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Best Leah Ladakh tour package and Budget friendly Leh Ladakh tour package for middle class people in 2023

 Best Leah Ladakh tour package and  Budget friendly Leh Ladakh tour package for middle class people in  2023

Leh Ladak tourism

Minimum duration of Leh Ladakh tour –

Normally  Ladakh tour takes at least 5 night and six days – for economic classes of people and 10 night and 11 days for luxurious people . The Most preferable package is 5 night/ six days . -

Day 1 of Ladakh tour –

The day 1 is the acclimatization day of tour and you have to reach at the Leh Airport – You have to meet your hotel representative assigned by your tourism agency and you have to stay at your hotel booked by your private tourism agencies . Near the Leh air port you can enjoy the Leh market visiting – In this market you will find traditional clothes and ornaments and varieties of jewellery . Then you have to return to you’re your hotel for dinner .

 Day -2 : Local sight seeing of Leh

The Leh Palace – The architecture of Leh Palace is similar to Potala palace in Lhasa , Tibbet . The King SangiNamgyal  built this palace in 17th century , but after passage time it was ignored and was not maintained properly – when the fort was captured by Dogra army in 19th century CE . This is 9 floored building and the ground floor was used as store room and rest of upper floor has been used as the residence of royal families . Now this property is under the control of archaeological survey of India . The entire palace in surrounded by a huge market – In this market you can see a huge varieties of traditional dresses and jewelleries . Here you can see the 500 yea Chinese paintings – this painting are still in better conditions and look like new paintings .

The Japanese Peace pagoda / Shanti Stupa

The Japanese Peace pagoda is built by the holy Monk Nakamura with the help of local people . This located at high altitude place – in Cahngspa village . You can enjoy the broader view of Leh town from this Shanti Stupa . The entire architecture of this Stupa similar to Japanese style of Architecture.

Day – 3 LEH – Nubra valley Via Khardungla –

The Nubra Valley is around 120 km away from the Leh Airport and – It will take 2.5 hour to reach . If you are interested to Nubra valley or the Valley of Flower , then you have to go through Khardungla road it is around 40 km road over the mountain or Ghat area . From this Khardungla road you can enjoy the whole mountain view of this area . The Other Name Nubra valley is the valley of flowers or polular name is Lamour – it is located in northern side of Ladakh and in between of Ladakh mountain range and Karakorom mountain range . After reaching at the valley of flower – here you can find various cam built by various tourist agency and try to find your camp with the help of your tourist guide . You can see the village life in high altitude area near your camp . The Nubra valley is present at 11000 ft altitude from the sea level .


The PANGONG -SO – lake is the highest salt water lake in the world and its present in between India – China border and it is around 150 km long and 6 to 7 km wide lake .  The journey toward pangong show lake is one the most attractive journey in LehLadakh tourism . Another attraction near the Panggong show lake is Chang-Chenmo mountain range .



The Shey Thiskey Monastry is one of the best place of worship of Tibetan Buddhism . It present at 20 east of Leh-Ladakh and present in Tishkey village .

Day- 6 Deparature

After the morning breakfast you have to move toward Leh Airport – then take the flight towards your home destination .

Which are the Best Ladakh tour Package ?

Almost all tour package are best , but it depend on your budget – Leh Ladakh tour package varies from Rs- 10000/ to Rs 50000 .  

Leh Ladakh Tour Package under Rs- 8000. 

The Leh Ladakh tour package is the minimum tour package to Leh Ladakh and it is a 4 days three package . In this 1st days of tour include Leh  palace and Japanese Pagoda , second day include Khardungla top , day 3 include Pangong - Leh and days 4 include Deparatute . 


It is a 4 night /5 day  tour - in short it is named as Leh- Pangong-Nubra-Leh package . The days 1 of the tour include acclimatization  , Leh Palace visit and Japanese peace palace visit . Day 2 include LEH-NUBRA VIA KHARDUNGLA TOP , Day 3 include Nubra Pangong visit,  day  4 include PANGONG -LEH via SHEY TISHKEY and day 5 include Deparature . 


It is a nine night /10 days tour package - Day one include - Delhi to Monali visit , Day 2 include Monali to Jipsa visit , day 3 include Jipsa to Leh visit , Day 4 include local are visiting Leh , day 5 include Leh to Nubra via Khardungla top , day 6 include Nubra to Pangong visit , day 7 include Shetty Tishkey , Day  8 include Leh to Sachu Jipsa visit , day 9 include Sarchu to monali visit and day 10 include deparature .   

Best Things to known before you Visit Leh Ladakh 

if you are a new visitor for Leh Ladakh - then you should have to know many things before you visit Leh Ladakh - otherwise you will face many difficulties here .

 Which month the Best for Leh Ladakh tour ? 

The Ladakh is known for it extremely low tempreture , so it is difficult travel in winter season , thats why the summer season is the best season to travel to Leh Ladakh - mainly in the month of June to July . January and February is the extremely cold month in Ladakh , the tempreature come down to freezing point in january and February - there is heavy snowfall during this months . 

Which is the best time for Ladakh road trip ?

The Best time time visit Leh Ladakh is in between June to October -during this time temperature remains warmer than other months , another attraction during this time is the summer festival of Ladakh during the month of June . 

Is snow available in Ladakh ?

If you are interested to see snow in Ladakh - then you have to visit Leh Ladakh during the month of January to February . if you like to see white snow - then Pangong Shaw lake is the best place to visit and Tso Mariri is also another place to visit . 

which is the coldest place in Ladakh ?

Dars is the coldest place of Ladakh and around third coldest place in India - this place is known as gate way fo Ladakh . 

How many Day enough for Leh Ladakh ?

A six to seven day tour is enough for leh Ladakh tour - during your visit you can see places like Pangong Tso Lake , Zaskar valley , Nubra valley , Kargil , Hemis high national park , Magnetic hil etc . 

Which is the famous food of Ladakh ?

Thupka noodle is the famous food of Ladakh - normally it is the noodle boiled with vegetable , chicken etc , it is the famous food of local area of Ladakh 

In which month is Ladakh is open ? 

almost all time Leh ladakh is open for tourist , but it is easy to visit during June to October - due to warmer climate as compare to January and February - due to less snow fall it is easy to travel. generally Leh Srinagar National high way remain open during - May to October . 

Is there any oxygen problem in Leh Ladakh  - 

yes there is oxygen problem exist in Leh Ladakh - As we move to higher altitude - we will find lesser oxygen concentration . The Leh is present at ten thousand feet altitude above the sea level - that's why it is not so easy to travel for every one climb mountains in Ladakh .

Can You Swim in Pangong Tso lake ? 

Please never try to do this - Here the temperature of the water is too low or too cold - to swim is harmful - here - it can be dangerous for due to hype thermia - there is no hospital with in the radius of 40 Km . 

 Can You stay at Pangong lake ? 

There are many camp Facilities near the Pangong lake - Before visiting pangong lake you have to book a ticket for camp in in Pangong Tso camp . Here you can enjoy the beauti like sunrise and sun set and night sky in Pangong Tso lake

Which is the best mobile network of Leh ? 

According to me almost all network are working properly in Leh , Among them - three network are best - such as Jio , Airtel and BSNL , but BSNL network is the best network in this area . 

Is Ladakh trip Risky ? 

No , Ladakh trip is not risky - for normal person - if you have not any acute health problem than Ladakh is safe for you . It was also safe dung indo-china face off . it is totally safe for civilians . 


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