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Chilika wildlife Sanctuary - the Birds Paradise - Odisha Tourism - Chilika Lake


Chilika Wildlife Sanctuary - The Birds Paradise of Odisha 

Odisha Tourism Birds Paradise

 The Chilika wildlife sanctuary  is a bird paradise and one of the best wildlife Sanctuary in Odisha .  The Chilika lake is a famous birds paradise of Odisha   Chilika is the largest brackish water lake in Odisha with many small famous islands like Breakfast is land , honeymoon Island , Mangaljodi Island , beacon Island , Nalabana Island , kalijai temple , Satpada etc . Chilika lake tourism is one of the most exciting experience for all .  It is a shelter points of millions of migratory birds and it is one of the most popular bird wildlife sanctuary of Odisha . This sanctuary is not only famous for birds but also for reptiles , dolphins and other aquatic animals . It attracts millions of tourist from world-wide and it provides a better business opportunities for local people in the field of tourism and hospitality . The Chilika wildlife sanctuary has other attractions like – Dolphins , large seize edible crabs , beautiful lobestors etc . You can visit Chilikika wildlifesanctuary through Puri and Bhubaneswar .


 History of Chilika lake –

Chilika Wildlife Famous for

According to many historians and old textbook – Chilika was the centre for eastern-foreign trade centre for north east Asai . Many Chinese , Burmese , Russian , and European traders used to trade through Chilika harbour . This lake provides a common passage for sea route and riverine root . It was the main trading point for entire Asia during ancient and medival period .

Chilika Lake on Google Map - The Chilika lake 

According to Greek geographer Claudius Ptolemy – Palur port was an important port of Kalinga empire and it was located near Chilika lake . According Xuanzang – the Chinese traveller – Che-li-ta-lo-Ching was in prosperous port – which was located at the Chhatragarh bank of Chilika .

According to Brahamnanda Purana – Chilika was important trade centre – through – which Odisha people use to sail across java , Sumatra and Ceylon .

Where is Chilika wildlife Sanctuary is located ?

where is Chilika wildlife Sanctuary is Located

The Chilika wildlife sanctuary is located in eastern region of Odisha state –   Some Times question arises – Chilika wildlifeSanctuary located in which district ?  It is nearer to Bay of Bengal and it spread over 3 district of Odisha state of India . This is a brackish water lake or Lagoon of India and it is the largest Brackish water lake of India and it rank in world wide is 2nd . The three district are – Puri district , Ganjam District and Khurdha district of Odisha . Puri district contribute eastern region of Chilika Wildlife Sanctuary , Khordha district contribute northern part of Chilika wildlife sanctuary and Ganjam contribute the south . You can reach to chilika through Bhubaneswar , Puri easily – Chilika is around 120 km away from Bhubaneswar .

Wildlife of Chilika lake and Chilika wildlife Sanctuary –

Chilika Ecotourism

It is the best tourist destination for Bird- waters in Odisha. And It is living laboratory for research scholars like Environmentalist , botanist , zoologist and other scientist . This is a nesting points of millions of migratory birds in winters season . Migratory birds like -Flamingo , Pelicans , Sea Eagles , Hornbills , Herons , Graylag Geese , Moorhen ect have been  coming every winter to Chilika . A huge numbers of Flamingo breed here .

The Chilika wildlife Sanctuary provides shelters to many terrestrial animals like – Hyena , Black Buck , different types of deer , jackal , bear , monkeys etc . The Chilika lake itself is a huge ecological hotspot and it is famous for it bio-diversity . Here huge numbers of crustaceans are found. Huge variety of prawn , crabs , and fishes are found in Chilika . Around 250 species of fishes are found in Chilika wildlife Sanctuary .

Plants in Chilika wildlife Sanctuary –

Although the Chilika is famous for lake Sanctuary – but it has also  huge numbers of Floral plants in its wildlife sanctuary . The recent study revels that the Chilika wildlife Sanctuary has 750 numbers of different numbers of species . Most of them are endangers and vulnerable species .

Chilika wildlife Sanctuary  is Famous for Which Animals –

Chilika wildlife Sanctuary located in which District

The Chilika wildlife Famous for its Bird paradises and different Islands . The Island Like Nalabana Island is famous as Bird Island of Odisha . The Kalijai temple also gives an unique identity to Chilika lake . The main attraction of Chilika is a special and rare type of aquatic animal – that is the rarest Irrawaddy Dolphins , they are only found in Chilika lake ofOdisha . They are coming under the endan

gered list of red data book . Chilika also famous for its tourist places like – Nalabana Island , Mangalajodi village , Kalijai island , Satapada the Dolphin Pint , Breakfast Island etc .


Irrawaddy Dolphins of Chilika Lake –

Irrawaddy Dolphins in Chilika Lake

Around 146 irrawady dolphins found in Chilika lake according to last 2 year census of Dolphins . The chilika lake has highest single lagoon population of water mammal in in the world . Mainly Irrawaddy dolphins are found near the coastal area of China – Mekong , South and south east Asia , myamar and Indonesia . These Dolphins are coming under endangered species according to IUCN red list . around 7500 population of Irrawaddy across the world , and around 6000 population of this dolphins Found in Coastal region of Bangladesh .

The main habitat of Irrawaddy Dolphins are – from bay of Bengal to New Gini and Philipenis . The morphology of the Dolphins are – they have Bulging forehead and small beak , and they breath followed by their back .  These Dolphins are found in shallow water and they never prefer deep water . They can also survive in fresh water also , they are found in small groups . they are so social in nature .

Communication of Irrawaddy Dolphins –

They communicate by means of Clicks , Creaks, and Buzzes at a high frequency of 60 kilo hertz , which is used for eco-location .

Foods of Irrawaddy Dolphins –

They feed on  bonny fishes , fish eggs , crustaceans and Cephalopods .

Nature of Irrawaddy Dolphins –

They are always trying to stay away from the boats , they are not known to bow dive – mainly dive when alarmed . They slow moving animals as compare to other species of Dolphins .

Breeding of Irrawaddy Dolphins –

Any female or male Dolphins can attract each other with in a few minute and they copulate for 40 second and after mating they move to opposite direction of each other .

 They got the maturity for reproduction at the age of 7 to 8 year . The mating time – December to June and gastration period is 14 month . The weight of baby at birth time is 10 kg and life span is around 30 year

 It is found in Bangladesh , Laos , Cambodia , Indonesia  Myanmar , Thailand and in India .


The Chilika lake of Odisha –

Chilika lake near Puri

The Chilika lake is located in Odisha and once it was a part of bay of Bengal and it is the largest Brackish water lake in Asia and 2nd largest in the world . Recent studies by NIO or National study of Oceanography revels that – this lake was a part of Bay of Bengal . The formation Chilika started 20000 year ago and it was the period of Pleistocene epoch . a heavy amount of slit load dumped by the river Mahanadi on the delta of Chilika . As the sediment laden river met the bay of Bengal , then sand bars were formed near the mouth .It leads to a backflow of the sea water into the sluggish fresh water to the estuary , resulting in the huge brackish water lake .   

The Chilika lake is located at the mouth Of Daya river and Flowing into the Bay of Bengal and It is the brackish water lagoon and spread over three districts of Odisha – Such as Puri ,Ganjam and Khurda district . This lake is the 2nd largest lagoon in the world and largest coastal lagoon in India . It has got the tag of wetland of International importance under the Ramsar conservation tag . It is the major nesting sites for the migratory bird .

Establishment of Chilika wildlife Sanctuary

The Chilika lake got the Tag of – First Indian wetland of international importance under the Ramsar site conservation in 1981 . It is the largest wintering area for migratory birds on the Indian peninsula. TheSatapada – the Dolphin point of Chilika lake is a mouth Island -where the Chilika – lagoon meets the bay of Bengal . The Core area of the Chilika lake and main attraction point for bird watchers is the Nalabana island or The Nalabana bird Sanctuary . Under the wildlife protection act of 1973 – It was declared as Bird Sanctuary .


More Information About Chilika lake –

The Ideal sector for Dolphins to play is the Rambha sector . Here Dolphins play , flock and mate – due to less disturbance in water . Chilika is famous for superior beauty and attract many tourists due to its Irrawaddy dolphins .

Nalabana Wildlife Sanctuary of Chilika –

Chilika lake located in Which district

The Nalabana wildlife sanctuary is located on Nalabana Island in the Chilika lake area of Odisha state . it is the core area of the Chilika wildlife sanctuary . The Nalabana Island got the tag of bird sanctuary in 1987 and it is spread over a area of 16 square kilometre . the Island disappear during monsoon due to inundation and again emerge in post monsoon . Nalabana and Mangalajodi are the two major places in Chilika where the birds gathers for congregation . Migratory birds from Siberia , China , Japan , and from other country comes to Chilika . Normally they arrive in Chilika in November month . They come here to avoid  heavy winter . Few important migratory birds like Bar-headed Geese , grater Flamingo , black-tailed godwits , herons and Great knots .


Mangalajodi village Island of Chilika –

Odisha tourism

The Mangalajodi Island is main point of bird nesting and it is also a famous village in Chilika for fishing . This is located on eastern bank of Chilika  lake . Mangalajodi is a famous village in Chilika area and it also provide nesting ground to huge numbers of rare species of birds . The Mangalajodi – got name from the Mangalajodi temple of this region . There is also an ancient Rama temple named as Raghunath temple . The Mangalajodi village was previously a hunter village and now-a-day the people of this village are involved in fishing . Some people of MangalajodiIslands are employed in Ecotourism .

Mangalajodi Island  on Google Map - Mangalajodi Island 


Beacon Island of Chilika

Chilika nature Camp - Odisha tourism

There is a beautiful island is located on southern region of Chilika lake and coming under the Ganjam district of Odisha is the Beacon Island . The beacon Island is famous for its marvellous western architecture and it was built by British officer .

Honeymoon Island of Chilika –

It is an isolated island in Chilika lake and it is permanently closed right now . This island is given such name because of its less population . Mainly this Island is located in the Gamjam district ofOdisha . This island is a deserted island and it is located in the middle area of the Chilika lake . The nearer island of honeymoon island is the Sanakuda island , This island is located near the Rambha Bay . A famous story behind the name – Honeymoon Island – that is – the King and Queen of Ganjam state had spend time in this Island , that why the Island got the name – Honeymoon Island . Here you can find huge numbers of local birds and local wild animals .

Honeymoon Island on Google Map - Honeymoon Island of Chilika 

Rajhans Island of Chilika –

Chilika lake - Asia's largest Brackish water lagoon

The Rajhans island is the smallest island of Chilika . Mainly this island is covered with dense forest and mountains . The island named after Rajhan bird species . Here you can find various types of crab , Dolphins and different types of fishes .

Rajhans Island on Google Map - Rajhans Island of Chilika 

Kalijai Island of Chilika lake –

Chilika tourist destination - the birds paradises

The Island is named after the Goddess Kalijai and there is a temple in the island , which is dedicated to goddess Kalijai . The remain crowded during the period of Makara Mela or Makara Sankranti . There is a cute story Behind the Kalijai temple . A girl named Jai drowned near the island – on the way of his father in law . That’s why the Island named after her . The local people used hear the voice of this girl at late – according to local people . When the temple built , then the cry of this girl disappeared . Most of the fishers man used to visit this temple – before their visit to deep sea . Some time huge numbers bird come to this island – in order to attract tourist .

Kalijai Island on Google Map - Kalijai Island of Chilika 

Breakfast Island of Chilika lake –

Birds paradise - Odisha tourism

This is a rocky island of Chilika lake and this island is full of herb , shrub and tree . The granite roc is an abundant rock of this area . During winter huge numbers of migratory birds are coming here . The Island is located nearer to Rambhasector Chilika lake . The island got the name of Breakfast island because – he people used to pack breakfast and meals from this island . There are two beautiful island located near breakfast island are – Beacon island and honeymoon island .

Breakfast island of Chilika on Google Map - Breakfast Island of Chilika 

Satapada the Dolphin point of Chilika –

Chilika Lake tourism

The SatapadaDolphin point is around 100 km away from the state capital Bhubaneswar and it si 50km away from the Puri Shree Kshyetra . The main attraction of Satpada  is boating and Irrawaddy Dolphins . Most of the tourist come here to see dolphins and enjoying the boat riding . Various types of boat are available here for tourist – boats are machine driven and all boats are controlled by boat association of Satapada . There is a rate chart for different types of boat – according to your requirement . Here rest room facility , drinking water facility and toilet facility are available for tourists and all are managed by the association .

Dolphins are the main things of Satapada boating and here you can find highest density of Dolphins . If you are lucky , then you can see dolphins here .

 Satapada Dolphin Point of Chilika on Google Map  - Satapada Dolphin Point 

Sanakuda Island of Chilika –

The Sanakuda island of Chilika is coming under the Ganjam district of Odisha and it is one of the best shelters for birds and wild buffalo . This island is located 7 km away from the Rambha site . If you are interested to visit this island then – you have to go through boat .

Sanakuda Island on Google Map - Sanakuda Island 

Bird Island in Chilika

This island is an open huge rock . The island is filled with greenery like tree , herb , shrub and creepers . Mainly granite rocks are found in this island . Due to folic acid from birds – the rocks of the island are painted as white . In winter season huge numbers of migratory birds have been coming to this island .

Bird Island of Chilika on Google Map - Bird Island of Chilika 

Brahmaputra Picnic spot –

The Brahmputra is one of the most visited picnic spot near Chilika lake . It is famous for its glorious beauty and one of the best tourist attraction for all .

Rambha Bay of Chilika

Chilika lake of Odisha

The Rambha bay is one of the beautiful place in Chilika and well known for its beautiful landscape . There are numerous island near the Rambha bay are – Honeymoon island , Sanakuda island , Breakfast island , Ghantasila Island , Bird Island . Near Rambha island – the Rusikulya beach is filled with Olive-Ridley turtle , which increases the beauty of the Chilika lake .

Ranbha Bay on Google Map - Rambha Bay of Chilika 

Other tourist destinations near Chilika lake –

The Chilika wildlife sanctuary is blessed with various tourist destinations net it . The tourist destinations are Banapur , Narayani temple ,Salia Dam , Gopalpur sea beach , Puri Shree Kshyetra , , Konark temple .

Banapur –

The Banapur city is a famous city near Chilika . The area is famous for the Shakti peetha -The Bhagavati temple . This is a best shopping ground for tourist those who are coming to Chilka . The Banpur town in famous for different types of handicraft .

Narayani Temple –

 The Narayani temple is one of the famous Shakti Peetha near Chilika lake . This is located in Khalikot village of Ganjam district . The Narayani temple is nearer to Chilika and Balugaon . It is a famous tourist place and spiritual place of Odisha .

Salia Dam

The Salia Dam is 15 km from barkul island and 30 km from Rambha spot . This dam built acroos the Salia river . it is one of the best tourist destination near Chilika lake and best spot for adventure .

Nirmalajhara near Chilika lake

It is a evergreen water stream and Channel to various ponds and located near Kholikot . This stream located near the kholikot college of Art . It is one of the best adventurous place near Chilika

Government college for Arts and Crafts

This college located in kholikat village and it is around 30 km away from Balugaon and 15 km away from Rambha point . This place is surrounded by a huge mountain range and dense forest . The art and craft of the college represent the art , craft and culture of Odisha state .

Gopalpur sea beach -

The Gopalpur sea beach one of the best sea beach after Puri sea beach of Odisha . Before it was a busy place and has been used for trading . Now a days it is converted into a calm and quite place . The beach is free from over crowded – because there is no famous temples near it .

Konark temple –

 The Konark temple is one of the most visited place near Puri and Chilika lake . this temple was built by Ganga dynasty . The main king was Shree Langula Narasimha Dev .This temple was biuld near sea beach . It is the temple of 19th century and dedicated lord Sun .

Puri –

The Puri Shree Kshyetra is one of the best tourist destination of international importance . This temple dedicated to lord Jagannath who is the Avatar of Shree Vishnu . This temple is nearer to state capital Bhubaneswar and Chilika lake . The Puri is famous for world famous Rath Yatra .

Nature Camps in Chilika –

The nature camp in Chilika is one of the best adventurous things to do in Chilika wildlife sanctuary . There are three nature camp destinations in Chilika wildlife sanctuary – these are Rajhns nature camp , Chilika Eco camp and Berhanmpura nature camp Chilika . every year million and million of migratory bird have been coming to Chilika lake from Siberia , Russia , china , Laos , Philipines and other cold country . The beauty of Chilika lake increase a lot . In order to enjoy the beauty of Chilika lake – the local forest department has made some special arrangement for tourist . Department of forest and Department of tourism have provided some special accommodations for visitors in some places like – Pantha Nivas Rambha and Barkul , nature camp Berhampura , nature camp Rajhans and Mangaljodi .

Rajhans Nature Camp of Chilika

Chilika nature Camp

Rajhans island of Chilika , where you can see the amazing scenario . From one side  Rajhans island you can see the Chilika lake and from another side you can see the Bay of Bengal . The island is the meeting point of Bay of Bengal and Chilika lake . The Rajhans island is 20 km away from Satapada Dolphin point . The nearest railway station to Satpada is Puri railway station . After reaching Satapada – you can go to Rajhans island by a boat . Here you can find many small hotel and eco-cottages and many camp house for tourist . This area is famous for the delicious sea foods . all foods are available at discounted price . all accommodations and facilities are provided by tourism department . Here you can enjoy boat riding and fishing with local fishermen .

Berhampura Nature Camp , Chilika –

Chilika nature camp of Odisha

 The Berhampur or Berbara nature camp is located at Banpur area of khurdha district . It is one of the old forest are of the Khurda district . It is one of the famous tourist destination in Chilika . This nature camp is located at the right bank of Chilika lake . Here you can find world class accommodations . Accommodations available in 2 separate buildings and having 3 to 4 room in each block of building . Here you can find homely foods and separate dining in watch tower . You can enjoy your meal , while seeing the beauty of Chilika . Here all facility like boating and fishing are available for new commers .

Chilika Lake Eco Camp -  

Odisha tourism

Chilika is a brackish water lagoon and one of the best birds paradise in India . Here you can enjoy your holidays with your family and friends . The biological hotspot provide better environment for tourist to enjoy the beauty of Chilika lake . In this nature camp you can see the Majestic Irrawaddy dolphins , You can enjoy boating during this camp . There are unique places are available for night stay . The Mangalajodi island is another major attraction for tourist , the Nalabana bird Sanctuary is another important place for bird watchers . The Rajhans island is an unique island which separate the Chilika lake from the bay of Bengal .  The Berhampura island is also a best Dophphinpoint , The Satapada dolphin point is India famous dolphin point. Accommodation at Chilika lake are admirable in nature . The Main nature camps which are located in Chilika are – Berhampur nature Camp , Mangalajodi Nature Camp . The Nature camp accommodate more than 100 people at a time .


Things to do In Chilika Lake

The Chilika lake is one of the most beautiful tourist attraction of India and here you enjoy you holidays with your family and friends . When you are planning to visit Chilika lake – then never forget enjoy Bird Watching in Nalabana bird Sanctuary , Never forget to enjoy dolphinswatching at Satapada dolphin point , Never forget to enjoy boating at Rambha Bay . The Chilika lake famous for tasty sea food and tasty crabs , Here you can find jumbo crab to eat in different hotel in Chilika . You can access various types of sea foods from Rambha OTDC Pantha Nivas and Barkul Pantha Nivas .

Boating and dolphin watching at Chilika –

The Chilika lake is the best habitat for Irrawaddy dolphins . See can see these dolphins – during morning and evening – If you are really interested to see these dolphin they try to visit these area during morning and evening time .

Brid Watching in Chilika or Migratory Bird in Chilika

During winter season huge numbers of migratory bird comes to Chilika lake . Two famous island are present for bird watchers – Such as Nalabana Island or Nalabana Bird Sanctuary , Mangalajodi Bird island . Migratory birds in Chilika are White Bellied sea eagle , Heron , Flamingo , Northern Pintel , Purple Moorhen etc .

Beach Activity in Chilika –

Most of the beaches in Odisha remain crowded during day time , but the beaches of Chilika are not crowded . Here you can enjoy you day with calmness and quite environment . It is best place to enjoy your holiday – with out any disturbances .


Best time to Visit Chilika Wildlife Sanctuary

The Chilika lake located near the coast of Bay of Bengal – So the weather remain normal throughout the year . You can visit Chilika in any time of the year . But it is not favourable to visit near rainy season – mainly from June to September . Mainly migratory birds used to come to Chilika in winter season – that’s why the best time to visit Chilika is October to March .

Hotels Near Chilika lake –

The Chilika is the best tourist destination of Odisha . In order to serve people – the Tourism and hospitality industries flourished a lot near Chilika lake . Hotels like Daaven Chilika Island Resort , Swosti Chilika Resort , OTDC – Pantha Nivas , Om Leisure Chilika resort , Mangala jodi bird view resort , OTDC Yatri Nivas Hotels and OTDC- Pantha Nivas Resort etc are the Major hotels .

How to Book Chilika Nature Camp –

If you interested to visit Chilika than you can book your camp from official website of Odisha government – The – Odishatourism. Org or Government websites . You can also book your ticket from private tourism company . You can also book your different tourism package from different websites – such as private website of government websites .

How to reach to Chilika –

There many ways to reach Chilika wildlife Sanctuary – By train , by bus and By Air .

By Air –

The Biju Patnaik – international airport is the nearest air port to Chilika . The Airport is only 125 km away from the Chilika wildlife Sanctuary . After reaching to Biju Patnaik airport – you can hire cars , taxi or any type of public transport .

By train –

The Balugaon railway station is the nearest railway station of Chilika lake . You can also access the Bhubaneswar railway station , The Puri railway station .

By Bus – Or By road –

The Chilika is a renounced tourist destination and it is a wold famous bird paradise . Here you can eccess bus from any part of Odisha . It will be easy for you to access buses from the state capital Bhubaneswar . You cam find direct bus from Bhubaneswar to Chilika , You can also find direct bus from Cuttack to Chilika , you can find direct bus from Puri to Chilika . You can hire direct taxi from Bhubaneswar or Cuttack or Puri to Balugaon .

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