84 interactive that help people to understand and appreciate science . Tourist can get information on the underlaying principle of motion , from the molecular level to motion of plants and galaxies .

Ekamra Kanan botanical garden – of Smart city Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar Ecotourism

The Ekamra Park  is an important Nature park in Smart city Bhubaneswar , where one can observe exotic variety of plants . Part of regional plant resource centre . This park has a vast expanse of green lawn , many variety of rose plants and several rare species trees and a lake providing much succor during the sultry summer evenings . It has the largest cactus collection in Asia .

State Handicraft Museum of Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar Tourism

The state Handicraft Museum  is its  kind in entire eastern region of the country , the museum is divided into two blocks based on handloom and handicraft . Here visitor could see theme based galleries of items . The Museum has workshop area and a beautiful open air amphitheatre .

Sisipalgarh of Bhubaneswar –

Bhubaneswar tourism

This is one of the best preserved best fortification in India , the ancient city of Sisupalgarh also happen to be the largest one . Historian claim that the place served as the capital city of Kalinga at the time of Kharavela , latter flourished for guarding the kingdom by its fort .

 Things to do In Bhubaneswar 

Heritage Walk of Smart city Bhubaneswar –

It is an initiative by Odisha tourism , Bhubaneswar municipal corporation and Bhubaneswar development authority to encourage people to explore heritage neighbourhood of old town and twin hills of Khandagiri and Udayagiri . It is a free event guided by English speaking guide .

Ekamra Heritage walk – Old town temples ( Every Sunday 6.30 Am

Experiancing the Alleyways , interspread with Shrine and cluster of Magnificientr temples comprising virtually a complete record of Kalinga architecture that transfer you back to yesteryear .

Monk Cave Khandagiri and Udaya Giri

The Khandagiri and Udayagiri is  the dwelling retreats of jain monk , these cave are testimony to the architectural genius of ancient India .Guided walk through and other selected experiences will reinvent the way we connect to rich past .

How to reach to Bhubaneswar –

By Air –

Air India connect Biju Patnaik international airport to Hyderabad , Kolkata , Delhi , Mumbai Chennai , and Bengaluru etc . Other Airline like Air Asia , Indiago , Go Air and Vistara have flight from different metropolis of the country to Bhubaneswar . Air India connect Bhubaneswar to Bangkok and Air Asia connect Bhubaneswar to Kuala Lumpur .

By Railway –

 The headquarter of east coast railway being stationed in the city , Bhubaneswar has excellent network of railway connections . Many fast and super fast train run between Bhubaneswar and other Major city of India .

By Road –

Being the state capital on HN no – 16 is connected by all weather connectable road within the state and neighbouring states .


Accommodations in In Bhubaneswar –

For Low Budget traveller –

The following accommodations are best suited for low budget travellers

Telephone Numbers are given in Brackets – STD Code – 0674

 – such as – OTDC Panthanivas (2432515 /2432314) , Hotel Janpath (2531147) , Hotel Gauri (2433371), Hotel Urmee (2582391), Hotel Grand Central (2313411), Hotel Presidency (2559565-70), Hotel Royal Mid town (2536138), Bhubaneswar Hotel (2313246), Sun City Hotel (2470355)

Accommodations for high spending groups –

 Hotel trident Hillton (2300333), Hotel Swosti premium (3017000) , Hotel Mayfair Lagoon (2360101) , Hotel crown (2550001) , Hotel New Marrion (2380850), Hotel Turimph residency (2545718) , Hotel Ginger (2303933) , Hotel La Franklin ( 7177777) , Hotel Sandy Tower ( 6665555)

Besides , huge number of other hotels , lodges and Oyo rooms and Dharmashala are available for low spending gropu also .


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