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Discovering Odisha - The best kept secrets of Odisha and Odisha Tourism

Discovering Odisha - The best kept secrets of Odisha and Odisha Tourism  

Odisha tourism

When it comes to Ecotourism the Excellent state of Odisha  is counted as India's best kept secret. If you have had the privilege of visiting Odisha , you would agree that it is the land of cathartic, spiritual experiences, and Immortal architecture of Odisha  .  Odisha also has a rich artistic Heritage, but do you know that? It's also a fun place to explore with beaches, wildlife sanctuaries and a good scene like no other over the next six weeks. Odisha is one of the best tourism Destination in India .We will embark on a Any of this covering for the shop. Discovering Odisha one of the interesting task

History of Odisha  

Odisha is located in the eastern part of India. The state of Odisha was officially formed in the first of April 1936. But its illustrious history dates back to centuries ago . Rich in Heritage. Odisha is home to a plethora of ancient temples, blenders monuments and other architectural  wonders.  Together these Exquisite structures, radiate Beauty and power .

Under the dynamic leadership of honourable Chief Minister - Odisha transformed to a new heights in tourism sector. Therefore we call it the best Kept secret of Odisha .

 Art and Architecture of Odisha 

 Odisha is the land of ancient temples and historical wonders. Bhubaneswar is the capital city is dotted with more than 700 Exquisite temples earning it the moniker the city of temples. The Monuments are not just restricted to places of worship. They are of immense historical significance and step testament to the Glorious architecture heritage of the state.  

You can visit them for their mythological importance or like me to Simply marveled at their architectural Splendor.

with its intricately carved temples. Odisha is a treasure Trove for architecture enthusiasts. While many of them are living temples. Some have been declared Heritage monuments. the place where the language of stone surpasses the language of man .

The Konark Temple Of Odisha

Ravindranath Tagore -  once described the Sun Temple also known as the konark temple built in the 13th century. It's listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, an outstanding example of Temple architecture . The Sun Temple attract tourists from around the world.  This temple built by King Narsimha Deva. The temple is the sign of the shape of a colossal Chariot with seven galloping horses and 12 pairs of Wheels carrying the mythical Sun god, The architectural Excellence transfers you to another era. The structure Symmetry and elaborate detailing have the power can leave you Spellbound. 


The Jagannath Temple Puri of Odisha 

The Jagannath temple in Puri is known the world over for its annual  Ratha yatra. The temple is home to Lord Jagannath – which  translates to Lord of the universe. The Majestic Jagannath Temple is one of the prominent Char dham pilgrimage sites in India, and it sees a huge footfall of devotees and tourists every year. 


With the blessings of Lord jagannath is not only a pilgrimage destination. It affords a lot to all the tourist, not just Puri, even the capital city Bhubaneswar is a plethora of iconic temples.

Mukteswar Temple – of Bhubaneswar - Odisha 

 Mukteswar Temple is one of the most refined and beautiful temples in Bhubaneswar , most striking feature of the temple. Is that Torana  and the arched Gateway, which is one of its kind in Odisha .The 10th Century Temple is also famous for the Stone Arch, and sculptures depicting stories from the panchatantra. An ancient collection of fables. 

The Mukteswar Temple is widely regarded as a miniature gem by historians for its precise and well, proportioned craftsmanship. 

The Lingaraj temple of Bhubaneswar , Odisha

The Lingaraj Temple is another prominent landmark of Bhubaneswar . As it happens to be the largest temple of the city. The central tower of the temple is 180 feet high . On the complex has 150 smaller shrines in its spacious Courtyard. The presiding deity of this Temple is known as Sree Bhuvaneshwara, which the The city has derived, its name. 


If you look at what we saw, first to tourists and visitors, it's a platter, which very few states can match, you know, from spiritual and Heritage tourism to reach tourism, ethnic tourism , ecotourism, Wildlife tourism, a very diverse and Rich set of fairs and festivals. So P will be leveraging building upon all of these experience.

Buddhist Diamond Triangle of Odisha 

Odisha is also a window to the ancient world of  tourism . It is a home to the diamond, triangle of the And Buddhist settlements of  Lalit Giri, Ratna Giri and Udayagiri , the grandest of all excavated Buddhist sites in Odisha is Ratnagiri  . Excavation first started here in 1958 revealing the presence of a flourishing monastic settlement. 


The beautifully carved, entrance gate of the monastery, is one of the most photographed Buddhist structures in  the world. 


Located 30 km from Ratnagiri is Lalait Giri , the oldest known, a Buddhist Monasteryin the state .  centuries ago, Lalitgiri was the focal point of the Buddhist university called Pushpa Giri .  


The other two sites making up the rest. One can only imagine how Grant is University with Ben.

Nestled between the foothills of two mountain, ranges of the Eastern Ghat. Udayagiri  is the biggest Buddhist complex in Odisha .  The Remains consists of a huge monastic complex. Am a stupa 2 brick monasteries and a massive Shrine complex. According to some historians that could be more sites around this area. While most part of the heritage  in addition can be seen in the form of monuments and ruins. Some of it can also be 

 Other Famous Palaces of Odisha 

experiance by staying and centuries old palaces.  Owners of different palaces like the old Palace , Belgadia Palace , Dhenkanal Palace, Gaja Lakshmi Palace have converted their Forts and Residences into homes Stays . The idea is to offer tourists a taste of royalty and a peek into a bygone era.

About Beaches of Odisha 

 Odisha is located on the eastern coast of India, along the Bay of Bengal. It is home to some of the most pristine beaches I've seen. And each one has a different feel. There are beaches that are secluded ideal for those seeking privacy, and Solitude, and of course, the more popular ones bustling with activity and adventure.

The ocean stirs, the heart, inspires the imagination and brings Eternal Joy to the soul . This honour words given by  American Artist and conservationist, Robert violent .  We couldn't agree with him more.  

Cheering its Coastal front with the Bay of Bengal petitioner has some of the best beaches on the country's East Coast.

Golden Sea beach Puri -of Odisha 

The Golden Beach in Puri is one of the top ones. It's been certified. The blue flag beach by The Copenhagen based foundation for Education for its water quality Environmental Management, Top Notch facilities and proper safety measures. It is one of the cleanest and prettiest beaches that I have seen in India. I am mighty impressed by how well it has been maintained. 


Chandrabhaga  Beach -of Odisha 

At a distance of 35 km from the Golden Beach, is the chandrabhaga beach in konark, a few kilometers away from the Sun Temple. It's an idyllic spot to watch the sunrise and go down. The vast expanse of the Chandrabhaga beach offers many options for water sport lovers. There's a rescue team deployed at the beach to ensure the safety of adventurers.

Chandrapur Beach of Odisha -

Chandrapur is only beach of Odisha – where you can experience how  Dramatic nature can be . During low tides beach receipts up to 5 km twice a day.  I even spoke to people drive on the dry Sand .

Gopalpur Beach of Odisha -

 The Gopalpur  beach  is another popular destination for tourists. As the beach is east facing the sunrise and sunsets, here are spectacular. 

You can also take part in some water sport activities, at this beach, like jet skiing, or take a Banana Boat Ride. The Beach  also has a huge flea market. Perfect for picking up some souvenirs for your loved ones. 

Hirakud Dam of Odisha -

The Hirakud dam is build across the river Mahanadi . It is one of the oldest hydro projects in India, being the first post-independence, major multi-purpose river Valley Project in India, like most other Mega dams. it is a multi-purpose scheme intended for flood control irrigation and power generation. It's also a popular tourist destination with manicured Gardens and a ropeway service taking visitors from the runoff to the reservoir.

There are also watch towers  with views over the endless expanse of water. You may have seen the Hirakud dam in videos and pictures or heard about its Grandeur from different people. But the see this engineering Marvel with your own eyes is a different experience altogether.

Located 16 kilometres north of Sambalpur town. This is the longest Earthen Dam in the world from Horizon to Horizon. The Hirakud reservoir forms the  largest artificial Lake in Asia with an area of 746 square kilometers and a shoreline of over six hundred forty kilometers. 

 The dam has a revolving observation tower on either side. You can go to either the Gandhi minar  or Nehru Minar  to witness the vastness of the Hirakud Dam. 


The beauty of the mighty hirakud Dam, however is best experienced through a stunning. 21 km drive across the Dyke. The lordship of the dam and its surrounding Waters leaking. 



Art and Architecture of Odisha -

Once Upon a time Odisha  was known as Utkala .  The land excelling in art . The state's Heritage is reflected in its paintings sculptures and handicraft. And this Rich Legacy of art is thriving in many of its Villages even today.  Archaeological sites and monuments serve as the backbone of Odisha tourism . But the soul of a Odisha  is reflected through its art and culture. So when you are done marveling at the architectural Splendor  and unique beauty, you can discover its Rich culture and indulge some retail therapy

Art work of Pipli village of Odisha

 Place that you must visit is Pipli  village- located just 2 km from the national highway, connects Bhuvaneswar and Puri. The applique work at Pipli  is among Odisha’s . most famous art exports to the world. 


Applique work  is basically a suing technique that involves stitching a small piece of fabric onto a larger one to create a pattern or design. You can pick from a wide range of applique, handicrafts such as wall, hangings lanterns lampshades umbrellas bags, bed sheets, and other utility items .

Art work of Raghurajpur – of Odisha -

Around 30 kilometers away from Pipli -there is another paradise for art lovers Raghurajpur  a small artisan village. Many traditional award-winning artists live here. The quaint Village is widely popular for its Patta Chitra art, which is essentially painting on a piece of cloth, often depicting Keys. Mostly limited to religious themes.  teleport. Talapatachitra  also known as palm leaf engraving is another fascinating and detailed or form that you can't ignore. 


Other art forms, like traditional Stone -Carving,  tool craft heart and Sabai grass craft, or also marvelous to look at. According to Art historians handloom weaving, in addition goes back to 600 BC. Human figures and many ancient temples give an insight into the kind of clothes that were worned. 

Handloom Work of Odisha -

Today more than four lakh handloom weaver's in the state are involved in producing a wide range of textile products. Odisha handlooms go beyond Sambalpuri  and Bomkai Sarees . There are many other GI tag weeks. 

Traditional Music and Dance of Odisha -

Your visit to Odisha reman uncomplete – if you are not enjoying Its traditional music and dance.  Such as Chhau Dance , Tribal Danda Nacha , Odishi Dance ,  

Wildlife and Ecotourism of Odisha -

Odisha  is also a Haven for wildlife and eco-tourism with ample  chances of remarkable Wildlife Sightings. The different parks in the state are as varied as they are awarding the birding opportunities at places like Mangala Jodi . Chillika Lake are known as some of the best in all of Asia, drawing bird-watching enthusiasts, and Wildlife photographers from the world.

Bhitarakanika National Park of Odisha -

 Bhitarakanika  National Park is also an exceptional place to explore.  Famous for its dense and wild Mangroove  and  crocodiles.  Bhitarakanika  wildlife sanctuary is surrounded by a Thicket of mangroves as India's largest Mangrove ecosystems second only to the Sunderban  


This is best experienced by a boat ride. The boat meanders through a network of creeks and canals where you get to see crocodiles basking in the sun on the river back. Other animals, like deer. Migratory birds can also be spotted. 



Odisha has got 20 Sanctuary and one National Park all are rich with wild Lives, it has got Asia’s largest Brackish water lake – the Chilika Lagoon , It has got second largest mangrove forest of India-The Bhitarakanika  ,    highest density of crocodiles, three types of crocodiles -Such as , sea water crocodiles , sweet water crocodiles , crocodiles and another is  Gharials  .

The Debrigarh wildlife Sanctuary of Odisha

Nestled along the Hirakud reservoir  the Debrigarh Sanctuary is a Hidden Gem. You can find animals crossing the road to quench their thirst. During the Safari has plotted the Lesser whistling duck, sloth bear peacock and Sambar .  

Satkosia tiger reserve of Odisha -

For nature lovers seeking Solitude along with Wildlife, sightings. The Satkosia tiger reserve is  an ideal destination. You must spend a day at the Satkosia Sands Resort, which is located on the foothills of majestic mountains facing this at Satkosia  Gorge. I advise you to take out some time in the evening for boating the Gorge

Similipal National Park -  

 Similipal  is another place where you can experience the coldness of nature. It's not just the tiger Reserve, but it's also a National Park, wildlife sanctuary and biosphere Reserve. Similipal boasts of majestic waterfalls. And it also has the highest tiger population the state.

Chilika Lake of Odisha -

 If it's only the birds that you enjoy watching at the Chilika  Lake. Every year, comes winter sets, in millions of migratory birds from different parts of the world, such as Siberia in Russia, flock to the lake, making it the largest winter ground for birds in the subcontinent. Some of the major species of colorful birds that can be found here.

Most of the ecotourism sites of Odisha are run and managed by local tribal people . This ecotourism provide a lively hood to them .

Local Foods of Odisha –

Mainly the water rice is the famous food of Odisha and Chhenapada , rosogola , Dahi Parkhala , Prown fish , sea food , Dahi Bara . Temple food like Maha Prasad is world famous food of Odisha .


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