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What kind of development should Indian tourism authorities need to do to generate more jobs and opportunities for youngsters Indians and foreigners as well?

 Current Situation of Indian tourism sector and its problems in India 

India tourism

As compare to  other developed nation - Indian tourism sector is a backward tourism industry in the world . It need more modification and developments . India is the most diverse country in the world - in religion , culture and geography , language . Here  you can find at least 100 spoken language , around 5 to 6 religion , wide spread geographic diversity , different culture , different tradition , different life style ..etc . The huge socio-cultural diversity can provide a huge tourism opportunity . But we Indians are failed to use our Socio-Cultural diversity . We should take the advantage of this god gifted diversity of India . Our famous tourist destination has been neglected - due to lack of public awareness , lack of advertisement , lack inactiveness of tourism authorities , Lack of maintenance , lack of tourism infrastructure , Lack of tourism hospitality . The Tourism authority of India should be conscious about identification of tourism destination , development tourist destinations , advertisement of tourist place , maintenance of tourist place , development of tourism infrastructure  . 

Use of Cultural diversities of India for tourism promotion by tourism authorities 

India Ecotourism

India is famous for its cultural diversities in the world . Mainly Hindu religion is a dominant religion in India . Here you can find at least 13 festival in 12 month . Hindu festival and Hindu cultures are world famous and scientific in nature . The prominent Hindu festival like Holi , Diwali , Dusshera , Rath Yaatra  of Odisha , Maha Bishuva sankranti , Makara Sankranti are world famous festivals . Our tourism deprtment can use these festival as catalyst of Indian tourism sector

Use of Hindu temple as tourism destinations by Tourism Authorities of India . 

Tourism developments by Indian tourism Authority

The Hindu religion is one of the emerging religion in western countries and the followers of Hinduism are in increasing day by day. India has around 2 million of Hindu temple and these temple can be use as tourism destinations for domestic tourism and international tourism . The two million temple is not a small number - Just imagine ``if two million temple will be used as tourist destination of India - then what will happen . These two million temple can provide direct and indirect income opportunities to local people . The temple tourism of India can boost easily the India tourism sector . The Tourism authorities of India has to identify these temple and advertise them . It is the duty of tourism department to develop road network and tourism infrastructure to promote temple tourism ion India . When the temple tourism program will be successful - then the local people near these temple will serve as temple tourism guide for domestic and international tourists , the price of land property will increase in nearby area of temple , the hotel industry will developed near temple area , transport sector can play a vital role near temple area - the local people can give their house in rent for tourist , income of local people will increase by promotion of temple tourism . 

Use of Mosque as tourist destination by tourism authorities of India 

Indian Tourist destinations

Indian sub-continent was ruled by many Muslim rulers and they have ruled for a longer period of time . Mainly two dynasty of Muslim people was important ruling dynasty of India - they are Delhi Sultanate and Mughal dynasty . Muslims rulers have constructed many Mosques and monument . These Mosque and monuments can best tourist attractions in India . Indian tourist department and ministry of tourism should focus on these tourist destinations of India and Ministry of tourism should focus on development  tourism infrastructure  near these Mosque and historical monuments . After the proper development of tourism infrastructure near these will lead to massive employment generation for Indian youngster . 

Use of Buddhist monuments and Buddhist cave for tourism promotion in India by Tourism authorities 

Indian Buddhist tourist destinations

The Buddhism is originated from India sub continent . Most of the famous ancient rulers of India were followers of  Buddhism . They patronized the Buddhism in massive scale . The famous king Ashoka was a great followers of Buddhism in India . He has constructed many Buddhist Stupa , Cave and Buddhist temple during his time period . Now a days most of the Buddhist monuments are in ruined condition . Due to lack of maintenance and lack of connectivity these are far away form the eye of tourism . Indian tourism authority should identify those tourist destination and should take proper action for promotion of tourism infrastructure in India . 

Use of Jainism and Jain Monuments for Tourism promotion in India by Tourism authorities 

India tourism

Jain community is one of the minor community of India . The Mahaveer Jain one of the Famous Tirthanka . During the ancient time Jain religion was one of the famous religion of India . The Jainism was patronized by many Indian rulers . They have built many Jain temple and jain monument during their time period . These cave and monument are one of the best tourist attraction for domestic and international touristy . There should be proper connectivity and tourism infrastructure near these Jain cave and monument to promote tourism near these places . After development of proper infrastructure - it will provide income opportunities for local people . 

Use of Palaces and forts for tourism promotion in India by tourism authority 

Use of Palaces and forts for tourism promotion in India by tourism authority

India was ruled by numbers dynasty and huge numbers of local ruler . Every ruler has own palaces fort in mane of their art ant architecture . Every state had hundreds of local rulers . At lest you can find 2000 fort and palaces in in India . These fort and palaces are can be  the best tourist attraction for domestic and International tourist in India . Famous fort like Red fort , Agra fort , Fort of Jodhpur , fort Jaisalmeer , Hawa Mahal are famous forts in India . In India - there ware huge numbers of Gadajat state and each  gadajat state had own places . The tourism authority should identify these fort and palace and should develop proper connectivity to these fort and palaces . 

Use of Geographical Diversity for tourism promotion - by Tourism authority of India 

Use Of Bio-Diversity in tourism promotion by tourism authority in India -

India is a country with diverse geographic condition . We have huge southern peninsular Plateau and huge north India plain and we have huge mountain area like Himalayan mountain area , we have huge desert in Rajasthan and we have cold climate in Ladakh , Jammu and Kashmir . We have mountain state like north - eastern states . These geographical diversity can play a major role in Indian tourism industry. Our Country India have nine coastal state . The tourism industry should use these Geographical  diversity for tourism development in India . The ministry of tourism should focus on the development of tourism infracture and tourism culture in India . . 

Use Of Bio-Diversity in tourism promotion by tourism authority in India - 

Use Of Bio-Diversity in tourism promotion by tourism authority in India -

The India is bleed with high bio-diversity and we have 81 million hector of forest cover area . India have 106 numbers of national park and 506 numbers of wildlife Sanctuary , 18 biosphere reserve and we have 53 tiger reserve in our country . Our country have massive potential in Ecotourism . Our country should focus on proper Ecotourism infrastructure developments . We should develop proper road network to every ecotourism destination and we should advertise these in international and domestic media . 

Employment Generation for Foreigner from India Tourism 

India is a most diverse country in Socio-cultural level and geographical level . Most of the tourism company are working in different countries of world to provide tourism services in India . These company has tie- up Indian tourism departments . If the tourism infrastructure of india will be developed - then it will provide better employement opportunities for foreign tourism and hospitality companies . 


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