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Best tourist places in Sonepur district of Odisha in 2022

Best tourist places in Sonepur district of Odisha in 2022

Tourist places in Sonepur District

The Sonepur district of Odisha is one of the most visited place in Odisha and this district is famous for its numerous temple and picnicspots . The Other name of the Sonepur district is western Srilanka . The evidences are found from Copper plate charter and those are issued by the Somovanshi king Kumara Samesware Dev in 10th century A.D . The King had proclaimed himself as the king of Western Sri Lanka . The Main deity of this district is Goddess Lankeswari .The Sonepur district tourism is one of the interesting part of Odisha Tourism . This post is going to best tourist destination guide for Sonepur 

Location of Sonepur District on google Map - Sonepur District 

Why  Sonepur is Famous ?

The Sonepur town is the temple town of Odisha and it also known as second Varanasi of Odisha and known as the second Lanka . Mainly most famous hindu temples and Shakti peetha are found in Sonepur disyrict of Odisha . Most of the temple of S onepur are hindu temple . The other name of Sonepur is ''Subarnapur " . Once upon a time a gold rain occured here - thats why the name of the city is Subarnapur means '' the city of gold ' . 


How many temples are there in Sonepur ?

Sonepur tourist guide

The Sonepur or Subarnapur town known as temple town of odisha .Some time it is called as Mandira malini of western Odisha . There are huge numbers of smaller and larger temple found here , Among them 20 temples are famous temple . The names of temples are - Subarnameru temple , Lankeswari temple , Pancharatha temple , Kapileswar temple , Patali Shree kshyetra , Metakani temple , Rameswar temple , Manikeswari temple , Sashisena temple etc . 

There are Various tourist places are present in Sonepurdistrict of Odisha and the are gien bellow .These are the top tourist attraction of Sonepur . 

Subarnameru Temple of Sonepur district

Western Odisha tourism

The Subarnameru Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is present in Sonepur district of Odisha . This temple is present on the left side of the Tel river , which is a tributary of River Mahanadi . This temple is one of the oldest temple and built by the local king Madan Gopal Deo in 17th Century CE . Now a days the temple has been managed by the government of Odisha . The temple is an east facing temple and it was constructed on the basis of Kalinga style of Architecture . Main festivals of this temple are Dola Purnima , Shiva Ratri , Jagara and Kartika Purnima . The Subarnameru temple is located near the Sonepur bus-stand and it is only 3km away from the bus stand . The temple is around 270 km away from the state capital Bhubaneswar . The nearby railway station is Bolangir railway junction and the nearby air port to the temple is Jharsuguda Veer Surendra Sai Airport . You can get direct bus to sonepur from Cuttack , Bhubaneswar , Angul , Sambalpur etc .

Location on Google Map - Subarnameru Temple 


Sureswari temple of Sonepur district

Sonepur tourism

The Sureswari temple is located at the left side of the Tel river , which is a tributary of river Mahanadi . The Sureswari temple is one of the oldest famous temple in temple town Sonepur . Some people are also saying that Goddess Sureswari is the Kuldevi of Sonepur district of Odisha . Mainly in this temple – the statue of Goddess Kali has been worshiped . The face of Goddess is facing toward north  , but the entry gate of the temple is east facing . There are numbers of bathing ponds are found around the temple for ritual activities .It is believed that the temple was established by Lord Parshuram . The main Festivals associated with the temples are Kali Puja , Dussera, Nuakhai etc .

Location of sureswari temple on Google Map - Sureswari temple 

Lankeswari Temple of Sonepur District –

Sonepur tourism

 The ancient name of Sonepur Town was the Paschima Lanka or western Sri Lanka . The King of Lanka – The Ravan has an army base on Sonepur district – that’s why it is famous as Paschima Lanka . The Lankeswari temple present inside the river Mahanadi . The Lankeswari temple tourism is one of the best part of Sonepur district tourism and it is a best place to visit in Sonepur .Now a days the temple has been worshipped by Fisherman communities of Sonepur district . The temple is present at road side of Ulunda road , Dharmasala road . It was believed that Sonepur was the centre knowledge and innovation during the ancient time . The town was the southern Koshal kingdom . Some part of the southern Koshal was conquered by the king of Lanka , hence it has the name – second Sri Lanka . The goddess Lankeswari was established by the King Ravan .  Thats why this is the Famous temple of Sonepur 

Lankeswari Temple on Google Map - Lankeswari Temple 

Pancharatha temple of Sonepur district

Sonepur ecotourism

The Pancharatha temple was built by the local king Biramitra Singh Deo . The temple is dedicated to the family of lord Shiva . Here Lord Shiva , Devi Parvati , Shree Ganesh and Kartikeya have been worshipped . The temple design is similar to running Chariot and it has similarities with Konark sun temple . Here five temples are located on a single base . The main feature of the temple is – the statue of Shree Ganesh is facing toward east and the shiva statue is facing toward south . The king built this temple on the memory of his son Somobhusan .

Pancharatha temple on google Map - Pancharatha Temple 

Kapileswar temple of Sonepur district 

Picnic spot in Sonepur district

The Kapileswar temple is around 35 km away from the Sonepur town   . The temple is located near Binika of Sonepur and The Kapileswar Temple is 4 km away from Binika . This temple is desiccated to Kapileswar Mahadev . The temple area remains crowded throughout the year . The temple has some similarities wit Vaidyanth temple .
Kapileswar temple on Google Map - Kapileswar Temple 

Patali Shree Kshyetra temple of Sonepur District

Hindu temple of Sonepur district

The Patali Shree Kshyetra is an import place for Hinduism and it has a huge historical importance . This placed is related  Buddhism Shaktism and Vaishnavism . It was believed that lord Jagannath was kept here for 150 year and this temple is located at the foot hill of Trikut hill – which is located in Birmaharajpur Subdivision of Sonepur district . The temple is around 65 km away from the proper Sonepur town . The Ratha Yatra is the main festival of this temple . Mainly the temple is located on Kotsamalai hill . This temple area remain crowded throughout the year . The nearest railway station is Bolangir Junction and nearest airport is Jharsuguda airport . The temple is around 260 km away from the state capital Bhubaneswar .

Patali shreekhetra temple on Google Map - Patali Shreekhetra 

Harihara Jore Dam of Sonepur District

Picnic spot of Sonepur district of Odisha

The Harihora Jore Dam is constructed across the Harihora tributary of Mahanadi and it is located near Luhakhandi village of Birmaharajpur Tahasil of Sonepur district . The length of the dam is around 2.3 Km and the catchment area of this dam is around 450 Square Kilometre . This dam constructed only for irrigation and flood control . around 10 gate for water control in this dam . This dam has been acting as one of the best picnic spot Sonepur  and tourist destination in Sonepur district of Odisha.

Harihara Jore Dam on Google Map - Harihara Jore Dam 

Koshaleswara Temple of Sonepur District

Temple tourism Sonepur district

The Kosheleswar temple is a ruined temple located near Baidyanath – which is near to river bank of Tel river . Here you can find different types of ruined Buddhist architecture and latter it was renovated buy Hindu kings .   This is the earliest temple of Sonepurdistrict and it was construct around 7 century BCE. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva .

Metakani temple of Sonepur district –

The Metakani temple is one of the prominent Shakti Peetha of Sonepur district . This is a hill side temple in sonepur district . Goddess Metakani temple is located near Ulunda forest area of Sonepur district . According to local people Goddess Metakani originated from lady named Meta – that’s why the name of this temple is Maa Metakani Shakti peetha . Maa Metakani temple famous for wish fulfilment . Metakani temple is 23 km away from the Sonepur town .This temple is located near Sonepur and Sambalpur high way . The temple is located at 2km away from the highway .

Metakani temple on Google Map - Metakani temple 

Rameswara Peetha of Sonepur district

 The Rameswara temple is located at the meeting point of Tel river and Mahanadi river . It was said that the lingam of the temple was established by Lord Shree Ram . Here Lord Ganesh , Goggess Parvati and Lord Kartika worshipped here . There is another temple present near Rameswar temple – that is Durga temple – the Shrine of Durga temple has 10 hand . There is is a Brishava statue outside of the temple . According to historians this temple was built by Chauhan rulers .

Location of Rameswar temple on Google Map - Rameswar Temple 

Papakshya Ghat of Sonepur District

religious place of Sobnepur district

The Papakshya Ghat is located on the river bank of Mahanadi near Binika and it is around 32 kn away from Sonepur town . This Ghat was constructed by Anangabhima Dev . There is a huge Banion  tree near the Ghat . It is one the famous religious place for religious bathing . Though it is a famous place , but there is no enough arrangement for tourist . There is a old shelter for tourists but – these houses are in ruined conditions .

Location of Papakshya Ghat - Papakshya Ghat 

Bhima Bhoi Samadhi Peetha –

top 10 place to visit in Sonepur district

The Bhima Bhoi Samadhi Pitha is 32 km away from the Sonepur town and it is located near Khaliapali village . Bhima Bhoi was a famous poet of western Odisha and he was born in Redhakul subdivision of Sambalpur district . He was a spreader of Mahaima dharma – that based on monotheism . . He belongs to Kandha Community . Though he was a blind , but he had good command over Odia language . He wrote many novel in Odia language . In this Samadhi – the dead body of Shree Santha Kabi Bhima Bhoi was buried . This temple was constructed 109 year ago . This Samadhi is in ruined condition . Here large numbers of disciple of Mahima Dharma staying here . They have been worshipped the universe god . The Famous Shruti Chintamani was written by Bhima Bhoi .

Bhima Bhoi Samadhi Peetha on Google Map - Bhimabhoi Samadhi Peetha 

Thenga Dam of Sonepur District –

The Thenga Dam is one of the most visited picnic spot inSonepur district and it was built across the Harihara Jora . it is a micro irrigation and flood control project . This dam provides a natural view – that’s why thousands visitor have been coming to this dam for picnic purpose . Here you can get the facilities of boating . This is a winter shelter of various tyoes of migratory birds . The dam is located near dense forest – that’s why you can see numerous wild animals like elephant , bear and deer .

Thenga Dam on Google Map - Thenga Dam 

Barapahad Picnic Spot of Sonepur district

Picnic spot in Sonepur district of odisha

The Barapahad Picnic spot is one of the most visited picnic spot in Sonepur district and it is one of the most famous Devi Peetha of Sonepur district . It is also a best water fall in Sonepur district .This picnic spot is located near the Menda village of Deaulpadar Grama Panchayat and it 1km away from Brahminipali and Rajapali . Here you can find cave , temple and water streams . The Barapahad festival is associated with Barapahad Shakti Peetha and it is observed in Chaitra Purnima of Odia Calendar . Here people have been worshipping the Barapahad Devi and the white horse is the symbol of Barapahad Devi .

Location Of Barapahad in Google Map - Barapahad Picnic spot 

Royal Palace of Sonepur district –

The Sonepur was a Gadajat state of Odisha . It was ruled by Chauhan dynasty and it has huge palace and spread over an area of 4 acre . Now a day this palace in at ruined condition . The palace is located near the river bank of Mahanadi of Sonepur town . The palace divided into Rani Mahal , Juvaraj Mahal , Pakasala , store room , security rooms etc .

Location of Sonepur Palace - Sonepur Palace 

Manikeswari Temple of Sonepur district

The Manikeswari temple is located in Manamunda Village and it is located near the NH-224 of Somepur district . The temple is worshipped and managed by fisherman of Sonepur district and Goddess manikeswari is the Kul Devi of Fisherman community of sonepur district of Odisha . Dasahara and Nuakhai famous festivals are associated with Manikeswari temple of Sonepur district . Goddess Manikeswari also worshipped as Kul Devi of Ganga dynasty . 

Location Of Manikeswari temple on Google Map - Manikeswari temple 

Forest Park of Sonepur District

 The Sonepur town is blessed with and new smart park that is forest park . The park located in Sonepur town . It is a best place for mind fresh and enjoyment . The other name of forest park is Manikeswari Park . There is an entry fee to this park – that is only 10 rupee only . The park is filled various flowering plant and medicinal plants and these is a small area for children inside the park and there is also gym facilities for adult . The park remain crowded throughout the year .

Location of Forest Park on Google Map - Forest Park 

Children Park of Sonepur district

The Children Park located in Main town of Sonepur . This is best play ground for local children of sonepur town . This park has been managed by Municipality corporation of Sonepur District . Now a days – this park is in ruined condition , due to lack of proper care and maintenance .

Location of Children Park on Google Map - Children park 

SSVM Park of Sonepur District

Mainly The SSVM park is located in Binika area of Sonepur and it is a Park -Botanical Garden . Mainly it is managed by The Saraswati Vidya Mandir of Sonepur district of Odisha . This park act as mini children park in Odisha .

Mahanadi Ghat of Sonepur District

The Mahanadi river is the longest town of Odisha and it is the life line of Odisha . This river also passes through Sonepur district of Odisha . There are number of Ghats or bathing place near the coast of Mahanadi river . The Bathing place or Ghats are – Raneswar Ghat , Dhoba Ghat ,Gokarneswar Ghat , Mastyendra Ghat , Gauri Ghat , Raj Ghat etc . These Ghats have been using as ritual purpose and bathing purpose . Sometimes these ghats are working as tourist place of Sonepur district  or picnic spot of Sonepur district .

Locations of Mahanadi Ghats on Google Map - Mahanadi Ghats 

Samaleswari Temple of Sonepur District –

Sambalpur district tourism

The Samaleswari temple is 3km away from the Sonepur town . Maa Samaleswari is the Kuladevi of Local Chauhan dynasty and the temple is north facing There is a huge image of Goddess Laxmi or Gaja Laxing at the entrance of Mukhasala . The Samaleswari temple was constructed by the local king – Raja Sobha Singh Deo .

Location of Samaleswari temple on Google Map - Samaleswari temple 

Gundicha Temple and Nrusinghanath Temple of Sonepur District

Sonepur District Odisha

The temple was built by local Queen Shree Gundicha Devi , who is wife of local king Pruthiraj Singh Deo  . It is the tallest temple of western Odisha . The height of this temple is around 100 feet . The Gundicha temple is 2 km away from Sonepur town . The Other name of Gundicha temple is ‘’ Nrusinghanath Temple .

Location of Gundicha temple on Google Map - Gundicha Temple 

Sashisena temple of Sonepur district

The other name of Sashisena temple is Nimuchi temple and the temple has no entrance gate . This temple is the centre of Buddhist culture and having sculpture of buddha on its wall . The Temple was built in the memory of Princes Sashi Sena .

Location of Sashisena Temple on Google Map - Sashisena Temple 

Bhagabati temple of Sonepur District

Here Devi Parvati worshipped as Bhagavati in Sonepur district of Odisha. The Bhagabati temple is located at 1km distance from Rameswara temple of Sonepur town . It was believed that goddess Bhagabati protects from evil power . This temple was built by the local Chauhan ruler of Sonepur . If you are interested to visit Bhagabati temple then – you travel through bus , taxi and car from Sonepur town .

Location of Bhagabati temple on Google Map - Bhagabati temple 

Champeswar Shiva temple of Sonepur District

 The Champeswar temple is located as Birmaharajpur of Sonepur district . Mainly the proper location of Champeswar temple is the Champamal village and it is 3 km away from Birmaharajpur . The temple is dedicated lord Mahadev . Main festival of the temple is Kartika Purnima , Shivaratri and Nuakhai .

Location of Champeswar temple on Google Map - Champeswar Temple 

Gokarneswar Temple of Sonepur district

The Gokarneswar temple is located near the river bank of Mahanadi . It is located at the western part of Sonepur district . Gokarneswar was the main Lord of Ganga dynasty of Sonepur . This temple was built by the Chauhan ruler of Sonepur , another goddess also worshipped near the temple – she is Goddess Ramachandi .

Jatesingha Temple of Sonepur District

The Jatesinga is the birth place of great port Bhima Bhoi . This place is around 8 km away from Birmaharajpur . Mainly this temple is dedicated Mahima cult and Bhima Bhoi was the founder of Mahima Dharma . You can see Jatesinga on the way of Godhaneswar temple and Vaishnvaite temple at Khamar .

Paschima Somonath temple of Sonepur District

The Paschima Somonath temople located at the western part of Sonepur town . Here the temple is dedicated to Lord Somonath and Lord Somonath was Kul Dev of Somovansi ruler . This temple was built by the local king Pratap Rudra dev . The temple was built in Kalinga style of Architecture .   Here people also worshipping lord Hanuman and Kala Bhairav dev . The temple is a south facing temple . Here all family member of Lord Shiva have worshipping .

 Khambeswari temple of Sonepur District –

Here peoples are worshipping Goddess Shree Bana Durga  in the Form of Khanbeswari Devii . Khambeswari devi was the Kul devi of Bhanja king and Somovansi king and they had adopted the khambeswari culture in their kingdom .

How to reach to Sonepur District

By Air – Veer Surendra Sai airport is the nearest airport which is located in Jharsuguda   and another airport is Biju Patnaik Airport in Bhubaneswar .

By train – The nearest railway station is Bolangir railway station and it is 55 km away from Sonepur district .

By Bus – By Bus you can reach to Sonepur From Baramunda Bus stand of Bhubaneswar – here you cab find direct bus to Sonepur . You can also find direct bus from Sambalpur town to Sonepur  .

Best time to visit Sonepur District –

Normally you can visit any time to Sonepur , but the best time to vist sonepur district is Septmber to April month .

Weather Conditions of Sonepur District –

Mainly Sub- tropical climate found in Sinepur district , Here you can finds medium tempreture in summer season and medium rain in rainy season and medium cold in winter season .   

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