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Best places to visit in Bhubaneswar for couple in Bhubaneswar in 2023

 Best places to visit in Bhubaneswar for couple in Bhubaneswar in new year week – 2023


Best places to visit in Bhubaneswar

If you are romantic couples and searching for couple friendly places in Bhubaneswar , then you are at best place – to find your destination – while you are planning for Bhubaneswar tour then follow the listed places on our blog – Bhubaneswar is one of best vising place and you should visit this place once in your life . The Bhubaneswar is famous in the name of ‘’ Temple Town ‘’ – if you are religious person then – it is best place to visit with you family – here you can find many multinational company offices , many educational institution , many vocational training institution , many management colleges , - apart from these place Bhubaneswar have many romatic and couple friendly places – let explore places for your life partner .


Couple Friendly Park in Bhubaneswar –

There are some numbers of couple friendly park in Bhubaneswar – such as – Botanical Garden , Ekamra Kanan Pak , Ocean world water park . Indira Gandhi park , Forest Park , Kharavela Park , Netaji Subhash Chandra park , Khandagiri Park and Hills , Jayadev Vatika , Nicco Park , IMFA Park , Biju Patnaik park, Gandhi Park , Nandan Kanan Zoological Park


Couple Friendly Mall in Bhubaneswar –

Most of the Malls are not couple friendly – almost all most all Malls are couple friendly of your are showing decent bahaviour toward all . The Mall are – BMC Mall , Esplanade One Mall

Historical places to visit in Bhubaneswar which are couple friendly –

There are numbers of historical places in Bhubanesar to spend time – which are also friendly foir descent couples – these places are – Khandagiri Hills , Dhauli Monuments , Regional Museum for Natural history ,  Udayagiri Caves ,


Other Couple friendly Places in Bhubaneswar are –

There are many other couple friendly places in Bhubaneswar – such as – Odisha state tribal museum , Odisha state museum , Pathani SamantPlanetorium , Nandankana Zoological Park .


Other Couple friendly Temples in Bhubaneswar –

The Bhubaneswar city is famous for it numerous numbers of historical temple – the other name of Bhubaneswar town is ‘’Temple Town or Mandira Malini “ – Some important temple which are family friendly couple friendly are – Lingaraj Temple , Raja Rani Temple , Ananta Vasudev Temple , Ram Mandir , Brahmeswar Temple , Parshurameswara Temple , Brahma Temple and Iskon temple


Best restaurant In Bhubaneswar for couple –

Although all restaurant of Bhubaneswar are couple friendly restaurant , but some famous restaurant are just like – Welcome Caffe of Bhubaneswar , Peshwari restaurant , Mayfair lagoon , Havana CafĂ© and restaurant , Nakti Dhaba , Bollywood restaurant , Oopre Kitchen and Bar , Garam Masala , Hare Krushna restaurant , Marwari Rosei , Rooftop restaurant , Eram Roof Top Bhubaneswar , The canopy


  Best Pubs and Bars  for night life in Bhubaneswar for couple - 

Couple friendly places in Bhubaneswar

As a commercial and educational hub - Bhubaneswar provide best opportunities for night life. best bars, Pub  and restaurants found in Bhubaneswar  . Here you also find facilities like Delhi and Mumbai - almost all facilities are available in all pubs in Bhubaneswar - if you are really interested to spend your quality time in Bhubaneswar - follow these - details . - 

Best area for party in Bhubaneswar - are Patia , Jayadev bihar , Chandrasekharpur , Nayapali , Damana , Vani Bihar , Acharya Bihar , Laxmi Sagar , Bapuji Nagar , etc . 

Are Pubs are expensive ? - 

Mainly almost all pubs are free and a few are have entry fee - Maximum booking charges - is around 1500 - including all food and drinks . Some best place are given bellow - which are suitable to enjoy night life in Bhubaneswar . - You can reach these place easily by city bus or Mo Bus , Auto , Rikshaw - you can also book Ola and Uber to reach these places . 

 10 DC Longue and Bar - 

Couple friendly Bar and Pubs in Bhubaneswar

This is a good place for enjoyment with friends and Family , They have variety of alcohol including foreign scotch . Here various dancing facilities available for dance lover - with high quality DJ and high quality dancer and different types of high demand songs . The location of this Pub is - 316 district center , Chandrasekharpur , Bhubaneswar . Mainly the opening timing is - 1 Pm to 12 am and avrage costing for two is Rs - 1000 . 

Angan Horizon - 

Pub and Bars in Bhubaneswar

The Angon horizon is one of the best example - of modern bar and pub - it has two section - one is open area section and another is regular side down area . This is a best place for celebration of party and fun . Here you can find both local and common food including sea food , spicy food etc . here you also can find chainese and south Indian food . The opening time of the pub is around 11 am to 12 Pm and it is located in Nandankanan road Patia . 

Hi-5 - The Longue Bar 

Top 10 night club in Bhubaneswar

The Hi-5- The Longue Bar is one of the best hangout place in Bhubaneswar - it welcomes vagetarian and non vegetarian - item menu of this bar is common type like other bar - The timing of this pub is around 12 PM - 12 Am and average cost for two person is around 1000 rupee for two . 

The Cellar - Mayfair Lagoon -  Bhubaneswar 

Bar and Bub in Odisha

This is the most famous and best pub and most couple friendly pub in Bhubaneswar - it is the best place for relaxation after travelling and shopping - here you can find pure British look and best musical environment . They have varieties and best quality of alcohol  . It located in Jayadev Bihar - Near Pal height Mall and timingh is 3Pm to 11 Pm and cost for two is around 2000 rupee. 

The Pegasus Bar - Bhubaneswar - 

Best Pubs in Bhubaneswar

This Bar is located in Unit-4 Madhusudan Nagar , Bhubaneswar and timing is 11 am to 11 Pm and average cost for two person is around 2000 rupee . Here you can find varieties of food like starter and main course - starter include - chicken Pokoda , chicken munhurian and chicken dragon stick . average cost for two is around is 1500 rupee for two person and entry time is 11 to 11 . 

Baron and Baroness -Bar Bhubaneswar - 

Bars in Mayfair Lagoon , Bhubaneswar

This is another Bar present in Mayfair Lagoon - this is one of the best British style Bar in Bhubaneswar - here you can find various wooden furniture - the famous food of this Bar are fish Nugget and Bali Prown - this is the only Bar in Bhubaneswar where you can find British beer . - Location of this Bar is - Mayfair Lagoon , 8-B Bhubaneswar - average cost for two person is 2000 rupee and opening time is 11 am to 11 pm . 

Oceana Bar Bhubaneswar - 

Bars and restaurant in Bhubaneswar

The Oceana Bar is the best destination for local food lovers and local beverage lover - the Bar has best collection Beer and cocktails - here you can find both Indian and Indo-chinese foods . Address is Mayfair lagoon - 8-B Jyaydev Vihar and average cost for 2 is 2000 per two . 

Mellony - Bhubaneswar 

Bars and restaurant in Bhubaneswar

This is another bar of Mayfair Lagoon hotel Bhubaneswar - this bar is famous for its drinks and cocktails - Some Mellony special Items are - Vodka , white rum , special sweets and sour mix - they limited food menu but serve better non veg starter . - Location id Mayfair Lagoon , 8-B Bhubaneswar - average cost for two person is around 2000 rupee and opening time 11 am to 11 Pm . 

Desire Pal Heights - 

Bars in Bhubaneswar

It is famous for its special dance floor with different types of song - here you can find many local people regularly and special type of revolving spot light - this located near the over bridge - in Pall height Mall . - address Pal Height Mall - Jayadev Vihar - opening time - 11 am to 11 Pm 


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